It’s the first Drag Race Holland finale! Following controversial comments on the runway the previous episode when Fred van Leer asked which queen should go home, there is a tense atmosphere in the Werk Room. Neither Envy Peru nor Janey Jacké’ are pleased about the final three being a final four, and they’re not masking their feelings under any false pretences of ‘sisterly love’. Envy Peru and Miss Abby OMG have a private chat to talk out their own problems, as Miss Abby OMG is upset by Envy Peru’s choice to vote her home twice. In a distraction from all the drama, the eliminated queens enter the Werk Room, and they are later given the opportunity to walk down the runway one last time.

The final Drag Race Holland challenge is a ‘Best Drag’ runway, an in-depth podcast with Fred van Leer and Nikkie Plessen and a lip-sync performance to a RuPaul medley with choreography by Gerald van Windt.

The podcast provides an opportunity for the queens to show a more vulnerable side and open up about their experiences. Miss Abby OMG is candid about her family not accepting her sexuality and self-expression, and having to leave. Ma’Ma Queen uses the platform to talk about non-binary identity and their desire to be perceived for the energy they give off rather than a gender. Janey Jacké addresses being perceived as ‘bitchy’ and the insecurities that lie underneath and Envy Peru talks about her past internalised homophobia and coming out later in life.

Fred van Leer is joined by Sanne Wallis de Vries, Claes Iversen and Nikkie Tutorials once again on the judging panel. The queens perform their lip-sync medley to RuPaul songs including classics like Sissy That Walk and Cover Girl, and they all do a good job of following the choreography and delivering engaging performances.

In the ‘best drag’ runway, everyone looks their absolute most glamorous. Janey Jacké stuns in a sparkly vintage outfit, at the intersection of angel and devil with huge red wings, embellished bodysuit and sparkly knee-high boots.

Miss Abby OMG is inspired by film Queen of the Damned in a gorgeous gothic ball gown and it is definitely a stand-out look for Abby.

Miss Envy Peru also goes for dark glamour, inspired by Dita Von Teese, and lives up to her reputation for polished beauty.

Ma’Ma Queen is striking in a unique look, with incredible huge peacock-style feathers and headdress.

Janey Jacké and Envy Peru make it to the top two. But before the final lip-sync they are given the opportunity to say something to each other. Janey Jacké’ says that no matter what happens they will take over the world together and Envy Peru tells Janey that she admired her before she had started doing drag, in a very sweet moment before the final face-off.

The final lip-sync is to Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’, and they both deliver, but ultimately Envy Peru takes the win. It is unsurprising given her impressive track record, with four challenge wins under her belt and definitely deserved. Congratulations to Drag Race Holland’s first reigning queen!