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The Pandalorian: Panda Recaps Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” Ep 3

Last week we left off with Mando making the needed repairs to his ship after the Jawa Incident.

Mando and Baby Yoda taking in the stars and other various celestial wonders is how we begin this episode, as young Yoda starts to interrupt Papa Mando’s business call.

We are quickly reminded that while damned adorable, Baby Yoda is still a bounty. Hologram Chubbs Peterson appears and joyfully encourages Mando to bring the bounty back to collect.

Mando begins to understand his ship is not childproof, and as the ship speeds forward we cut to Mando and Baby Yoda walking (and floating) along. The attention to detail on Baby Yoda is unreal. The ear movements, the little hairs and how the light reflects off of them, it’s just all so well done.

It’s important to note as well through this series so far that the way characters such as Baby Yoda can convey so much without saying a word is amazing. Even more so with Mando. On more than one occasion you can see his thoughts and feelings through a helmet, I don’t know how they do it, but I applaud them.

As they continue their journey, Baby Yoda seems to understand more and more he’s a deliverable item and Baby Yoda is not happy about it.
Mando makes his way in and we see the Storm Troopers start leading Mando and Baby Yoda.

Mando urges a trooper to take it easy with the Hoverbassinet, and he just gets a shitty “YOU TAKE IT EASY” reply. Bitch, let him see you on these streets. Talking real reckless to a guy you don’t even know but whose reputation precedes him.

If you haven’t watched and want to, please stop now. Because listen. It’s about to get heartbreaking.

He hands over Baby Yoda. Excuse me you son of a bitch?! You traded that sweet angel baby for an ice cream maker full of steel. As Baby Yoda floats off with the Doctor, he clearly emotes back and “baby talks” words that I dare not write.

Mando does inquire after handing over Baby Yoda as to the plans for the child and basically is reminded to mind his business. So he does, he takes his ice cream maker to the Mercenary HQ (I guess?) and is like many of us who have ever had a hobby that’s taken over our lives…he dumps all the reward into upgrades. So he treats himself to a new suit of armor.

The Pandalorian: Panda Recaps Disney+’s "The Mandalorian" Ep 3 75
I want a full compliment of armor, with sprinkles. Save some for the foundlings.

Other Mandalorians approach and initially take exception to all the steel. We on Earth call these people “haters”. Our blacksmith gives a calm speech to deescalate things after a small pissing contest erupts, they all chill out and we proceed with the armor build.

*clank clank clank*

You know what that means! Another flashback montage! After yet another glimpse into his past, the armor is completed and a shiny new Mando comes stuntin’ into the bar again to see real life Chubbs Peterson.

The Pandalorian: Panda Recaps Disney+’s "The Mandalorian" Ep 3 76
Stainless steel around children? Hope you like constantly polishing, Mando

Chubbs then confirms that basically everyone in the bar had a tracker like I thought, and he begins to brag on his finders fee as Mando requests his next gig.

Mando again inquires as to what the plans are with the child, Chubbs encourages him to get messed up and just kind of forget about it as we see Mando’s next bounty is likely directly related to Ackbar.

Mando begins to fire up the thrusters and as he reaches for the shifter knob, he notices that it was removed again because his ship is STILL not childproofed.

At this point I’m literally shaking my head and calling Mando a bitch unless he goes back and gets Baby Yoda. I am absolutely livid in real life that this poor child was left alone with them.

Again, helmet emoting occurs and we realize he can’t leave Baby Yoda. He knows something clearly is not right, and he also knows basically everyone has a tracker so WTFFFF?

Staging what essentially is a walk through the park siege on the facility, Mando gains entry, kills damn near everyone on site, and retrieves a sedated Baby Yoda from a table as the doc swears he had been trying to help and was the only reason Baby Yoda is alive.

As Mando leaves with the child, he is met by troopers who are quickly and easily dispatched with the upgrades in his weapons.

As any warrior knows after enough operations, if an advance is going too smooth, it’s likely a trap…as Mando emerges from the facility with ease, every tracker and town begins to go off.


As Mando gets closer to his ship with Baby Yoda in his arms, it’s very obvious the numbers game is not in his favor, and Chubbs is right there trying to talk Mando into surrendering.

At this point, even if you give up the child and throw your hands up, your odds of survival don’t really go up. So, he did what any of us would say we would do…and just goes full on *pew pew pew*

Blasters blast, Mando essentially highjacks a stagecoach, pew pew pew everywhere, and Mando is pinned down hard. He has a lot of heavy hitters surrounding him, and hasn’t made too many friends along the way.

Baby Yoda is drowsy as hell but he knows Mando is really going out of his way to protect him, as Mando disintegrates several adversaries (how cool is that rifle?) in his path.

Just as I thought they were going to completely ruin the scene by having Baby Yoda fully come to and use the force again…as Chubbs tells Mando that they are basically going to kill him, take the kid, and scrap whatever they can off of him for cash, it’s not looking good. Walls are quickly closing in.

Time slows down, Baby Yoda and Mando seem to say their goodbye to each other because clearly this is it for Mando…and OMFGGGG Mandalorians swoop in. So many, all the squad shows up just wrecking everything!

His fellow Mandalorians encourage his escape with the child, and he departs. Chubbs is waiting aboard the ship as a final line of defense, he’s quickly put down but we see the finders fee from earlier in his pocket saved his life from a point blank blaster shot.

Mando takes off, as he ascends to cruising altitude a fellow Mandalorian flies alongside with his jetpack, salutes, and Mando foreshadows a bit by saying “I gotta get one of those”

As the show inevitable ends just when it seemed to really get going (damn they are good at making you want more!), Mando removes the shifter knob and hands it to Baby Yoda. Awwww!

I have zero idea where this all will lead next week, but he’s made a lot of enemies…and seemingly also has a lot of Mandalorians beside him.

What all do they know? Why did they come? How did they know he needed help? How dope is it that Mando gets new armor and still retains Baby Yoda( even though I’m still mad!)

I expect a major story telling chapter next week, so many questions but not a single bit of disappointment!

As someone who knows a lot of people who are truly and often extremely dedicated Star Ware fans, it’s amazing to see the various levels of joys from those who are just starting into Star Wars, to those who have known it their entire lives.

This series just keeps delivering!

Until Chapter 4, I’m The Pandalorian and I’ll continue searching the Galaxy for Baby Yoda toys!

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Half man, half amazing...all panda

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