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    The Pandalorian: Panda Recaps Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” Ep 6

    Chapter 6 just, well, it’s different.

    The Razor Crest comes in for a landing to start the episode. Mando walks off and is greeted by a man named Ran. Ran seems surprised Mando reached out, knows that the block is hot, but has a mission lined up and assures Mando that there are no questions asked. We get the impression of an honor among thieves type situation, as Mando is told he is always welcome.

    Long story short, this mission is to go get someone who seems to have been kidnapped. Only, it’s a lot more than that. Its more than Mando bargained for and he wasn’t kidnapped as we will find, but he doesn’t have much choice.

    Mando’s ship is the whole reason he was welcome back in, and now we find that he has to share that ship on this mission with three other people and a droid. Sounds awful.

    I can literally hear this picture

    The first member on this fantastic voyage is a guy with weird holsters. Mayfeld. A brilliant character that is essentially Bill Burr being Bill Burr. Mayfeld does further introductions. There is the Devaronian Burg, the droid Zero, and a female Twi’lek named Xi’an.

    She’s going to make sexy murder to you

    As they begin towards their mission, Zero starts getting some garbled hologram traffic from Hologram Chubbs Peterson.
    Back to the mission, it starts devolving in the Razor Crest into a bit of a pissing contest, they all want to buck Mando.

    Burg has already Road House quoted and thought Mando would be bigger, and yeah the pissing contest gets physical after they imply firmly Mando should take his bucket off.

    Mando holds his own, but in the chaos, a door opens and Baby Yoda is there. So now this weird Gilligan’s Island crew knows that Mando has a “pet”, they don’t seem to smart on the fact that the entire galaxy is after Mando and the kid, whatever.

    I don’t think it’s from this episode but it’s so cute

    Back to the story! They finally reach their destination, a New Republic prisoner transport. Obviously this is far more than Mando signed up for initially but it’s too late to turn back. They board the ship and are met with a lot of resistance. It was fun watching Mando just kind of destroy any and everything.

    As they murder their way to the control room to free the prisoner they are after, they discover a single person on the shift. Mando was assured it was solely droids and no one would be hurt. The rest of the crew could give a shit. The New Republic soldier standing before them now produces a beacon signal. If he pushes it, the Calvary is coming and its basically a blow the whole place to hell no questions asked kind of button.

    A comical standoff takes places as guns point in seemingly all directions and no one can really figure out the next move, until Xi’an uses a throwing blade to incapacitate the soldier…but he hit the button. Countdown is own. They gotta make tracks.

    They get to their prisoner, it’s Xi’an’s brother. He’s just a shithead and honestly, a useless character. No added value or backstory, he’s just here. I guess he’s the shit and people respect him. Hell, I thought he’d be bigger.

    I’ll save you some time. It turns to double crossing. Mando gets locked in a cell, bro is still trying to escape, Chubbs holograms are coming in, Baby Yoda is bored and starts playing unsolicited hide and seek with Zero, countdown to destruction is on. It’s all just a mess honestly.

    Unrelated but tis the season

    Okay, to slow it back down. Mando has defeated the rest of the crew and returns to Ran with Xi’an’s brother. Ran asks where everyone else is, Mando reminds him that he doesn’t ask questions. He gets paid and goes to fly off into the night.

    Ran and Xi’an’s bro both look tentative, and soon after we learn why. As the Razor Crest lifts up and heads out, Ran gives the order to kill Mando. About then a fighter jet begins to rise from a platform behind them, and it looks bad ass. The guns on this thing would make the Razor Crest into dust in seconds.

    Are you shitting me? After all that and you’re just going to drop him? *beep* *beep* *beep*
    Whats that? Oh, just that beacon. So in the last 20 mins Mando covered a lot of ground and now it is go time for that beacon. As Mando prepares to jump into hyper space, three X-Wing Fighters appear from hyper. They also see that ship that is about to be launched.


    The X-Wings just absolutely demolish it and them all, as Mando and Baby Yoda swerve around them and head off into the sunset. Baby Yoda rides shotgun as Mando hands him the shifter ball.

    This episode, well…I don’t know how I felt about it. It’s definitely different in many ways, and I don’t know if that is entirely good. At times I got a bit of a David Goyer vibe, especially when he was surrounded with the other mission crew and he is the outsider.

    Oh well, it is what it is. Still a solid episode, and a lot more action! So, as we head to two more episodes, we have a lot of ground to cover and he’s still pissing people off along the way!

    I’m The Pandalorian, in a Galaxy in a flyover state.

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