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The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.3

Fresh off running from big ass ice spiders and finding a way to continue to survive, Mando and Baby Yoda continue their mission to bring Charlene to her destination with all her remaining eggs still intact. I wonder how many Baby Yoda ended up poppin’.

As they awake from their space nap, it becomes apparent the condition of the Razor Crest is becoming more and more of a concern as Mando now has no choice but to come in hella hot for a landing at Charlene’s destination.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.3 7
Is it a trap?

Mando calls for Charlene to help with the landing and throttling, the egg container is shifting, Ackbar’s cousin that was going join the space Navy (but you know how politics go) is watching it all unfold at the landing pad. 

The space tower is calling him and pleading to slow down and Mando is like “BITCH BELIEVE ME I KNOW”, somehow Mando brings it in clean and is about to stick the landing when WHAMMY, the Hooptie Crest™️ just kind of rolls over and collapses, seconds later we see it being somewhat salvaged. Mando hands off some credits to try to get it fixed, and our crew looks to reunite Charlene with her husband.

As Charlene and her husband are reunited, Baby Yoda eyes the eggs and is clearly hungry. Mando let’s Baby Yoda know it’s almost time to eat, and then inquires with Charlene’s hubby as to where he can find other Mandalorians.  He points in a general direction and we see a cloak wearing Sasha Banks lurking to the side, but somehow not seen by Mando. Look, I’m not trying to hate but this was the most obvious hiding spot in the galaxy.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.3 8
You’re not hiding very well

Mando and Baby Yoda head into the bar, looking for into and Chowder, they get both. Baby Yoda is attacked by his face hugger chowder, but it looks more like he’s just playing with his food. Mando makes short work of the face hugger as Baby Yoda increases cuteness +7.

A dude from Space Pirates of the Caribbean comes over and just seems shady AF. Like you can tell how he’s talking. He’s just all “yeaaaah, hell yeah bro I can get you whatever you want man”. For some reason I still don’t get, Mando and Baby Yoda join these shit fishers on their boat and quickly learn these dudes probably didn’t make it into the space navy for other reasons.

I got beef here, why the ass was Mando just like “cool, whatevs”, as he gets aboard the SS Shitstain. Then, Captain Turdmouth is just clearly luring them into a trap, Mando seems so aloof. “Oh I guess this is far enough away”. Sir. Sir. Mr. Mando, you have a child now. Act like it. That close to water, no swimmers, no life vest. Unfuckingreal. So guess what happens next. Guess.

The first space pirate bitch slap shots Baby Yoda and the carriage down to where a big ass teethy water worm is about to feed, Baby Yoda locks down the OMGWTFFFFF Protocols as seen before and seeks shelter in the now shell of the carriage, Mando dives in, grid closes. Shit. Well. Baby Yoda just became a hot pocket, and Mando is pretty much stuck.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.3 9
I knew there was a reason this was a Groupon

Shit. This is probably the worst predicament we’ve seen these two in. How the hell did he let himself get caught slipping like that? Straight up! Also, why did all those cool toys of his just apparently not exist. It was weird seeing this vulnerability and foolishness at this stage of the game.

The space navy rejects have no clue how valuable Baby Yoda is as they just talk about getting the Beskar while they go all stabby stabby on Mando. This scene does a good job reminding us that armor is serious, however it does a poor job by showing us apparently Mando is easily tricked into a trap by space seamen and apparently can’t swim or hold his breath for more than about three seconds.

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The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.3 10

Just when it seems dire, a Mandalorian appears from nowhere, and another, and another. They make short work of the Maritime Militia. As Bo Katan reaches out to Mando to help him, he informs the other Mandalorians they have the child. Another Mandalorian dives into the water, makes short work of the water worm, and frees Baby Yoda.

The three new Mandos take their helmets off while Mando is explaining his plight and then he’s like WTFFFFFF because they took their helmets off. So before him stands Bo Katan, Axe Woves, and Koska Reeves (BAH GAWD KING, SASHA BANKS IS KOSKA, BABY YODA AS MY WITNESS SASHA IS KOSKA!).

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.3 11
The Three Mandalorianateers

Mando is just not sure still, we get kind of a history lesson from Bo Katan, and we learn that all Mandos are not really created equal and it looks like there are competing thoughts on what a Mandalorian is. Mando doesn’t want to listen and jet packs out.

As Mando and Baby Yoda are taking an evening stroll, the cousins and brothers and everybody that were killed when they tried to take Mando and Baby Yoda show up and they want blood. Mando just wants a break. They threaten Baby Yoda’s life.

Suddenly our trio of Mando’s appear again, Bo tells them she killed the dude’s brother. The family now has more funerals to plan, and our Mandos all go have a drink. As they talk Mando tells Bo he needs to get Baby Yoda to the Jedi, the table feels kinda tense for a few seconds and Bo then says basically if Mando helps them with a job she can get him to a Jedi. Always a damn catch.

Long story short, Mando goes to help takeover an Imperial ship full of Storm Troopers, but he doesn’t know the full extent. Mando leaves Baby Yoda with Charlene and her husband so he can go handle business. Lord know Baby Yoda could use a break and a little nurturing.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.3 12
Pic unrelated but Baby Yoda went up with SpaceX

Our Mandos now make their way onto the ship, Storm Troopers are plentiful but just end up as target practice. Wave after wave just keeps getting shot after shot delivered taking them out.

The imperial assholes are hoping to jump to hyperspace and have the Mandos in a bad position, but the bumbling idiots lock our Mandos in the cargo control room. Soon as I heard cargo control, and before I could say it…it happened. The cargo hold is open and sucks out their adversaries. They secure many crates of weapons, and then Bo tells everyone…including Mando they are taking the whole damn ship.

Bo and Mando have a bit of a tense conversation. This isn’t what he signed up for and she didn’t tell the whole truth. He tells her this isn’t part of the deal and Bo replies “This is the way”. Our lead imperial dipshit on this flight has his orders to basically crash the ship, whatever they are after has to be good. 

As the ship plummets, time is of the essence. The Mandalorians are pinned down hard and just have constant suppression fire coming at them. Mando tells them to cover him and just goes all in. Arms a couple Grenades and is just getting taken by round after round of laser shot to his armor. Why these Troopers can shoot now is beyond me!

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The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.3 10

Finally Mando gets close enough, tosses the grenades and they can proceed!
As they make their way to the bridge, they have to try to recover the ship, Bo wants to know where the Dark Saber is. Bo offers to let the asshole love if he leads her to the saber, he takes himself out with some kind of like cyber-cyanide.

Mando goes to split, tells the other Mandalorians he’s got some business to attend to before he can join them. Asks for his promised info, and holy shit he is pointed to go find Ahsoka Tano! Business is about to pick up in some upcoming episodes!

Mando and Bo share a tender “this is the way” moment and there seems to be an understanding. Mando returns to Baby Yoda to see that Charlene and her Husband have been letting Baby Yoda look after one of their new born children with them, and I love that we see this sweeter side of Baby Yoda that doesn’t eat the baby. 

Mando returns to his poor ship, puts Baby Yoda in the seat and looks around at all the strings and wires literally holding it all together. It’s clear as the Razor Crests hobbles toward Corvus, they they are probably going to need some upgrades soon! 

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.3 14
Don’t eat the baby!

Tons of great references and visuals, Dallas Bryce Howard directed the hell out of this episode, and we know for sure there are other Mandalorians still out there, and apparently the Jedi aren’t as hidden as maybe we thought!  

So what did you think? Other than Baby Yoda just continues to get cuter each episode! 
Until next time, I’m the Pandalorian, me and Baby Yoda need to go figure out lunch!

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.3 15
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