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    You S2:E06 “Farewell, My Bunny Recap”

    Rolling back into You on Netflix because it’s Saturday wooooo!! Or whenever you read this, it’s all good. Last we saw our murderer/kidnapper/full-on psychopath Joe Goldberg, he was in a showdown with an ex-girlfriend that wasn’t going all that well. My money is still on your dreamy boyfriend Joe (seriously, people LOVE this guy), let’s find out how he twists it this time! You S2:E06 Farewell, My Bunny after the break!

    We open with Kathy Griffin (I LOVE KATHY GRIFFIN) eulogizing recently murdered comedian Henderson (Chris D’Elia) in her own special way as Joe Goldberg aka Will Bettleheim (Penn Badgley) watches with girlfriend Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). Love’s friends Lucy (Marielle Scott) Gabe (Charlie Barnett) and Sunrise (Melanie Field) stand with them; did all these people know Henderson? If he was this famous, why aren’t more people/fans there? Weird

    *Joe totally accidentally murdered Henderson because Henderson was a creep who preyed on young girls, Cosbying them and taking photos. Joe has to murder bad people every once in a while to balance out his more prosaic killings.

    Of course Love’s brother Forty Quinn (James Scully) *that’s a NAME! and you thought Love was bad!* is there with his new girlfriend Amy aka Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers) who used to be Joe’s girlfriend before he thought he accidentally killed her.

    In this scenario, she would be the king and he came for her but didn’t kill her so now he’s trying to stay in the game while figuring out what to do to get her to shut up and go away. You know, besides murdering her because Joe thinks he only does that when he *has* to.

    Forty is a mess, thankfully Amy is there to help him keep the pieces together. Just look at Candace and Joe. Being a fake partner is WAY easier than having skin in the game! You get to plan out all your moves, you know what’s going to happen and you have all the control over when it does happen. It’s brilliant! This is probably what every single golddigger/gigolo thinks right before they sign on the dotted line. It just rots your soul a tiny bit.

    Forty is consoled by Candace and her sharing of her worst day (when her ex attacked her – GUESS WHO she’s talking about?? NO, GUESS??!!) prompts him to ask her to move in with him right after the funeral. Love steps in, suggesting he shouldn’t make any sudden and huge moves while grieving but that just earns her Forty’s ire. He storms away like the toddler he is, Candace trailing to pick up the mess because hey: fake girlfriends know shit all rolls downhill.

    Love’s friends start screaming about something, ahh Lucy has just seen one of seven Los Angeles totems! Gabe explains that once you’ve seen all seven, you’re a true LA-er and can never leave. Just what Joe wants! The totems are:

    1. A rollerblader in booty shorts
    2. A ghettobird? What’s a ghettobird? A police helicopter!
    3. Two starlets wearing the same dress (that’s what they were screaming about)
    4. A peck of coyotes
    5. A dog in a stroller
    6. An off-brand superhero
    7. A palm tree on fire

    Joe spots his landlady Delilah Alves (Carmela Zumbado) drinking at the funeral, she was one of the girls Henderson roofied. The cop Joe saw the night he killed Henderson is there too. Celebrities (and white celebs) get a lot more police attention so he’s worried.

    Love checks in to work at Anavrin, her locker is full of reminders of her deceased husband James (Daniel Durant). Huh. He didn’t die recently, that would be a hella depressing thing to look at every day. Ohh and he was deaf, that’s maybe why Love knows sign language. Maybe the locker is bad but so are the memories of planning their lives together, the whole place is steeped in it.

    Joe watches Candace and Forty cook together at Anavrin, wondering about the state of their relationship, whether they’re sleeping together or maybe even really in love. Really he’s assessing for weakness.

    He follows her and gets the second totem, an off-brand full grown man dressed as Robin, woooo! He’s distracted by a cop and loses her.

    Back at his apartment, young Ellie Alves (Jenna Ortega) appears to critique his book choice, he’s reading Raymond Chandler’s “Farewell My Lovely” and thinks Elliot Gould is the hottest Philip Marlowe ever.

    Elliot.Gould. Elliot Gould?

    I like them smart and unconventionally attractive and my basement is corkdry even at the thought. Young people are weird.

    Shouts from inside draw them both inside. Delilah burned herself because she’s pissssed that everyone is going to make Henderson a hero now. Somehow she thinks Joe’s to blame for same so she takes another verbal shot at him while Ellie tends to her.

    Forty has set up an office as D-Fol Production’s headquarters and bugs Joe who is working on the book display for bisexual pescaterian authors. I love that my spellchezk does not recognise that word.

    D-Fol is Dark Face Of Love, the movie Forty and Candace are making based on the book written by Joe’s old girlfriend Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) whom he murdered right after she finished writing.

    Joe as Will is getting a producer credit on the movie, he uses a signing opportunity to ask for Candace’s address and gets a vague location. Close enough! Joe’s great with research.

    He finds Candace’s Air BnB with no problem, throws on his Hat of Mystery and heads over for a recon. He spots possibly the same plainclothes officer from the other day and scrambles to hide, but he’s not paying attention. Isn’t it more likely that they’re checking up on Candace? He’s been following her or looking for her both times.

    Hey! We just saw a ghettobird! Hai police helicopter! Now I’m wracking my brain trying to remember if there was a rollerblader in booty shorts in the first couple of episodes and I think there was. Dang it!

    Woooo we hear a pack of coyotes!! WE’RE ALMOST DONE! Someone set a palm tree on fire!

    Okay, I’m a stinking liar. Joe gets stuck in traffic and stands Love up for their doughnut dinner date (not dinner) and upon arrival he sees the detective again, this time talking to Love. Well. She could have hired him to check out Candace, so I could maybe still not be wrong!

    Love is pissed he’s so late but yes! She did hire detective Alex Grigoryan (David Paladino) to check out Candace, wooooo! Love is angry and defiant, Joe doesn’t know what to think.

    Love is back in the past with her husband who didn’t want to have children yet, it was a big fight. He was still dealing with addiction, maybe that was part of hie reasoning but most of it was about being broke and not wanting to be beholden to her parents.

    Love sees how maybe this private detective thing is slightly over the top, she’ll call him off tomorrow. She brushes him with egg wash and they make up, awww.


    Candace is doing her own detecting, she’s got Joe’s address and manages to talk her way into his apartment by trashing Henderson to Delilah who clearly doesn’t understand her role as Building Manager. She tries to keep Candace physically out of the apartment, but Candace is able to open one of the windows for later.

    The private detective clocks all of that, he’s not off the job yet so now it’s up to Love to decide whether to listen to what he saw or not.

    Candace introduced herself as Joe’s ex-girlfriend, so of course the whole apartment building is abuzz with that news.

    I beg your pardon?

    Time to assemble the murder kit! Duct tape, rope, pliers? Check! Joe thinks the detective isn’t watching Candace any more, so he set off for the Gothic Barbie Mansion Air BnB in his Hat of Mystery to be knocked the eff oot.

    Candace has been studying up on the art of tying rope! Or has she? NO! This is not Candace! Because Candace is climbing through Joe’s window to meet…

    Love. Love knows she’s Candace and lots of other stuff. Love thinks this is about rooking the Quinn family for that sweet, sweet kwan, but what’s the deal with messing with Joe? Candace plays her trump card but the problem is anything she says now is tainted. For one thing, Joe has a much better cover for sure.

    Candace tries.

    Joe tries too, but he’s working from a deficit, being hogtied and beaten up by a determined Rachel (Madeline Zima) who owns the house where Candace is staying. He manages to convince her that his murder kit is really a rape fantasy kit; she counsels him to stick to his lane.

    And finally, releases him back to the wild. He returns home to find Love icing cinnamon buns in his kitchen. Which did she do when she was stressed out? Baking or cooking? I think baking was for frustration. Anyway, she switched out the sugar for salt.

    *baker alert: I used to be a baker and the idea that you could switch out a leavening agent for what’s considered a liquid ingredient is ludicrous at best and I know that’s not the point so I’m shutting up but this is ANARCHY

    “It sucks being lied to, doesn’t it??!” She hands Joe a picture of him and Candace. He owns up to his name being Joe Goldberg and blames everything on Candace being mentally unstable. Her time at a mental hospital supports that, so Love calms down and waits for the rest of the explanation. Joe even finds a way to explain Beck, writing her off as a woman he went on one date with and pointing out how weird it is that Candace even knew about that.

    Somehow, Love buys all this garbage.

    Neither has she, which makes breaking up with him so hard.

    Good call, Love!! Solid choice! You’re totally not over your dead husband, either, FYI.

    She heads back to the kitchen at Anavrin to cook away her anger, reliving the moment she found out that her husband was dying.

    What did I just say??

    The next day, Joe heads to work to drop off his apron and nametag but Forty tells him it’s not necessary. He can stay, he just needs to stay away from Love. It’s Forty who sticks up for Joe, he appreciates Joe’s “realness.”


    Joe heads home to see…a dog in a stroller! Woooo! We’re so close to done I can smell the booty shorts. He gets dragged in to help calm Delilah down, she’s working on a story on LA enabling rapists and it’s driving her over the edge.

    *It’s so weird to see/hear this much about LA and harassment/rape without Harvey Weinstein being invoked even once. It’s like on The Walking Dead where they never say “zombie.”

    He comforts her, first with a hand on her shoulder then…with his privates? What?? I got zero sexual chemistry from these two, now they’re about to throw down on a synthetic 4 x 8 area rug covered with rapist names on post-it notes?

    They just wanted to feel good for a little while.

    After, but before sponging off, Joe suggests she write a first-person type of exposé. Maybe it would encourage others to come forward. She reads this as mansplaining and condescension, and throws him out.

    *I love her.

    A burning palm tree warns Joe that he’s stuck in LA for EVER (there were booty shorts earlier!), maybe he’ll stick around for a while, press his luck.

    We’re oot, cheers!

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