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Drag Queens

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Snatch Game

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It’s that time, y’all. SNATCH GAME! RuPaul’s Drag Race was back this week with our favorite episode. Let’s cut the chit-chat and get right into it.

When the queens returned to the workroom after Nicky Doll‘s elimination, Brita was upset about falling into the bottom three while Aiden Zhane was safe. The queens have been vocal with their opinions of Aiden, Brita especially. This wasn’t a new debate.

It was a new day in the workroom and RuPaul jumped right into it. No mini-challenge, it’s Snatch Game week. The queens began to prep their best (or… at least attempted their best) celebrity impersonation. They were visited by Vanessa ‘Vanjie’ Mateo who was there to give them some advice on what not to do in the Snatch Game since her performance was… something. She made the rounds with Ru and they chatted with each queen about their plans. Ru was really not feeling all these queens celebrity ideas. Hedi N Closet doing Leslie Jones? NO. Crystal Methyd doing Poppy? NO. Gigi Goode wanted to play a robot. NO. Everybody’s a critic!

Jonathan Bennett and Daniel Franzese were playing with a star-studded panel. Heidi was Leslie Jones, Jackie Cox was Lisa Rinna, Jaida Essence Hall was Cardi B, Widow Von’du was Tina Turner, Jan was Bernadette Peters, Gigi was the Maria robot, Aiden was Patricia Quinn, Brita was Jennifer Holliday, Crystal was Poppy, and Sherry Pie was Katherine Hepburn. *wipes sweat off brow*, I think that was everyone!

My favorite part of the challenge was how worried Ru was about Gigi making Maria the robot funny when she ended up being the funniest one on the panel. Like Jackie said, watching her try to pick up the cards with her robot hands was comedy gold. Jackie and Jan were also hitting their jokes left and right. Meanwhile, Aiden, Brita, and Crystal really struggled. Aiden’s performance was especially painful.

The queens were back in the workroom to prep their best Frozen inspired runway look. They dished about how hard the Snatch Game was. Jackie put them in their place by reminding them that they know Snatch Game is coming and they had plenty of time to prepare.

While everyone was getting ready, Widow opened up about picking Tina Turner because she suffered a lot of abuse in relationships. She was kicked out of her home for being gay and spent a lot of time homeless and struggling. Now, she is thriving, but it is always tough to hear these stories from the girls’ past. Gigi also opened up about her personal life. She views herself as gender fluid. She came was able to find comfort in gender and sexuality thanks to her gay uncle who taught her who RuPaul was. At least we got a happier story to go with the sad one!

On the main stage, Ru was joined by Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and Jonathan and Daniel from the Snatch Game. It was decked out with trees, even the stage was Frozen the Musical themed. Some of the runways have been a bit rough this season, but I thought most of the queens had interesting looks this week. My favorites were Heidi, Jaida, Gigi, and Crystal.

In the end, Heidi, Jaida, Jan, and Widow were safe while the other queens were left on stage for critiques. Jackie got high praise for both her performance and her look, as did Gigi. Matter of fact, Ru called Gigi’s performance a home run. Aiden was not as lucky, they were not pleased with her performance, especially after they found out she has met the celebrity she chose! Brita had similar critiques, though not as intense. Crystal was given the advice to make Poppy bigger and funnier since people may not know who she was. They did love her outfit, however. Sherry Pie’s runway was cut this week, which I think is great. They still showed her critiques for some reason. She was funny yada yada yada.

Gigi Goode won the challenge while Jackie and Sherry were safe. It came down to Aiden, Crystal, and Brita in the bottom three. Crystal was safe. Brita and Aiden had to face off to Frozen’s Let It Go because of course, they did. It started snowing on the stage and it was still a boring lipsync. Until Brita did her magic trick and Jonathan looked like a kid in a candy shop. It was clear Brita was the winner. Aiden sashayed away.

Next week, my hero Alexandria Occasio-Cortez will be the guest judge as the queens perform a Madonna themed musical! I can’t wait! See you guys then.

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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