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    You S2:E04 The Good, The Bad and The Hendy Recap

    Hello! Welcome back to Netflix’s You, where we hate ourselves for cheering on a cold blooded killer because schawwwww, he’s so nice except for the murdery bits! Let’s dig a little deeper into Joe’s new life, it’s getting more complicated by the minute. Rolling You S2:E03 “The Good, The Bad and the Hendy” after the break!

    We open in bed with Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) – currently using the identity of Will Bettelheim – waking up from a bad dream about his neglectful childhood. Luckily, his latest obsession, You, aka Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) is right there to take his mind off things with a trip below the border. That’s interrupted by her brother Forty (James Scully) calling but not only does Love answer the call, she doesn’t miss a beat.

    I’m trying to think of something grosser than shaking hands with your boyfriend really quickly while talking to your brother but I came up blank until Joe returned the favour at the same time and I lost control of my facial muscles.


    Forty’s calling because he thinks he has a shot at pitching a show to trendy comedian Henderson/Hendy (Chris D’Elia), he needs Love’s support and Joe’s big fat brain. After Love hangs up so she and Joe can properly have sex while she’s clothed in a giant sweatshirt, Forty immediately starts texting Joe. Forty and Joe will be hanging out all weekend instead of Love and Joe banging it out in Santa Barbara. Oh and nobody can know they’re dating because it’s not completely obvious to anyone with one working basic sense.

    Hahahahaha the part where she’s looking through the telescope he set up in his bedroom so he could spy on her every move: “hey! You can see my house from here!”

    Joe does his laundry and eavesdrops on the sisters who live/run his building. One is Delilah Alves (Carmela Zumbado), older sister of Ellie Alves (Jenna Ortega) who is doing her level best to keep her little sister away from the comedian Henderson mentioned above. Henderson has a bad habit of roofie-ing underage girls and getting away with it, Joe’s stepping into the fray to do his version of helping out.

    He loaded spyware on Ellie’s phone but she found it so that’s a no-go. He did manage to steal Henderson’s laptop (jacktop?) during a memorable party so he has access to Ellie and his conversations anyway. For the record, Ellie is 15.

    Joe decides to be the man Love would want him to be, because clearly what Love and everyone else wants is a breaker-and-enterer. He’s going to sneak into Henderson’s house tonight to find Hendy’s secret room as the comedian is out of town screening The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in New Orleans. People really post all that shite online.

    Joe’s got one problem to sort out first: Will Bettelheim (Robin Lord Taylor) who is sitting in a box in a storage locker because Joe needed his clean identity. “Clean” ish.

    Joe promises Will that he’ll let him go to live a happy life with his imaginary internet girlfriend (I are one!) just as soon as he figures out a way to prove to Joe that he will never, ever turn him in.

    Kind of like in season one when Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) wrote a whole book suggesting her hawt therapist was responsible for murdering everyone Joe killed. It was a peace / loyalty offering and it worked! Until she tried to run away and…she didn’t make it.

    Will helps Joe disable the security system at Hendy’s house and we’re inside looking for the Dungeon Toy Room! Joe finds the “super villain-y” entrance and we’re downstairs in a very tasteful looking sex room.

    For one thing, it has a Roomba patrolling and this is the cleanest looking sex dungeon mattress ever.

    He finds a bunch of photos of unconscious women in states of undress, one is Delilah and he knows exactly what to do with these. He drops them anonymously under her door mat and heads off to brunch with Love.

    Love and her friends, that is! She had wanted him to meet them before, but he bailed and spied on them instead because

    1. First and foremost: Joe is a coward
    2. Joe’s a control freak

    Now Lucy (Marielle Scott), Sunrise (Melanie Field) and Gabe (Charlie Barnett! From Russian Doll!!) will be joining Love and Joe to discuss a series of almost-ailments that can’t really be dealt with because of course: it’s past-life trauma. Joe and I snort (I’m a bad Buddhist), but apparently that wasn’t a joke so he’s on the spot.

    Ah but he brings it around, they love him blah blah Forty walks in mad. He knew they were hooking up (duh) and now he feels left out.

    Imagine being a grown person and being that co-dependent on someone else. We all do that, right? Worry about someone else past any reasonable boundary? I mean, when you’re young and/or bored and/or have nothing else to do, you do things like stare at your phone while baking and think about texting your brother’s sponsor.

    Joe suggests they include Forty in a monthly standing brunch date and will start working with him on his stupid screenplay because when it comes to co-dependency, the more the merrier, amirite??

    Delilah has some super disassociated sex with effbuddy (they’re doing that wrong, that’s supposed to be FUN) David Fincher (Danny Vasquez) whom she asks for advice about the photos. He’s a cop and offers to get them viewed by the right people.

    Back to Joe’s dreams of his childhood, where his mom is now stepping out on his dad, who hit her in the last dream. By stepping out, I mean she met a Random Guy in a Business Suit at the grocery store and left with him a minute later with Joe waiting in the produce aisle.

    Was that…for money?

    Forty is in Joe’s apartment to get his hair cut, yay, Love already told him that Joe was going to help him. Forty manages to wiggle his way into Love and Joe’s plans and yeah: yikes.

    Joe has some time on his hands, so he approaches Delilah about the pictures he dropped off. David told her they couldn’t be used because Henderson isn’t in the pictures and the backdrop could be literally anywhere. Had they been left in place, there was a chance, but now there’s no way to tie them to Henderson. Whoops!

    Joe heads to Anavrin to hold Forty’s hand, eventually sending him to SXSW in the middle of the night to start a bidding war on Forty’s piece of shit screenplay.

    Back to dreamland! Joe’s mom Sandy (Magda Apanowicz) left him at the grocery store for FOUR (4) hours on her date with Random Business Suit Guy then went home to face the music from Joe’s dad . Joe learned from his dad Phil (Billy Lush from Kingdom! I really need to finish recapping that, it was so completely different from everything else I do) that pain can make people truthful.

    *You know, relationships are complicated and all that but why…would you stay with someone who you know is cheating on you and getting mad about it over and over? I know the better question is why would you stay with someone who is jealous, controlling and hits you, but I know the answer to that. Just not why you’d try to hit, control and be jealous over someone.

    Joe gears up to attack Henderson for a taped confession; Will checking in to make sure they aren’t prepping for a murder or anything. Will is still working on how to help Joe trust him so he can let him go without killing him, but that’s not a puzzle that’s going to be solved today.

    Joe really needs to hear that, almost as much as Will needs to not die.

    Love’s pisssssed that Joe sent her brother to SXSW to get rid of him, she’s flying out with Forty as his ‘sober companion’, so it holds that no good deed goes unpunished.

    Ellie heads over to Henderson’s for the screening, which has been cancelled, nobody else is there. Joe listens as Ellie talks her way into the house then screens her short for Henderson. She pushes her way into pitching as Henderson gets up to roofie a drink for her, so the game is afoot. At least Joe is there! He puts a double dose of GHB in Henderson’s drink and now we’re to it.

    Henderson wakes up in his basement while Ellie sleeps it off upstairs. Joe tortures Henderson into agreeing to do a confession but it doesn’t go as planned. Henderson wants to talk about the abuse he suffered as a child. He thinks Joe is like him and Joe is so enraged that he removes his mask.

    Great. Now he has to kill Henderson.

    So he does. But, you know, accidentally. And bleeds at the scene so has to clean up, waking up Ellie in the process. Then the Roomba smears both of their blood together.

    Joe cleans as best as he can, grabbing the Roomba and bloody rags to dispose of at home. He’s groggily crossing the street late at night on his way to his apartment when police officer David pulls up. What’s in the bag, man? Luckily, the first layer is only Henderson’s headphones. David walks away with them and no more unfortunate questions are asked tonight.

    Joe needs to test himself some more, he needs to know he’s the White Hat. He’s the Good Guy, not the bad guy who kills people for no reason! There are reasons! So he releases Will and we start a countdown to when he’ll have to kill him, either accidentally or because Will did something he didn’t agree with.

    Joe can relax now, he knows he’s the good guy and the man Love needs him to be! Good thing, since Forty just met Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers) at SXSW and is in lurve. That’s super awkward since she’s looking hard for our Joe, what with him thinking he left her for dead a while ago. No way that’s a coincidence! We’re out.

    Hm. As usual, Joe frames everything around “You” / Love – being perfect and how his love for her is making him a better person. He likes to put the pedestal up suuuuuper high so when they fall it speeds up the process of murdering them. They deserve it!

    There was an extended vignette when Henderson argued with Joe that he was just trying to make himself feel better about what happened to him by what he was doing and that nothing would. Nothing would ever make him feel better about the abuse that he endured as a child, but Joe countered that Love could. Henderson called love fake and now I have to wonder if that was foreshadowing. Joe always thinks his partners can save him, they just have to be perfect. Easy peasy! Until next time!

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