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Drag Race Holland: S1: E7 ('Máxima: The Rusical') 3

RuPaul's Drag Race

Drag Race Holland: S1: E7 (‘Máxima: The Rusical’)

This week it’s the final four- the episode that decides who will make it to the final. As is traditional at this point in the competition, it’s the puppets mini-challenge. Each queen is designated one of their rival competitors in puppet form and the best impersonation wins. But before the impressions can begin, they have to put the puppets in quick drag- complete with reveals and props. In the puppet challenge, Janey Jacké starts off strong, but Envy Peru is the stand-out, referencing Ma’Ma Queen’s conceptual looks often not being understood by the judges. In a twist, Fred van Leer asks the queens to choose their favourite in the mini-challenge, a premonition of what is to come later on the main stage. Janey Jacké toys with the idea of picking herself as the winner, but in the end goes with Envy Peru, also Ma’Ma Queen’s choice. Frustratingly for Janey, Envy Peru then goes onto pick herself and takes the win.

The main challenge is Máxima: The Rusical and Envy Peru gets to assign the roles. The Rusical challenges put the queens to the ultimate test, as they have to learn a lip-sync performance with tricky choreography and deliver engaging characterisation, in this case paying homage to Dutch Queen Máxima. We have already seen Queen Máxima on the runway, in Envy Peru’s first runway look. Envy Peru gives the role of Máxima: The Queen to Ma’Ma Queen to avoid wearing a similar look twice on stage.

Envy Peru gives Miss Abby OMG Máxima: Party Girl and Janey Jacké Máxima: The Temptress, taking the fiancée role for herself.

This week’s judging panel sees the return of Roxeanne Hazes and is joined by Eurovision contest performer Edsilia Rombley. In the rusical, Janey Jacké gives a standout performance, managing to maintain regal poise throughout her performance. Miss Abby OMG is a great dancer and this shines through in her performance too.

On the runway, the theme is royal colours, red, white and blue, with each queen having to create three different looks. First category is Beachwear, and Envy Peru goes for a sculpted water futuristic look, and she carries this sci-fi feel through all her looks this week.

Ma’Ma Queen presents a burlesque glamour look, with a huge boa and sparkles. Miss Abby OMG switches up her look with a punk mohawk, which reveals into a more traditional Abby long sleek wig.

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Drag Race Holland: S1: E7 ('Máxima: The Rusical') 4

Janey Jacké has a towel wrapped around her hair in her beach look, that then reveals into a Janey Jacké-branded towel- can we expect to see these on sale soon? If so, it’s a great way to use some of your last time on the main stage runway.

For the cocktail dress look, Envy Peru goes for a cartoon sci-fi look based on The Jetsons and Ma’Ma Queen continues her glamorous run this episode with a more traditional look, with huge jewellery. Miss Abby OMG’s look is a stewardess with a fun nod to Britney Spears’ Toxic and Janey Jacké takes inspiration from Mariah Carey for her look.

The final runway look theme is evening gown, and this is a category where no-one holds back. Envy Peru goes for a white gown with red latex details, which carries through the futuristic element. Ma’Ma Queen ties in period elements with a modern twist and a big heart at the centre of her look- an image that has been continued through many of her looks this season. Miss Abby OMG looks incredible in an extravagant tulle dress and Janey Jacké stuns in a pageant-inspired gown.

Fred van Leer asks the always divisive question of who deserves to go home this week. Envy Peru and Janey Jacké base their decision on track record and pick Miss Abby OMG. Ma’Ma Queen controversially picks Envy Peru, who has won the most challenges, and Miss Abby OMG refuses to answer the question. This inevitably creates some back-stage tensions, as Envy Peru is clearly upset by Ma’Ma Queen’s decision.

Janey Jacké takes the win this week for her strong performance and consistent runway delivery. Envy Peru, unsurprisingly due to her track record, makes it to the final. That leaves Miss Abby OMG and Ma’Ma Queen to lip-sync to Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’ for a place in the final. Neither performed badly in the episode challenges and they both deliver in the lip-sync, so in the end both of them make it to the final. Next episode we’ll see Envy Peru, Ma’Ma Queen, Miss Abby OMG and Janey Jacké compete for Drag Race Holland’s first crown!

Drag Race Holland is available on WOW Presents Plus in the US and select territories worldwide, and on RTL Nederland’s Videoland.

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Drag Race Holland: S1: E7 ('Máxima: The Rusical') 4
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Anna Cash Davidson is a London-based social media manager for GirlsIRate & Inperspective Records. Anna loves vintage fashion and runs @KajMoneyVintage on Depop, ASOS Marketplace and Instagram. Writing about her favourite topics- mostly drag!

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