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    The Pandalorian: Panda Recaps Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” Ep 8 – Season Finale

    I mean, seriously?

    How could they leave us hanging over the holidays worrying about sweet Baby Yoda at the end of Chapter 7?!?

    Good news, as our season finale begins, they waste zero time letting us know Baby Yoda is alive, and, well-ish?

    Immediately, two Biker Scouts haul ass to where our squad is in a standoff. Meanwhile Gideon is out here giving a weird soliloquy of sorts. As they radio in, we quickly realize via radio traffic that Gideon is nuts and just slaughtering anyone in his way, or who may slightly annoy him.

    Yeah, HQ, we’ll just standby, punch babies, and await further instructions

    The two biker scouts settle in as the Primary Scout punches Baby Yoda in a little satchel that they are carrying our favorite baby in. Excuse me? Baby Yoda growls loudly and another hit is coming! You got one more time to punch that Baby Yoda damn it!

    The Primary and Secondary scout begin to banter a bit. It’s like any real patrol or if you have a long time partner for night shifts. It’s just done so well, all while driving the point home that Gideon is batshit and wants Baby Yoda.

    So, as you may know by now and I did not initially but now it’s painfully obvious to me… Primary Scout is none other than Jason Sudeikis and the Secondary is Adam Pally. The first viewing I just loved the scene so much and it accomplished a lot in a short time.

    Scout Pally really wants to see Baby Yoda, after going back and forth, Scout Sudeikis gives in. Pally basically pokes Baby Yoda and he gets bit, punches Baby Yoda (SON OF A BITCH), and then…IG-11 shows up. Long story short, Pally and Sudeikis probably won’t have future cameos.

    As we cut back to a tense stand off, our heroes try to formulate some form of plan. We see storm troopers EVERYWHERE. Oh and they have a big ass cannon they are setting up.

    Weirdest line dance scene I’ve ever seen

    The plan for now is to try and escape through the sewer, Gideon hears the ruckus and is calm as a cucumber while explaining that he can tell by the sound that they are in a panic. Gideon has done his homework, he starts dropping everyone’s name…to include Mando’s name! Mando’s name is Din Djaren!

    Mando begins essentially explaining his origin to Chubbs Peterson, we see the rest of the flashback we saw pieces of when he would visit the Armorer.

    Long story short, town under siege by the damn droids (now we know why he hates droids), a family, much like others is on the run, mom and dad stash Young Din (also his rap name) in a cellar because apparently that is where you’re safest from giant murder droids.

    Commotion outside, it’s implied parents are dead, a massive murder droid opens the cellar door and takes aim. It’s ove…oh wait, blasts from nowhere.

    Murder droid down, Mandalorians swoop in just like before! History is repeating itself it seems! Young Din is secure, a Mandalorian flies off via a jet pack with Young Din in his arms. A foundling, and as we know now, would soon begin his training.

    Okay, back to the current SNAFU, our heroes are still working on their next move, Mando wraps up his story and we realize that Gideon’s own arrogance has cost him his prize.

    Those two biker scouts had Baby Yoda. All Gideon needs to do is be approachable in order to receive information that Scout Sudeikis has Baby Yoda. Level the building, kill our heroes, and go do whatever weird shit he is gonna do with Baby Yoda.

    Anyways, Cara says to call Kuiil on the radio again. Nothing. Suddenly over the comm line garbled gibberish comes across the air.

    Sounds like…Baby Yoda speaking gibberish. BECAUSE IT IS! IG-11 is on the radio and provides a SITREP that Kuiil is deceased, but Baby Yoda is secure.

    Dual wielding nursing murder machine!

    IG-11 with Baby Yoda on a Speeder Bike is heading towards our heroes, however there are a ton of storm troopers in the way. IG-11 DGAF, just starts pew pew pew’ng all over the place, all while strategically adjusting to keep Baby Yoda safe.

    Baby Yoda is loving it. (me too!)


    IG-11 is such a badass, seriously. I mean holy shit, IG-11 just swoops in and changes the whole game. Taking out a massive portion of troopers along the way, I would legit give 75% of the body count to IG-11.

    Still pinned down but gaining some ground, death troopers and storm troopers come for Cara, Mando has the big ass cannon and it just WRECKING the whole scenery. Mando isn’t cool with his body count being outdone by a droid (probably). As Mando fires shot after shot with this canon that Stallone or Schwarzenegger in their prime would have envied…Gideon has his eye on Mando, begins to calmly get into position to take a shot. Mando is oblivious that Gideon is approaching.

    As Gideon fires a shot, we see Mando struck in the back and stumbles. He recovers, turns towards Gideon and looks to be getting ready to Swiss Cheese Gideon.

    Gideon notes this, changes his aim to the nearby power source for the cannon. A single blaster shot hits true and a massive explosion occurs, Mando flies through the air and crashes hard. The rest of the crew has their “oh shit!” moment and realize they need to get Mando to cover.

    Cara Dune (Gina Carano is so good in the role, seriously) is a boss as always and just kind of picks up and drags Mando and all that heavy ass steel to safety. She begins to assess his injuries as Gideon gives orders to “burn them out”.

    Cara is my favorite Disney Princess

    Honestly, seems like that should have just been step one, but no, this again illustrates Gideon’s arrogance. He wanted a show. He wanted stories told. Just burning a place to the ground is so basic in villainy I guess.

    Mando tells them to go, he believes he is hurt too bad and wishes for a warriors death. Cara reassures him he just got his bell rung, but as she touches the back of his helmet after he stops her from removing it, we realize the injuries are grave as we see blood all over her hand.

    IG-11 is tasked by Chubbs Peterson to help remove a grate to aid their escape (that was a Young Din lyric). A damn flame thrower trooper shows up and just starts roasting the place. Eventually the fire trooper makes its way inside and takes aim at Baby Yoda.

    Baby Yoda raises those sweet little arms and suddenly we see a massive fireball heading their way, Baby Yoda not only resists its advance, but returns it with what I call a “bitch be gone” flip of the wrist, and in turn takes out the fire trooper in spectacular fashion.

    Baby Yoda on the body count board now!

    IG-11 collects Baby Yoda, passes Baby Yoda to Cara and says that it will stay with Mando. Cara makes IG-11 promise to bring Mando, IG-11 makes that promise.

    Mando tells IG-11 to go ahead and kill him because he’d rather go that way and he thinks he is still a target for this bounty droid. IG-11 assures him he is no longer a threat to him and is a nurse droid. Basically IG-11 was on some #NotAllDroids stuff.

    IG-11 goes to remove Mando’s helmet to assess damage, blaster is pulled, Mando said hell to the no, reminds IG-11 not a living person has seen his face since he took the creed, and IG-11 reminds Mando that it’s not a living thing. The helmet is removed, we get our first glimpse of Mando’s face.

    Usually you have to pay extra for that…

    He’s badly injured. Long story short, IG-11 sprays him with some medical miracle-gro, makes a joke about him being brain damaged now, and they go to reunite with the rest of the crew that escapes to the sewer.

    Cara, Baby Yoda, and Chubbs are cautiously making their way through the sewers. Noises are heard behind them, they go on alert slightly. Suddenly they hear familiar clanking, it’s IG-11…AND MANDO!

    While clearly feeling it, seems you can’t keep a good Mando down. Mando isn’t entirely sure where they are, but not as a result of injuries, just because he’s never gone this way before. We see that even though mobile, Mando requires a two person walking assist.

    Chubbs tries to formulate a plan to get out but Mando insists they must find the other Mandalorians so they can have a safe escort. He’s right, even with the very top tier skills of Mando and Cara, even with Chubbs being a regulator himself…even with Baby Yoda, because you have to remember that Baby Yoda goes night night after using the force.

    Mando stops the crew, says he can walk now. IG-11 announces the Miracle-Gro infusion is working, and what the hell words to I search on Amazon to get some of that spray? My dude Mando…just minutes ago was like “well, it was a good run, but I’m dying and stuff so I’ma kill me as many as I can while y’all run” and now he’s playing the equivalent of Jordan’s Flu Game. (Maybe it wasn’t a spray…maybe it was Michael’s Secret Stuff!)

    Okay I digress and I will not apologize for the Space Jam reference.

    You have to change the diaper

    Mando realizes they’re near the Armorer and the safety in numbers. As Mando enters, he sees a massive pile of Mandalorian Armor. You can tell he is deeply pained and highly, and dare I say righteously pissed as he kneels before the pile. Cara urges them to leave, and I don’t blame her. Mando declines and assumes this was part of something that Chubbs knew about. Mando is LIVID.

    Suddenly, the Armorer appears. She reveals, well…they revealed themselves. While it’s truly unknown the fate of all those Mandalorians, we have hope that many escape. Basically it seems like they realized Imperial Troops were coming in so the block was hot AF, and the key to their survival may be hiding in plain sight. At least that’s my take.

    The Armorer asks to see Baby Yoda, she says this sweet baby looks helpless. Mando informs her that Baby Yoda saved his ass earlier as we saw the first use of the force. The Armorer reveals she knows tales of these powers.

    She references a Mandalore the Great and Jedi. Mando queries if Baby Yoda is an enemy. She tells him that Jedi as a whole were basically the enemy, it kind of varied from individual and that Baby Yoda is not the enemy, but a foundling!

    The Armorer point blank tells Mando that Baby Yoda is in his care. Mando is actively in a state of confusion, and I can see how with the day’s events.

    Still recovering from brain damage, fatigue, probably dehydration, lack of Flintstones Chewables, and god knows what else…and she’s talking about taking the baby back to space sorcerers he didn’t know existed until about thirty seconds ago (because apparently no one remembers the Jedi anymore?).

    The Armorer seems to be working as she speaks, she reminds Mando again that he is Baby Yoda’s “father” per the creed until Baby Yoda is of age for training or reunited with its family.

    This is the way. She finishes her work and it’s his signet that she declared he earned in an earlier episode, she also said that now Mando and Baby Yoda are a clan of two!

    No longer a one man Wolfpack…

    Troopers are approaching, Armorer begins ordering IG-11 around and places it on security detail. Cara gets Baby Yoda and Mando gets a jet pack.

    What?!? Oh hell yeah, Mando gets a jet pack! Off camera IG-11 lays waste to some troopers who approached. Armorer tells Mando to restock his gear, and tells IG-11 to carry the jet pack until Mando is well enough to wear it.

    The crew heads off as the Armorer sits in wait. Troopers appear and using her tools she just beats the ever loving hell out of them. Is the Armorer safe, or are more Troopers coming? Well, I guess we won’t get that answer today!

    Our heroes look to escape on a ferry down a lava river, what could go wrong? As they get towards the exit of this bizarre tunnel of love, Mando detects many storm troopers waiting to ambush them. IG-11 tells them all that he basically has to ensure Baby Yoda’s safety and the only way to do it would be to self destruct.

    Mando seems to have a change of heart and tells IG-11 that they need it. Slowly approaching the point of no return, IG-11 drops off the jet pack and keeps arguing he’s gotta self destruct. IG-11 continues to explain its gonna boom, tells Mando not to be sad, IG-11 insists again and just walks it’s ass out the boat into the lava.

    I love this scene even if it goes a little long. It drives home the parallels between Mando and IG-11. They are very similar at the end of the day, and while Mando has his creed, IG-11 has it’s protocol. For IG-11 this is the way.

    Thanks for everything IG-11 *pours out some oil*

    IG-11 walks out to about twenty drawn weapons and we see a port open in its chest, a bomb appears and moments later IG-11 went out like a gangster…the path is safe.

    Until…punk ass Gideon come swooping in on that Tie Fighter and lets off some shots. Missing our crew, Cara informs them that their blasters are useless. Chubbs encourages Baby Yoda to do the magic hand thing, Baby Yoda just smiles and waves.

    Rap Game Baby Magic Hand

    Gideon comes back for a second wave, Mando straps on the jet pack! The pack fires up, Mando patiently waits as Gideon approaches, Mando rockets up and over, while firing a grappling hook type device, locks on to the ship and pulls himself on the top!

    Gideon tries to shake him, but it’s not happening. Suddenly Mando places a charge on the Tie Fighter, Gideon exclaims “NO!” As Mando is seen free falling away and then there is an explosion that sends the Tie Fighter to the ground!

    Mando recovers, jet pack fires up, and we see him make a decent jet pack landing, not bad for a first go after the day he’s had.

    Chubbs tells Mando it was impressive and his guild rates have gone up. Cara and Chubbs basically want to stay where they are, Baby Yoda comes and gives Mando-dad a leg hug, and As Mando reaches down to pick up his child, he informs them he has more pressing matters at hand.

    They give their form of farewells and much like when Young Din was saved, Mando takes off with Baby Yoda in his arms.


    As Mando returns to his ship, he pays respect and buries Kuiil. Kuiil made a massive sacrifice and was such a key piece to a lot of this. No IG-11 Nurse without Kuiil and we know IG-11’s impacts and sacrifice. Such a massive hero in all this saga, I have spoken.

    Mando is back in the ship, puts Baby Yoda in a seat, and they take off for parts unknown. Cara and Chubbs walk towards the sunset, and a tie fighter is salvaged by Jawa.

    That’s it, such a great episoHMYGAWD, suddenly a familiar sound, then we see an intense reddish orange glow, it seems Gideon is cutting himself out of the Tie Fighter!

    Then more than just a glow, the Darksaber emerges! It’s cutting the escape from the downed fighter! Gideon highly PISSED. This definitely isn’t over, but, for now we will have to wait until fall!

    An absolutely incredible finale, I’ve watched it five times now and it never gets old and flies by every time.

    Gideon’s known for three things: Being a dick, getting executed, and having a Darksaber apparently

    Thanks so much for tuning in and then reading over these past couple of months, turns out I may be a Star Wars fan after all! Jon Favreau and all involved did such an amazing job. This series so far did so much. Great story, action galore, references everywhere. It made me feel, and it made me believe.

    Bring on season two, and bring on the damn merch! Until next season, I’m The Pandalorian and this is the way! I have spoken!

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