Last week’s elimination saw Sederginne go home, and her comedic presence is missed in the Werk Room. Sederginne was a strong competitor, who many had assumed would make it until the final, so her elimination has shaken up the other queens a little.

Miss Abby OMG, however, is bringing a new confidence to this week’s challenge. She may have been in the bottom three times, but this also means she has won the lip-sync three times, showing that she is one of the strongest performers. Envy Peru is beginning to feel the pressure of three wins, although I don’t think any of the other queens are feeling sorry for her on this one.

This week’s mini-challenge places the queens on a blind date with The Bachelorette finalist Niek Marijnissen. There is a restaurant set, where the queens have to try and stop Niek from leaving the date. Janey Jacké manages to get Niek to pick her up and even steals a kiss on the cheek, although is less thrilled when he drops her ‘like a dog‘. Ma’Ma Queen looks stunning in a pink sequin plunging dress and delivers one of the most over-the-top performances, seducing Niek by rubbing her dessert all over herself and taking the win.

This week is the makeover challenge and family and closest friends are brought in to be the contestant’s drag sisters for the day. Envy Peru and Janey Jacké are making over their mothers, Ma’Ma Queen is making over her father, Miss Abby OMG her brother and ChelseaBoy her best friend.

Ryanne Van Dorst makes an entrance, following Ma’Ma Queen’s impersonation in Snatch Game the previous week. She makes her way around the Werk Room and encourages each pair to open up about their relationship and the queens’ pasts. Ma’Ma Queen’s father in particular seems to fully embrace the challenge. Miss Abby OMG adorably tells us that she rides home from her shows on her brother’s bike sometimes. It is an episode where any drama fades into the background, as emotions run high and it is a very teary episode.

Alongside Ryanne van Dorst, this week’s judging panel includes Loiza Lamers, the first trans woman to compete on Holland’s Next Top Model. On the runway, Miss Abby OMG goes for a Mortal Kombat themed outfit and her and her brother give a high-energy performance on stage. Envy Peru and her mother walk out on the stage with what must be the first llama reveal on a Drag Race runway. The look tells a story; they are riding to Holland for a better life. The bright multi-coloured fur jackets work both as a nod to the Cuzco flag and a celebration of pride.

Janey Jacké and her mother go for a classic look in a red sequin, regal outfit, allowing her mother to wear the crown. It may not be the most fashion-forward look, but they both look beautiful. ChelseaBoy and her best friend pick a Mars Attacks! inspired look, and it’s a really cute twist on ChelseaBoy’s recurring sci-fi style.

Grandma’ma Queen brings her enthusiasm to the stage, with her and Ma’Ma Queen walking the runway with pregnant bellies, taking us back to Ma’Ma Queen’s entrance look and a perfectly fitting look for a family challenge.

Ma’Ma Queen’s father becomes emotional on the runway, commending Ma’Ma’s bravery, and the judges become emotional too.

Envy Peru takes the win for fourth time, which has Envy Peru speechless and the other contestants probably wondering if they still have a chance. ChelseaBoy and Janey Jacké end up in the bottom, lip-syncing to Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5. They both give a high-energy and passionate performance. Janey Jacké has a reveal under her skirt, and unfortunately ChelseaBoy has an accidental reveal as she loses her wig. Overall, Janey Jacké gives a slightly more polished and powerful performance, and ChelseaBoy sashays away this week.

Drag Race Holland is available on WOW Presents Plus in the US and select territories worldwide, and on RTL Nederland’s Videoland.