This week, RuPaul’s Drag Race brought us the first ever super fan makeover! We know the makeover challenge is coming every season, but this time they featured fans of the show! It was a lot of fun, so let’s jump into it.

The episode started off with everyone’s favorite personality Heidi N Closet asking if she was speaking French when she bid Widow Von’Du adieu. It followed up with a reflection on the wins of the season. Jackie Cox and Crystal Methyd were talking about their lack of wins. Everyone was definitely starting to feel the pressure.

RuPaul's Drag Race: Superfan Makeover 1

RuPaul entered the workroom and let the girls know that they would be making over super fans who had no idea they were going to be on the show. Since she won the last challenge, Jaida Essence Hall was in charge of pairing queens and super fans. I think she did a good job of pairing them up. I did not smell a stunt. However, justice for Janet the Planet. She really got screwed being paired with the person who isn’t actually on the show at all.

It was super cute watching the queens and fans interact with each other. Heidi had an especially heartwarming moment with her sister, Nicole. She had gone through a lot of bullying growing up and was used to blending in. This experience allowed her to grow her confidence and it was super cool to watch. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, however. Jackie chose to do a disco look after Heidi had planned out her looks with the same idea in mind.

The queens and their fans had great moments while they were getting ready. Jaida opened up about missing her boyfriend, Jackie and her daughter had a great conversation about their parents, Crystal’s daughter was… yellow. The best part was seeing the fans reactions to themselves in drag!

RuPaul's Drag Race: Superfan Makeover 2

On the main stage, Ru was joined by Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews, and Daisy Ridley! I was SO excited to see Daisy join the judges! It was time for the queens to show their drag family resemblance to the judges. Crystal’s insane Burt and Ernie inspired look was incredible. I loved it. Janet the Planet stole the mainstage, in my opinion, though. It was stiff competition. Everyone looked great!

RuPaul's Drag Race: Superfan Makeover 3

In the end, Gigi, Crystal, and Sherry were safe, the back-to-back win went to Jaida, and that left Heidi and Jackie in the bottom two. They faced off to Kill the Lights by Alex Newell. Jackie took on a whole character, while Heidi let her personality shine. It was a great lip synch. So good in fact, that they both stayed!

RuPaul's Drag Race: Superfan Makeover 4

Next week, the queens will host their own one-woman show with the help of Whoopi Goldberg! See you then, squirrel friends!