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    The Pandalorian: Panda Recaps Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” Ep 4

    Welcome back to a galaxy far, far away!

    Last week we ended on an adrenaline fueled note as Mando in his Gucci Armor and Baby Yoda got bailed out by a calvary of fellow Mandalorians.

    After shittin’ and gettin’, they do a quick turn and burn as they head off to literally ANYWHERE but where they are currently.

    Not a single space diaper changed yet…

    Chapter 4 opens to a tranquil underwater view, there are a few fish and other various aquatic creatures swimming freely, enjoying what seems to be a nice day, and then suddenly a villager swoops in, and scoops up a basket full of the bluest fish this side of Chernobyl…or Springfield.

    We then see a glimpse of a serene village. People working about, children playing…and much like the fish moments prior, just minding their own business, suddenly that serenity is taken.

    Booming noise in the distances is approaching, suddenly red lasers dart across the landscape.

    These laser blasts aren’t coming from ground level, they are coming from above. Too frequent and not accurate enough to be from a sniper, so where are they coming from?

    A mother rushes through the blasts with total disregard for her own safety to get to her child who was joyfully playing moments prior.

    As she gets her child, they quickly take cover with a basket in the water, hiding from what appear to be big ugly ass Space Orcs™ or something.

    Something is wrong with your dog

    Typical pillage and plunder scene, take all the resources and bounce. Mother and her child survive and quickly realize as the smoke begins to clear that the village is pretty much gone. Moms is PISSED.

    We cut to Mando and Baby Yoda just cruising. Baby Yoda gonna Baby Yoda and is just hitting every button and switch.

    Mando seems to find an isolated location to hide out for a couple months, as the heat is no doubt definitely on. As the ship approaches its landing zone, we realize they are flying over the village that was attacked.

    The previously and likely still livid mother looks up and sees the ship while everyone figuratively and literally pick up the pieces.

    After landing, Mando decides he needs to go do some recon, he implores Baby Yoda to stay put in the ship and to not touch anything. As Mando walks out, he sees Baby Yoda right beside him. He tells him to come on, and they begin to walk. It’s adorable.

    They enter a bar, everyone seems to be wary of almost everyone. Server approaches, Mando orders Baby Yoda some bone broth while inquiring as to who one particular person was in the bar.

    Even after a large tip, there isn’t much known about this stranger.

    Look lady, I’m just here with my 50 year old baby for some bone broth

    After the server goes to get the broth, the mysterious person is now gone. Mando gives the server more money to watch Baby Yoda and he goes after the stranger.

    After a very sloppy tracking, the stranger gets the drop on Mando. She is obviously not just some random person, this cat has some serious claws.

    She holds her own extremely well against Mando, and their quick fight comes to a draw as both have blasters drawn and pointed at the other, cut to Baby Yoda just watching the show and sipping his bone broth.

    but that’s none of Baby Yoda’s business…

    We will come to learn this is Cara Dune, former Shock Trooper and current total badass. No beef between Mando and Cara but she basically says she is laying low, thought Mando was after her so that’s why she came in hot, and they need to move along now.

    Mando respects her gangsta and goes to leave. About this time, a couple of villagers show up and try to hire Mando. He turns down their small offering, but then realizes the village is in an isolated area and they could hang out there.

    He accepts the offering from the villagers and takes it to hire Cara to assist. Classic small western town needing a hired gun type scenario.

    As they get to the village, everyone is overjoyed by their presence. The village is mostly restored to previous condition, Baby Yoda sees a bunch of kids playing, and clearly wants to join.

    Baby Yoda starts every story with “Y’all ain’t gonna believe this shit”

    Mando meets the mother from the earlier attack, he almost blows her kid’s head off because hes jumpy.

    Mother and Mando catch up a bit as Mando decides the daughter can play with Baby Yoda. Least he could do after trying to murder her for like half a second.

    We get a glimpse into the culture and tradition of Mandalorians through his brief storytelling after her questions. Basically he takes his helmet off routinely, but, he never does it in front of anyone else, and no one has seen his face since he was a child.

    Mother is very accepting, she’s the most non-judgmental character maybe ever created. She leaves food behind so Mando can eat at his leisure (this also works best with me).

    Mando and Cara go scouting, they discover a massive AT-ST print and the collateral damage they bring. They tell the village they have to bounce,

    Mother is all like “I ain’t goin”, as they choose to stand their ground, and you know what we need now? A montage. A narrated montage!

    Okay, a couple of you are extremely overacting the dumb villager part…

    Yup, they convince Mando and Cara to train them to do what a bunch of Ewoks did with damn near no notice. Somehow Mother can shoot like a pro. Everyone else is okayish with sticks.

    Mando and Cara go into the Space Orc™ camp and start snapping necks, ass kicking ensues. EXPLOSION! Suddenly as Mando and Cara hope the plan is going to work, a very menacing pair of massive red “eyes” comes into view, its the AT-ST and it’s just here for murder.

    They lead it to the village to hopefully spring a trap they worked on. We see the children and Baby Yoda just out in the open pretty much for some reason. There was no continuity of operations considered. They were just either going to win or die.

    Your insurance is just going to say it’s an act of gods

    AT-ST begins firing shots from a distance. There are several small ponds in the path and it seems fine to just sit there and pop off shots.

    Space Orcs™ advance on the village, the villagers show they aren’t the most proficient but hold their own. Cara gets the pulse rifle and tries to draw the AT-ST towards the trap. Space Orcs™ advance more and suddenly Mother declares it is now or never. They hold off the Space Orcs™, Cara draws the AT-ST into the trap, and victory is assured.

    We move forward a bit to the restored village, Baby Yoda and the children are playing and having a good time. Cara asks about taking the helmet off, basically if he takes it off in front of someone, he can’t put it back on. Cara pretty much calls him an idiot, Mother is over there being a “hot widow” and throwing herself at Mando, and he’s like…“nah, I’ma just be a bounty hunter. Also, can I get a go plate?”

    Yeah, you can shoot, but I need more than that in a relationship

    Mando decides it would be best if Baby Yoda was left with the village, they can raise him and he seems happy. Mando declines the offer to stay as he makes plans to leave Baby Yoda behind in their care. As this occurs, we see a tracker…and soon we see Baby Yoda in his sights for a very long time. It built way too much tension for me, it’s like a Galactic Zapruder film for a second.


    A gunshot permeates the air and destroys the peace that was noted moments ago, prior to the shot we see Baby Yoda in crosshairs, and then we see Cara Dune. Thank Baby Yoda for her because she got the drop on that bounty hunter that tried to snipe Baby Yoda.

    Honestly, what a shit bounty hunter. He could have dropped Mando AND Baby Yoda if he wouldn’t have been tentative. At least one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want anything to happen to them but when you have the shot, you take the shot.

    Mando now knows for sure, the child is not safe anywhere, and in turn he can not leave sweet Baby Yoda in the care of the village. As it would destroy any chance of peace they have.

    As Mando and Baby Yoda ride off, leaving the village behind after a tearful goodbye…we can only wonder what Chapter 5 will bring!

    I expected the pace of this to be a bit slow, and it was. It did allow for a solid introduction to Cara Dune without an overwhelming origin story. The episode definitely delivered, and was definitely designed to fill in several blanks we’ve all had here and there, those “gee whiz” kind of questions.

    Now, we just need to answer one question! Why can’t Disney get Baby Yoda merch on shelves before May of 2020?!?!

    Until next time, I’m The Pandalorian and it’s time for a cup of bone broth.

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