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    RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Finale Rucap

    Well here we are. The time has come for us to say goodbye to the very first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. This has made me fall back in love with Drag Race. Considering how much we’ve seen the show dished out multiple times in the last few years it’s felt stale, dramatic for no reason and less drag than ever. Without trying to sound too biased but the UK Drag Race has brought the franchise back to life for me. It has shown how different the culture and even the fashion is compared to drag across the pond. We always knew the comparison would be there, however it shows just how UK drag is built around humour and being pure camp.

    We’ve had a good mix of challenges, old and new, integrated into the British humour and our US friends have learnt new slang and catchphrases. Without a doubt the memes have been plentiful and how can we forget the most memorable line of the season “Much Betta”?

    The season has been such a success it’s been commissioned for a second season, a tribute to the popularity of the show both in the UK and abroad. When the debut season got announced, the UK as a country got slightly defensive, both tense and worried about how our drag would come across on TV. How would it show the diversity of the country but also, how would our fave hometown queens be portrayed? Fair to say this season had its storyline plots that come with any show, but all the queens have left with success this season.

    So let us begin the very last Rucap of the season with me running my mouth for four pages……

    The love and trust they’ve all shown each other throughout the whole season led to little bitchiness, just little rifts and reads here and there, but that’s British camp for you!

    Divina mentions how British people don’t like to big themselves up, which is 100% correct. We don’t like to look cocky. We’ll apologise for doing well or looking like we’re bragging. If you say. “Do not apologise”, we will definitely quip back with “Oh God, so sorry“. It’s wired into our brains along with a good cuppa tea, dry sarcasm and a proper British rain shower.

    The final challenge was to compose solo verses, as well learn a dance routine to RuPaul‘s Rock It (To The Moon). AJ and Curtis Pritchard are this seasons choreographers, who performed on Strictly Come Dancing in which our beloved drag mother Michelle Visage recently came 6th! It’s like Dancing With The Stars UK version. They fished out some tough moves, not to compare to Todrick as he has dished out some crazy dances in the past, but this seemed a bit too technical for the queens as he assigned rumbas, cha cha’s and tangos in one day which seemed bit over the the top. It was weird seeing AJ come across rude as on Strictly, he’s a complete sweetheart…. that’s television for you?!

    At the start of the competition, I really didn’t take to The Vivienne as she came across rude and cold. Yet they’ve all come into their own, resulting in there being three very successful drag queens worthy of being in the final. I do believe it has been a very tough one to call on who would take the crown. Most seasons has had a clear front runner so by the final episode, it’s usually easy to predict. 

    We see the return of popular podcast chat “What’s The Tea” as Baga’s talk with Ru and Michelle made me tear up a tiny bit. In fact the whole episode had me fully awning and ahhing at how much Baga was happy to just be in the top three ,which has increased her confidence and professionalism saying “Onstage I just say give me your battered sausage and drink gin!.” The show has really taught lessons along the way, and each queen was just happy to be a part of it, if for not other reason than purely due to the UK waiting so long for Drag Race to grace our shores. Family topics were discussed which Ru touched briefly on Baga’s relationship with her mother. We all knew there was something underlying with her mum which was discussed again.

    I’ve said it before but I have really enjoyed seeing RuPaul genuinely look like he’s having a great time and enjoying the competition, as well as indulging in the british slang “You alright Babes?”

    The time xame for everyone to hit the runway for their final performance as a trio. It was so incredibly fun and catchy and the outfits razzled and dazzled. Each girl had great lyrics, each one really nailing their routines which was impressive considering how tough it was and once again gave us a really memorable musical number. 

    For final runway eleganza, Baga did a fab job looking stunning and this moment she really came into herself, making the final runway her blooming moment from start to finish. The Vivienne looked A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! I let out a gasp as that dress was pure prom queen, Barbie fairy. It was pure winner and sparkled the room. 

    Little reunion with the girls – Cheryl dominated the room once again I literally adore her! Will be interesting to see who will end up Miss Congeniality if we get one this season? I’m torn between, Divina, Baga, Blu and Cheryl!

    Baga came third and I came away with a Baga full of love for her after tonight’s episode!

    Wham!’s hit song, I’m Your Man is the final lip sync song and is the perfect way to round off the finale! The songs this season have been interesting choices, very British. Wham! were the ultimate pop 80’s fantasy duo and almost anything by them is a classic in the UK! Lip syncs between the final two can sometimes seem a bit pointless,and yet it is one last hurrah before the crown. Of course we’ve seen iconic lip syncs such as Sasha Velour‘s …who could forget? The Vivenne and Divina both had such gorgeous gowns on, it was going to be a challenge to perform such a bouncy number in, but hats off to The Vivienne as she performed a high energy number in that fairy princess dress.

    Before we announce the winner, it would be unfair to not mention some of the best moments this season:

    – The girl group challenge which as led the now iconic Frock Destroyers Break Up Bye Bye charted in the Top 10 UK charts and is currently touring the UK and doing the rounds on social media from live performances which is absolutely bonkers.

    – A lot of little reads – ‘Who put 50p in Cheryl?’ and of course ‘ A cheap red wig and silver dress’ quips, in which Divina has since ran with, appearing in only this attire since the airing of the show. Her finale gown was you guessed it….

    – Downtown Draggy birthing the ever so catch ‘Much Better’ or anything else that came out of Baga’s mouth the little gobshite!

    – The iconic first Snatch Game with the very first double winners, Baga and The Vivienne as evil political doubles of Margaret Thatcher and Donald Trump.

    SPOILER (Has to be said as you never know with the internet)

    The very first winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK is…..*dramatic pause* THE VIVIENNE! She is a well deserving winner who showed the most consistency in the competition and completely dominated each runway week after week. Big condragulations to her!

    Overall the season has been one of my favourites! It’s been a fun filled, educational, and chock full of bad and merchandisable catchphrases. This season has reignited the love of Drag Race for many and brought drag into the venues and homes of newcomers to which we say hello, hello, hello! Until next time, which won’t be long as I’m sure season 12 and AS5 is just around the corner! And of course Rupaul’s DragCon UK is in January so we won’t be sat waiting for Drag Race content too long….

    Also two side notes 1) don’t send hate to the queen who won by saying they wanted the other queens to win. That discredits the winner and the other queens wouldn’t want you to spread hate! It’s pointless and detrimental to the message of the show spread love not hate! And 2) remember to support all drag in your areas and on social media! Some of my fave queens have appeared on the show which I’ve seen through the local drag scene and to see them recognised and shining bright has been fantastic!

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