Drag Race Holland S1: E3 (Drama Queens)  1

At the beginning of Episode 3, Miss Abby OMG and Janey Jacké address their conflict from the previous week. Janey Jacké apologises for being so direct about her opinions. Miss Abby OMG is not totally satisfied with the apology, but willing to move on.

This week’s mini-challenge is a ‘Queen’s Day’ celebration, based on Dutch national holiday King’s Day celebrating the monarch’s birthday. The queens participate in a variety of celebratory and humiliating games, including a blindfolded cake-eating competition, a sack race and ‘nail the toilet’.

The mini challenge winners are Madame Madness and Sederginne, and the two of them become team leaders for the main challenge. The RuPaul video message announces: ‘The bad news is, life is one long endless drama. The good news? It stars you.’ This week’s main challenge is an acting challenge in a parody of Dutch comedy-drama series Gooische Vrouwen. It is the Dutch equivalent to Desperate Housewives or Sex and the City- the kind of drama-filled programme where some of the characters are so over-the-top that they’re not far removed from drag queens.

Team Sederginne is made up of ChelseaBoy, Envy Peru and Ma’MaQueen, and Sederginne quickly claims Wilma ‘the old uptight mother figure’. Team Madame Madness consists of Miss Abby OMG, Megan Schoonbrood and Janey Jacké, and Madame Madness is able to offer some acting tips to her team.

Assisting Fred van Leer in directing the challenge is Dutch actor Rick Paul van Mulligen. The scenes are chaotic and hilarious, with a sophisticated garden gathering progressing into debauched confessions of affairs and murders. In the Gooische Drags challenge, Team Sederginne are the strongest, with no one fading into the background.


As the queens get ready in the Werk Room, we see a different side to Envy Peru and ChelseaBoy as they open up about what drag means to them. ChelseaBoy talks about drag being fluid: ‘Drag could be whatever you want it to be […] Drag is a kind of mirror reflecting whatever’s going on inside, whatever I was afraid to show.’ Envy Peru talks about her past shame surrounding her sexuality and internalised prejudice that initially led her to reject the queer community, before finding drag. These more vulnerable moments remind us of the people behind the polished looks and the importance of drag to them and the audience.

Rick Paul van Mulligen is a guest judge this week, along with the return of designer Claes Iversen. This week’s runway theme is ‘Miss Holland’, requiring queens to showcase a look based on nature and the countryside, preferably using natural materials.

Ma’MaQueen is ‘Ma’Ma Marijuana’, succeeding in making a hippie stoner aesthetic high-fashion.

Envy Peru comes out as a cloud with a reveal to a stunning golden sunshine outfit and Janey Jacké runs across the stage in a clear plastic dress and striking blue makeup, sprinkling water droplets as she goes.

Miss Abby OMG comes out as a flower bouquet, and unfortunately most of the flowers died before she made it to stage, but she still wore it with confidence. ChelseaBoy accurately describes her windswept look as ‘2020 in a nutshell’, wearing a summer dress on a windy day, as she’s pulled around the stage by the weather. Megan Schoonbrood is inspired by the tulip fields where she grew up and wears a heavily-decorated dress with amusing battery-powered windmill breast detail.

Sederginne turns out a fun hay look, with a hay bale hat and accessorised with orange clogs. Madame Madness is inspired by Juno Birch for her ‘Dutch cowgirl’ look with grass blazer and cow face paint.

Envy Peru and Janey Jacké are announced safe, and both are a little disappointed. It’s not a strong week for Miss Abby OMG, as she is told her outfit droops and she faded in the acting challenge. The judges are not fans of Megan Schoonbrood’s outfit either, finding it to be ‘a bit much’.

Ma’MaQueen receives great praise for her outfit and her personality really shined through in the acting challenge, leading her to take her first win. The bottom three are Madame Madness, Miss Abby OMG & Megan Schoonbrood. Madame Madness is safe and the remaining two lip-sync to Anita Meyer’s ‘Why Tell Me Why’. Megan Schoonbrood and Miss Abby OMG are both known for their performance skills, and it is probably the best lip sync yet. Miss Abby OMG takes the win and makes it to the next episode.

Drag Race Holland will premiere on September 17th on WOW Presents Plus in the US and select territories worldwide, and on RTL Nederland’s Videoland.