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    You S2:E03 “What Are Friends For?” Recap

    It’s time for me and You from Netflix, are you ready?? I said, ARE YOU READY?? WOOOO! We’ve got layers and layers in here, but I still feel like Joe is going to out-psychopath everyone else and still convince himself (and us) that he’s mostly the good guy. Let’s find out what’s shaking in You S2:E03 “What Are Friends For?”

    We open at Anavrin (I HATE THAT NAME so much) with our anti-hero Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) making googly eyes at his “friend” Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti); Calvin (Adwin Brown) sliding over to mock.

    Love bakes food gifts for Joe, which is absolutely what I do for people I am friends with. Joe’s pushed Love away, afraid that he’ll hurt her the same way he *totally murdered* his last girlfriend. And tried to murder the one before, but she’s not dead, surprise!

    Awww, they even watch baking shows together and make platonic jokes during.


    Joe discusses his love life with his captive Will Bettelheim (Robin Lord Taylor) whom he stole for his identity. Some people just steal identities, but Joe took the whole guy! He’s a big picture person.

    They play Hangman, Will setting the puzzles from inside his cage with ketchup dashes while Joe waxes poetic about not smashing Love. Will is desperate for contact, being locked in a box in a soundproofed storage locker being fed french fries is no place for a conspiracy theorist Californian. Surely Joe could rustle up a heritage grain bowl at the ridiculous Namaste grocery store, yes? Gluten and GMO free?

    Love meets up with her friends Lucy (Marielle Scott) and Sunrise Darshan Cummings (Melanie Field) who have good news: they’ve set a date for the wedding, yay! The only thing they agree on is that they don’t want Love to bake their wedding cake, she has to beg: baking is how she expresses her love!

    *Same!! If I bake for you, I like you!

    Her friends know her better: she cooks when she’s happy, she bakes when she’s frustrated, which is what Joe’s doing to her. Does he even exist? Is he into her, really? I love her friends, they give excellent advice but she’s not going to listen anyway.

    Joe’s enjoyment of next day’s treat is interrupted by Love’s douchey twin brother Forty (James Scully), unshaven, unshowered and be-kimono’d with many ideas about the book department Will runs. Journals!

    Joe forgot he’s in Los Angeles, Forty isn’t interested in him, he needs Joe to be interested in him. Being surrounded by narcissists must be like hiding in the corner of a very noisy bar, hard on the ears and isolating but ultimately fascinating, at least for a little while.

    Joe’s decided to try and win Forty over, since he and Love were close as kids before they became polar opposites. Forty invites him to an improv show and Joe starts his deep dive into Forty’s online presence.

    Forty is a writer/producer/director/something else, known for movie short “Third Twin” and he’s talent scouting at the show which hurts Joe’s brain. It’s not just improv, comedian Henderson (Chris D’Elia) is there for a secret set! That’s who Forty is there to see.

    Since we know he probably sexually assaulted at least one underage girl, Joe is not as excited to see him. Less so again when he sees 15-year-old Ellie (Jenny Ortega) stroll into the VIP area without being checked.

    Joe has a protector-complex while also being a total psychopath, so he doesn’t follow Forty out and instead hangs around making sure that Ellie doesn’t leave with Henderson.

    It was Ellie’s sister Delilah Alves (Carmela Zumbado) who was most likely assaulted by Henderson, that’s why it’s even more weird that Ellie is chasing after an internship with him.

    Cut to Joe dropping off food for Will in his box, Will wants to share the relationship wisdom he has gleaned from his experiences. We’re all trying to date our moms/dads and recreate parental dynamics?? Are we?? I want to think I’m intellectually superior and be alone? That sounds awful. Think I’ll take a pass on advice from the man engaged to someone not comfortable meeting, but totally cool with accepting $50,000.00 worth of “help.”

    Joe gets to work to embarrass himself over the food gift he has not received, whoops! An awkward conversation follows, let’s break this down:

    • She likes him, so has been leaving a specially baked treat in his locker every day, sometimes with suggestive notes about “moist”
    • He hasn’t acknowledged said treats until
    • Now that he expects baked goods to be placed in his locker daily, she has ceased
    • She doesn’t want him to expect it

    See what she did there? She created a need where there wasn’t one, then withdrew it to create a dependence. Genius. Not super manipulative at all.

    Forty watches all.

    He approaches Joe after, what are his intentions with his sister? Joe tries to deflect, but once again, there is no need. Forty only sees everything through the very narrow lens of his own experience, he thinks Joe’s in some kind of program (involving at least 12 steps) like him and moves on to pitch a thriller set with the backdrop of celebrity rehab.

    It takes Joe five minutes longer than I to come up with a solution, he needs to bake for the baker. Duh. Or throw her a salami sandwich, that’s what she’s really looking to chow down on.

    Joe watches Delilah fight with her sister Ellie before Delilah storms up to his apartment to scream at him for…stalking? Helping? Who knows. But she’s planning an expose on Henderson to take him down (she’s going to “Harvey” him – aww, Weinstein is a verb! Shouldn’t it be Ronan Farrow him?), Joe has a more direct plan in mind.

    Earlier, he accidentally broke Ellie’s phone so gifted her with another one on which he installed spyware because that’s kind of what he does.

    Joe doesn’t see anything alarming in Ellie’s conversations with Henderson (aka Hendy) and proceeds to his plan to appease Love. He’s made her a crap breakfast out of junk, just like when she and her brother were neglected children, awww!

    She appreciates the thought, kissing him deeply to his dismay. He didn’t think excavating deeply personal memories from her childhood and serving them on a platter of concern and thoughtfulness was romantic.

    She asks what we already know: is he some kind of sociopath?

    YES. Love, YES.

    She storms out and Joe sees Ellie puking into a plant. That innocent get-together with Hendy he saw in her texts turned into her blacking out and losing time, just like what happened to her sister. Joe will be taking action.

    He asks Will how to hack a celebrity, but Will wants to talk about Joe’s motivation. Does helping this kid make him feel like he’s a good guy after all? Joe’s not in the mood to be analysed; does Will really want Joe to think he’s a bad person by not helping?

    Will can help, but he needs a laptop with wifi, which is like handing a hostage a gun to shoot you with.

    Love and Forty fight over tennis, she hates his hanging-on-ness but he thinks it’s a his getting close with Joe (who they think is called Will).

    Joe researches Henderson. I snorted when he saw his voting affiliation: “Libertarian? F*cking sleazebag.” Hendy’s house appears impenetrable, he’ll need to be invited in, perhaps by one of his fringe friends. NOT Forty, who has beef with Hendy’s manager.

    Joe sets his sights on improv performer Freddy (Eliot Schwartz), musing on the nature of “Yes, and” and its role in Me Too culture, indoctrinating women into fame via being “game.” I think men have to “yes, and” in improv and fame, too but it’s an interesting idea.

    Joe bullshits his way through a perplexing conversation (I know those words individually, but) with Freddy and gains entrance to a party at Hendy’s, to be followed in by Forty lurking outside.

    Forty is ready to pitch! He approaches Hendy’s agent Tina (Kether Donohue) but while Tina is willing to listen for 30 seconds, she’s not willing to set up a meeting.

    Forty doesn’t have a work ethic, see. So here’s Forty, disappointed and upset, ostensibly sober and surrounded by booze and drugs.

    Joe searches Henderson’s bedroom then finds Forty downstairs holding forth drunkenly. Love tells Joe to get her brother out of there, but here’s where earlier concerns come in. Joe tries to talk Forty down, but they’re at a celebrity party and people are taking pictures that will probably be posted somewhere. Joe doesn’t have his Baseball Cap of Mystery!

    Henderson intervenes, throwing in the party so Forty will go home and not feel badly about it. Joe is confused by the sudden rush of good acts committed by Hendy, including speaking kindly and paternally about Ellie.

    Joe takes Forty to his place to sober up, Love shows up to bolster his spirits and I fell asleep. I mean, I’m trying to care about their sibling relationship or Forty at all but I dooooonnnnn’t.

    Joe and Love bond some more over boring Forty and his boring storyline, she defends her sticking with Joe’s broken soul but now we know why. She’s used to co-dependency.

    Joe kisses her and they fully commit to this unfortunate and inevitable path. They have muffled sex in the same room where his telescope is set up, you know, the telescope trained on the back of her house.

    Forty wakes up all perky, Joe’s even willing to make this thrupple work because apparently he doesn’t know what a thrupple is.

    Wow, Joe trusted Will with wifi in his cage and Will was able to hack Henderson! There just wasn’t anything to find. Hm.

    Or is there?? Joe asks Forty why he and Henderson fell out, seems Forty spewed all over Hendy’s “secret toy room.” Maybe that’s why Joe didn’t see anything weird in Hendy’s bedroom and Will didn’t find anything on Hendy’s computer. Hm. The room caters to those into “kid stuff” and possibly sadism. WHY did this not make Forty say something? And we’re out! Until next time, cheers!

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