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    RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Week 7 Rucap

    As we race towards the finale, we can see the end of the road! Who will be crowned the very first RuPaul’s Drag Race UK winner? As first seasons go, I think we can all agree it’s been a roaring success (Insert Gothy Ken Doll picture here) We’ve had new catchphrases, chart-topping singles and, of course, memes aplenty.

    Back in the Werk room after we said a sad goodbye to Blu Hydrangea, Cheryl Hole proudly stated she’s made a best friend and sister for life. This season has most definitely seen more sisterhood during the show, particularly on social media, as the queens fight back against Twitter trolls.

    We return to an old school mini challenge, ‘Everyone Loves Puppets’, a challenge that can be hit and miss in the reading/comedy skit. Each queen reads each other well, with their creative take on each resemblance for puppets. Diving deep to pick their puppets Baga Chipz roasted The Vivienne, Cheryl read Baga, Divina De Campo dolled up Cheryl and finally The Vivienne reigniting the feud with her Divina pupper…. Joke that was so last week! Everyone did a great job of some harmless reads, with the win going to Divina who won with her Cheryl puppet complete with fake tan, glitter and the mediocre streak with the line“ “How are you doing in the competition?” “SHIT!”

    A family that drags together stays together, with the return of the famous family reunion makeover challenge. My favorite family makeover has, and will always be, All Stars 2 and the transformations the queens achieved, alongside getting to see a softer side to each queen. Every season we are given the gift of makeover challenges, be it army veterans, best judys and even the film crew.

    This week was bound to be emotional with the finale within the reach of the top four, and this definitely was shown this week. The Vivienne showed us a protective and warm side towards her mum being transformed into drag, a lovely side of Vivienne revealed to the audience this week. It was a very refreshing change, and a stark reminder that family is everything, which was proven via the warm connection between Vivienne and her mum who would tell him of like a naughty school boy

    I absolutely loved the connection Cheryl and her sister ‘Sissy Hole’ had between them and with the uncanny family resemblance, the odds looked to be in her favour. The other end of the scale was Baga and her mum. There was clearly some form of pain/backstory between their relationship that was implied and, of course, for them to work out as a pair. However as a viewer, it was quite uncomfortable to watch Baga almost dismiss her mum as useless to help her win. 

    The runway we saw Alan Carr return to Judge alongside guest judge Micahela Cole. Each queen did a fab job in allowing their family members to shine. Drag truly does bring the confidence out in most, allowing them to take on another persona. This was especially clear in The Vivienne’s mum’s persona The Mother, whilst not as close in resemblance, they truly rocked sophistication and elegance. 

    Divina showcased her sister Delisha De Campo in red hair and white gown rhinestone with baby bump.The resemblance was not only clear, but gave a fantastic runway with their fun banter with each other. Baga decided to showcase her mother Sacka Spudz as a drag daughter, seeing her in an Addams Family type wig, questionable makeup and outfit, of which Alan Carr declared as similar to a halloween outfit.

    Cheryl took the risk of body suits knowing  Michelle despises a them, condemning them as lazy. None the less Cheryl stuck to her brand and decided to twin it up, even with some malfunctioning zips, the Holes worked the runway true Essex style. 

    Last week should have seen Baga in the bottom, however Ru sees something he deems worthy of a winner in her. The top four is a strong one so judging the makeover was always going to be difficult, Divina received her well deserved win and third RuPeter badge after her fabulous sister runway.

    The lipsync once again seemed to fit one queen and one queen only. We saw Baga give pure Amy Winehouse, of which we saw similar in week one, with her ensemble of hometown queen. As a Cheryl fan it was difficult to watch as I do think she wasn’t worthy of being in the bottom two, similar to the previous week. However having her in the top three would have caused riots due to no wins and a constant bottom three presence. Baga is brilliant and she has dominated the competition with her comedic charm, wit and ‘much better’ catchphrase. Her last two runways have most definitely been short of the glamourous, well-constructed outfits of the others. 

    Unfortunately we say goodbye to the dancing diva of Essex, Cheryl Hole, who graciously left and joked she was mediocre at best which was something that became a running joke within the competition. She left on a high note with her sister by her side. The rumour mill is already churning out UK All Stars for her to be the first to return….. 

    The preview for the final has a very similar set up to All Stars 3 …would this be a plot twist for the final? We have our top three, did we expect to see this as the final three? Who will take home the very first British crown? Who do you want to win, let us know in the comments below!

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