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The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.2 3


The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.2

Luckily this past Friday, November 6th there was absolutely nothing going on and everything was perfect in the world. Listen, I’m not a good liar. Not at all. Friday was wild, it’s been just nuts lately. As we ease into Chapter 10 of our saga, I know many of us…to include myself need this 40 minutes of a galaxy and a Baby Yoda far far away. I have a feeling by the end of this you will see what a difference a week made for me! So, I digress, as I’m excited for our future lets focus now on this sweet little angel baby and the reluctant nanny.

As the chapter begins we see Mando cruisin’ through the desert in his 64(I don’t know what year exactly, deal with it) and all the sudden what do we see? Some hard working aliens minding their own business as Mando heads back to the Razor Crest with Boba Fett’s armor riding along as we see that classic helmet secured safely with an onion sack.

Nope. We see some haters. It becomes apparent this small collective is springing a trap, but what do they want? Boom, Mando hits the trap they’ve strung, Baby Yoda goes flying. I go “OH HELL NAH”, Mando does some wild matrix type shit with his jet pack and sticks a landing I’d give a solid 8.5, and the speedbike goes up in flames like Trump 2020. Other haters appear, we know for sure they are trying to get Baby Yoda. Mando is taking shot after shot (like many of us on election night), fighting back, Baby Yoda just trying to live, little Jawa lookin ass pulls out a gun bigger than it and Mando goes Scorpion on some “GET OVER HERE” shit as he secures that weapon.

Then it happens, y’all, this bitch has Baby Yoda with a knife to his throat. Mando realizes he’s dealing with what is your standard button mashing side scroller fighter type thug and negotiates a deal where he gets Baby Yoda and they can have his jet pack. Baby Yoda runs to Mando, and I was all like “awwwww” and then Mando remotely controls the jetpack and ultimately sends the final hater of this day for a final ride and then a free return trip back to the ground, Baby Yoda nods approvingly like “bye Felicia” and the pack returns somewhat faithfully.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.2 4
oh no he didn’t!

They continue their journey back to the Razor Crest, link back up with Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris), and are quickly informed of a new mission. I’ll save some time here, y’all. There is a Frog Lady that Mando has to escort because she gotta get her eggs fertilized or basically it’s the end of their lineage, oh and btw I don’t know if I mentioned but you also can’t hop into hyperspace or it will basically destroy the eggs. Problem is, we don’t hear this from the Frog Lady, and the only one that seems to be able to understand her so far in any extent is Pelo Motto. What is in it for Mando? Apparently a lead on another Mandalorian(s?).

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.2 5
She’s got eggs, she knows how to use them

Baby Yoda soon becomes fascinated by the eggs, which I should mention…are not contained within Frog Lady. Ugh, I hate she doesn’t have a name. I’ma call her Carlene. Carlene has this fluid filled container that keeps them secure. Eventually as they begin their journey, Baby Yoda gonna Baby Yoda and finds those eggs. Fascinated, little Baby Yoda nose pressed on the container as we see from the eggs perspective. Then GULP. You know Baby Yoda can’t resist frog! Mando eventually catches Baby Yoda and as we kind of relax for a second…WHAMMY.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.2 6
that moment when you’re out of chicken nuggies

Razor Crest crosses into New Republic airspace, Mando doesn’t have his blinker on so he’s about to get a ticket. Not today, Mando know damn well he got warrants and I’m guessing Baby Yoda has a few, so they turn and burn, the X-Wings give chase.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.2 7
When they pull up to the drivers side of your best friend’s ride

Ultimately Mando finds a way to evade them, but makes a hell of a crash landing in a frozen canyon. Shit. Stuck for a bit. Carlene is agitated because the clock is ticking, Mando wants a nap, temps are dropping and he doesn’t speak frog.

Carlene hacks the hunter droid while Mando catches a few Zs, she uses the droid’s vocabulator and tells Mando he needs to keep his word and kind of calls him a bitch. Mando works on repairs because he’s al in his feelings, but soon is somewhat informed by Baby Yoda that Carlene has walked off. Mando gives chase and finds her warming the eggs back up in a hot spring. Baby Yoda then discovers what appear to be hundreds, maybe THOUSANDS of eggs near the hot spring.

Baby Yoda starts enjoying a little snacky snack, and then suddenly, we realize what the eggs are. If you guessed big ass alien ice spider things, you get a gold star. This shit was arachnophobia on HGH. Shit got very real. There isn’t much hope, it’s just a numbers game at this point and Mando doesn’t have many friends out here. But then, we learn karma exists in galaxies far far away.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.2 8

Blaster fire from an X-Wing takes out the big ass mom spider, but, it’s still not over for Mando. Carson begins speaking to Mando and tells him he’s got warrants, but long story short they know he ain’t a bad dude and they know he’s helped some of their friends. So, basically fix the blinker and have a nice day. The X-Wings issue their verbal warning and head off.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.2 9
We know you got warrants but we cool

Our heroes, with Carlene, get back on a very busted and hooptie like Razor Crest where Mando tells them they all have to ride up front because he cant pressurize anything else on this poor poor ship. Baby Yoda just wants some more of those eggs. Roll the damn credits!

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.2 10
So good when it hits your lips…

I enjoyed this one, a bit more light hearted overall and some solid action. This chapter checked several boxes for me and once again, I can’t wait until Friday for Chapter 11! What did you think? Sound off! So until next time, and as always, I’m The Pandalorian and me and Baby Yoda will see you next week!

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.2 11
Someone please come get this child

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