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RuPaul's Drag Race

Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland

Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland 7

After the joy of the recently concluded Canada’s Drag Race, I’m excited for the next instalment of the Drag Race franchise- one a little closer to my side of the pond. Drag Race Holland is hosted by stylist and former Holland’s Next Top Model mentor Fred van Leer. The series will premiere on September 17th on WOW Presents Plus in the US and select territories worldwide, and on RTL Nederland’s Videoland.

On 7th September, the Meet the Queens video was released, introducing our Drag Race Holland contestants, with promo looks paying homage to the Royal Family Orange of Holland. Get ready to become better acquainted with these queens below! 

Miss Abby OMG @missabyomg

Miss Abby OMG grew up in Brazil before coming to the Netherlands, giving her the title of first Brazilian queen to participate in Drag Race! Co-founder of the ‘Mermaids Mansion’ drag house (alongside Envy Peru), Miss Abby OMG is known for her high-energy performances. The diverse Mermaids Mansion house are a ‘mixture of different cultures come together through beauty, fierceness, and elegance’. From a glance at her Instagram, beauty, fierceness and elegance are certainly qualities she possesses!

Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland 8

Roem @roemservice

The youngest competitor at only 21-years-old, Roem describes herself as a ‘cyborg from the future’. Roem grew up in the Dutch Bible Belt and knows how to survive in a difficult environment. Roem is perhaps most known for Rapal Dark Res, her cartoon parody show, which managed to make the most chaotic moments of RuPaul’s Drag Race even more ridiculous and hilarious. Roem is unique in the sense that she is a digital queen and does not perform live. However, with such a strong digital presence, expectations run high! 

Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland 9

Chelsea Boy @xochelseaboy

Chelsea Boy’s promo look establishes them as a stunning visual artist. Their Instagram is full of striking looks that blur the lines of gender, and they are a self-described “gender hybrid transformer”. With a recurring #letskeepitsurreal hashtag, their aesthetic blends the futuristic and sci-fi, using unconventional materials and prostheses, with punk-rock influences to create looks any club-kid would be jealous of. Chelsea Boy often performs to 80s nostalgic music, giving their performance style an exciting retro-futurist quality. Oh, and they also sing live! 

Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland 10

Janey Jacké @janeyjacké

Janey Jacké is the ultimate ‘pop princess fantasy’- an electrifying performer who can command a stage and energise any crowd. She may be sweet, but don’t underestimate her- Janey Jacké is a truly unique performer. With ten years of drag under her belt, this queen has performed internationally in the US and Greece and has even been on Dutch television before!

Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland 11

Ma’MaQueen @iammamaqueen

Ma’MaQueen is the mother of ‘The House of Holographic Hoes’ (potentially my favourite drag house name yet). They’re an ambassador for Rotterdam Pride and are known for their commitment to inclusivity. Ma’MaQueen is non-binary and they are interested in exploring gender as a social construct. Before starting drag, they studied fashion at one of the most prestigious art schools in the country (Willem de Kooning Academy) and this certainly shines through in their impressive conceptual looks!

Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland 12

Madame Madness @madame.madness 

Madame Madness is the first bearded queen to enter Drag Race– it’s exciting and refreshing to see these performers blurring gender boundaries. Madame Madness’ beard adds a striking layer to her vibrant make-up looks! Underneath her severe looks, she is known for being sweet and open-minded. Madame Madness is the mother of ‘Maison Madness’, a house representing a ‘love for the eccentric’.

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Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland 13
Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland 14

Envy Peru @missenvyperu

Envy Peru, unsurprisingly, originally was born in Peru, and moved to the Netherlands age 4. She is the co-founder of the drag house ‘Mermaids Mansion’, alongside fellow-competitor Miss Abby OMG, setting up the potential for alliance or family rivalry…I wonder if there will be any ENVY between these two? With a make-up tutorial in Vogue Nederland and a video with Nikkie Tutorials, this queen poses a threat on any makeover challenge. Envy Peru is also the most followed drag queen on social media in the Benelux! 

Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland 15

Sederginne @sederginne_official 

Sederginne is a Netherlands-born, Belgium-based performer, particularly known for her comedy. Serge, the man behind Sederginne, is only 26 years-old and boasts an impressive resume of 9 years of shows in both theatres and clubs. Sederginne’s performances are notorious and have an international reach. Interestingly, Sederginne is a much older lady than Serge and serves some of the most fabulous campy glamour!

Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland 16

Patty Pam-Pam @pattypampam

Patty Pam-Pam, having grown up in the South of the Netherlands, is known as “Queen of the South”. This creative queen makes her own unique costumes that span an impressive range of styles- this is someone I can’t wait to see in a sewing challenge! She also has ballet skills and can juggle- it seems that there are few skills Patty Pam-Pam cannot master. 

Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland 17

Megan Schoonbrood @megan_schoonbrood 

Megan Schoonbrood’s promo look screams opulence and pageantry, and this queen has 23 no1 pageant titles to her name! But don’t let her ambition and success fool you, she has a much more sympathetic side underneath her fierce competitiveness. In 2019, Megan Schoonbrood was given the Dusty Foundation (organisation supporting LGBTQI+  victims of violence) tiara, an accolade given to someone who has been a great help to the community. Megan Schoonbrood is extravagant, a little trashy, and ready to take on any challenge.  

Meet the Queens of Drag Race Holland 18

Get ready…Drag Race Holland comes to our screens 17th September!

We’ve been given two weeks rest to recover from Canada’s Drag Race until we launch into the world of Drag Race Holland. Despite this overwhelming amount of drag content, finding out more about the Drag Race Holland contestants has me counting down the days! 

Drag Race Holland will premiere on September 17th on WOW Presents Plus in the US and select territories worldwide, and on RTL Nederland’s Videoland.

Written By

Anna Cash Davidson is a London-based social media manager for GirlsIRate & Inperspective Records. Anna loves vintage fashion and runs @KajMoneyVintage on Depop, ASOS Marketplace and Instagram. Writing about her favourite topics- mostly drag!

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