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    You: S2:E02 “Just the Tip” Recap

    Hello! Welcome back to You season two from Netflix where everyone has ridiculous names and Joe’s the same old stalker dirtbag he always was. Let’s find out the ways after the break! Rolling into You S2:E02 “Just The Tip”.

    Okay! To catch up on the last episode, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgely) has moved from New York to LA and assumed the identity of Will Bettelheim (Robin Lord Taylor whom I thought was the creepy baby from Game of Thrones and the flying floor, but turns out is just a dude from Gotham). I figured Joe creeped a graveyard or something, but turns out that Will is an actual person, currently trapped in the giant acrylic cube from the New York bookstore locked in a storage unit.

    Joe’s met some new people, including new target Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) and her brother Forty (James Scully) because apparently those are names in Los Angeles. Joe is being hunted by someone else for a change, his ex-girlfriend Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers), who we were pretty sure Joe killed before he even met Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) from season one. Surprise! To be fair, Joe also thought that. Moving on!

    Joe stalks Love through the Los Angeles Fish Market waxing philosophical about his optimistic personality. He’s thinking about the story they’re going to tell their kids! He’s always been like that and yap yap yap he goes but all I keep thinking is… where is your Baseball Cap of Mystery? She’s going to SEE you, have you any idea how big your melon is? It’s like an orange on a toothpick!

    One thing. The real problem with Love’s name is that it either sounds like you’re asking an English person for a cup of tea or to Jennifer Love Hewitt in the 90s. That’s what they called her! She asked them to! It’s not right.

    Hey, now we getta find out how he got obsessed with, erm, Love! Well. After we watch him craft his new identity and stuff. He meets Will because of his Craigslist ad for documentation, the funny part was when Will was holding forth at great length about not keeping animals in cages. “No cages are best.”

    Will has spent ten years creating his employable identity; Joe’s thinking he doesn’t have time for none of that shiznit. Better just grab Will!

    Ahhh, this isn’t the same cube from the New York bookstore basement, Joe built a new one. I don’t think Will cares either way, he would just like out of the box, pees.

    There’s this new problem of a guy named Jasper Krenn (Steven W. Bailey); Will took $3,000 dollars to help him and then just kept it after not even meeting. The not even meeting means Jasper doesn’t know Joe is not Will, and since he’s flashing that ID everywhere, Joe’s gonna be in trouble.

    Joe forges a book for some moola and we’re back at the Fish Market. Oh. Joe’s WITH Love, who invited him to show off her pescatarian skills. So it’s okay if she sees him. Now the kissing!

    But he sees Beck lurking by the back of the market. Is he cracking up? That’s the technical term and maybe! Because he’s just been invited to meet Love’s friends.

    Back at Anavrin (nirvana backwards and I legit have to write it out every time the right way first because that’s just STUPID), Love’s brother Forty (like the alcohol?) makes a weak joke before launching into his new marketing plan. Let’s get rid of the Women’s Literature display (that’s sexist!) and set up a Books / Movies diorama with a screen playing said movies all day every day.

    Forty is super duper creepy and cheesy and NAMASTE.

    Out behind the store is a jovial looking man, this is Jasper? He looks so friendly! Joe hands over the $3000, guess what? It’s actually $50,000 that Will owes Jasper and he’ll need that today. Still cheerful and friendly, Jasper cuts off the tip of Joe’s finger and provides specific instructions for its re-attachment. He’s going to hold onto the tip, he’ll give it back when Joe hands over the other $47,000 within the next 10-12 hours.

    That was such a well-executed maneuver, if you’re not Joe, you’re clapping right now!

    Will asked for his meds earlier, Joe and I didn’t believe him but now we do! He’s a hair’s breadth from a full gibber.

    One of Will’s contacts owes him $50k, Joe’s gonna pick it up between 12-2, so he won’t be able to go for lunch with Love and her friends. Awwww.

    So weird how this “love” story is mixed in with all this other shite. He’s running from people, he’s being mutilated, but he’s still pissed he’s going to have to miss lunch with his target.

    *Also: once I cut off just the tip of my finger, I wasn’t wandering around making lunch plans after that. Hurt like a motherhumper for a week.

    He gives the bad news to Love, absolutely loving how she handles the disappointment. He’s off to stalk her luncheon with her friends, ooooh, one is Charlie Barnett from Russian Doll!

    Okay, okay, we’ve got Sunrise (Melanie Field), Lucy (Marielle Scott) and Gabe (Charlie Barnett!) settling in for lunch as Joe creeps around in his baseball cap. Joe wants to know how much influence Love’s friends exert over her; Beck’s friends were NIGHTMARES.

    Sunrise and Lucy are a couple, Gabe is a pansexual acupuncturist because of course he is and they’re actually all very nice. Especially Gabe, Love’s oldest friend who does something to women on yoga pillows that sounds uncomfortable.

    Joe listens to their conversation, her friends are awesome! He sees Beck again, what’s that about?

    Candace came back from the dead to hunt him like the predatory animal he is, but we know for sure Beck is dead, right?


    Joe’s meet is scheduled at a pool party, running between 12-2 on a Tuesday hahaha. He gets taken for John Mayer more than once.

    I guess like if John Mayer had a tapeworm and was trapped in a dark room with no natural light for at least a month?

    …why are there men in stripperkinis? You can’t really swim in those, boys. They’re more for laying out. A comedian, Henderson (Chris D’Elia whose name I know from…somewhere) is cruising the party, Joe saw him at the airport when he first arrived giving out selfies with fans.

    Hey! Will’s landlady Delilah Alves (Carmela Zumbado) is at the party too! How many million people are there in LA? Ballpark? Like lots? In an even more startling coincidence (blink blink), Delilah and Hendy are friends! By friends I mean that he’s much more excited to see her than she is to see him. He calls her smart AND knows of the same doctor Jasper recommended to Will, so maybe he’s lost a digit a time or two.

    Jared Padalecki has been mentioned twice, I assume he means something in Delilah’s life or work as an expose journalist. Annnd maybe in other people’s lives, he’s an actor. I only love him because of his middle name. Will tries to find out the source of Delilah’s animosity towards Hendy so she writes Joe off as a sheeple star-humper.

    Who’s Rufus? Why is everyone inside where it’s dark at a pool party? I’m a ginger, so that’s my natural habitat but you’d assume all these LA people would feel more fondly about melanoma.

    Rufus (Jeremy Kent Jackson) is even farther away from the sun, he’s downstairs in a robe playing some sweet vintage Air Supply vinyl. Strip please, Will! I love how A) Rufus recognises that Will doesn’t look anything like the guy on the “app” and B) doesn’t care and still wants him to take his clothes off. I like his can-do attitude! Play it as it lays, boys!

    Will would like the $50k instead of a memorable beej to “Lost In Love”, fanks, even more so than an envelope full of pills, which is what he leaves with.

    Remember that Will said he needed meds? That’s what these are, Canadian (holla!) bi-polar meds and hmmm. I thought he looked more physically afflicted than mentally, but I guess it could do both!

    Will’s not taking the meds, no way! Joe has to tap into the homicidal part of him he keeps hidden under pithy observations and scare Will but still: he doesn’t have a way to get the money he needs and his anger started the blood flowing in his poor amputated digit.

    Love comes to Will’s apartment but whatever confrontation she had planned is moved to the back burner when she sees bloody finger detritus everywhere. Not for long, however, what’s the deal with lying about why he couldn’t come to lunch?

    He was stupid and used as an excuse, I mean. She’s trying to understand why he would lie to her and he doesn’t get why she’s moving so fast but the real problem is that every time they get physically close, he sees Beck. He has to shout to get Love to stop touching him and understanding.

    She leaves and Beck finally gets to speak! Yay! Imagine being an actor and your whole job is to stand around with fresh hair not saying anything but looking portentous. Like Brad Pitt’s early career, basically, but with a bigger ‘do.

    Beck is some sort of manifestation of his consciousness or insecurity or psychopathy, we don’t know yet! But Joe now has a plan after yelling at her and we’re back in the storage locker, this time with Jasper in tow.

    Joe introduces himself and offers Will in return but Jasper’s not biting so Joe has to kill him, cleaning it up on some handy dandy 6mm plastic. Beck shows up to explain her purpose; she’s Joe’s fear that he’ll hurt Love.

    Joe has surgery, heps himself up on goofballs and dismembers Jasper while Love prepares a lovely meal. I stopped watching long before Joe started grinding Jasper’s appendages into chuck, but it sounded kind of squishy.

    He dumps bags of Jasper in dumpsters all over town and heads over to see Love, who was cooking that amazing meal for him.

    Love has assumed that Joe doesn’t want to get into a relationship with her because he was badly hurt by an ex, but he explains that it was him that did the hurting. She pushes him to admit that he didn’t WANT to hurt his ex, but. Is that true? He could have walked away at any time to not hurt Beck, but he kept going further and further until there was no choice but to have to kill her. So.

    To clarify: we have a serial killer protesting that he hurts women and a woman insisting that sometimes you just gotta put on your big girl pants and deal. She even says “You can not hurt me.” They make a pact to not hurt each other, which would be adorable if one of you wasn’t Dexter. 

    I think I have BEEN this woman! Except for the murdery parts.

    They’re going to be friends! Until Joe’s really sure Beck’s gone, really gone. They’re an Us now!

    Joe’s so uplifted by this idea that he even tries to make friends with Delilah. Delilah isn’t having it, but she tells him why she hates the comedian Henderson. He *may have* *probably did* roofie and rape her when she was underage. She didn’t report, but tried years later to write about him to find that it was only people like her that were attacked: underage non-white strippers and none of them were about to go on record.

    Thanos turns her laser focus on Joe next, don’t think he’s getting a pass. “You act nice because you’re not.” She’s not fooled by anything he’s doing and he better stay away from her and her sister.

    Back to see our Will in the box, Joe asked what he did with the money he bilked Jasper for and Will says he spent it on a woman who needed it. Joe can understand that!

    Ten bucks says we already know that woman! Apparently there are only 9 people in Los Angeles.

    Joe murdered Jasper in front of Will, whom he’s been drugging. When Will mentions that thought he imagined that, we know that’s the timer on his life clock clicking on. It’s been nice getting to know ya, Will!

    Joe performs a goodbye ritual with Love, sure, that’s totally how you exorcise the demon of the ex-girlfriend you murdered.

    He muses to himself about the nature of his changing story with Love, deciding “the past is prologue”, while he hides trophies of his current kills behind a painting on his wall. One of those is a pair of underwear he stole from her laundry, you know you can just ask for those, right?

    Joe’s optimistic and we’re oot!

    I do love how his apartment is an absolute shithole, just like most cheap apartments everywhere. I hate it when they throw people in million-dollar apartments on part-time retail salaries.

    The conundrum of Joe is this: so many of his actions seem connected to remorse but then… psychopath. He truly can only see things one way, HIS way, but doesn’t the appearance of the spectre of Beck mean otherwise? WHY DOES HE SEEM SO NORMAL? Except for the murdery grindy bits?? Until next time! Cheers

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