We return to our adventure to see the Razor Hooptie still struggling. Mando is trying to walk Baby Yoda through some basic electrical work. Plug the blue wire where the red was and the red where the blue was, don’t cross the streams. Basic sci-fi stuff here.

The Pandalorian Recaps: the Mandalorian Episode 2.4 1
what kinda Baby Yoda don’t know blue and red?

The snap of a few sparks, a quick whiff of ozone and Baby Yoda blazed forth in unparalleled glory. Side mission incomplete.

Baby Yoda and Mando have a quick snack and Mando realizes the need some actual work done on the ship, they head back to go see Chubbs and Cara Dune. Cara is quickly reintroduced to us as she just comes through busting heads, but makes point to save and befriend a space ferret.

Cara is the Marshall in town and we known this as one of the soon to be slaughtered aliens screams “ITS THE MARSHALL!”

Cut back to Mando and Baby Yoda arriving safely, Chubbs quickly notices the ship is a hot ass mess, shakes arms with Mando, and then commands two of his best to help fix Mando’s ship.

The Pandalorian Recaps: the Mandalorian Episode 2.4 2
Got any duct tape, I need repairs

There’s one blue eyed trifling heifer working on the ship that just, look I don’t trust that bitch. Chubbs decides he misses Baby Yoda and they have a weird “goo goo ga ga” sequence.

As Chubbs and Cara show Mando around, they convince Mando to let Baby Yoda stay at a school taught by C3P0’s cousin. Baby Yoda sees his neighbor has some blue macarons and asks for one.

The kid is kind of a dick and doesn’t even share with the new kid. So, Baby Yoda did what Baby Yoda had to do and did the magic hand thing and got the cookies. So basically Baby Yoda got the cookies and made that kid his bitch, good first day in the school yard. 

The Pandalorian Recaps: the Mandalorian Episode 2.4 3
Could Baby Yoda be part Cookie Monster???

We see Mythrol (Horatio Sanz) reintroduced to Mando, Mythrol is working off debt to Chubbs, and long story short this now crack team of commandos and Mythrol alooking to shut down an old imperial base that has some weapons caches and similar.

Mando jet packs off to an upper level since he has to find some creative entry methods for our crew as the doors downstairs just won’t open for some reason, like it’s a base or something. We see a storm trooper come crashing down, and the doors open to the rest of our crew.

They start realizing this wasn’t just some abandoned base with a skeleton crew, there are a lot of people here. They foreshadow using a big ass armored personnel carrier type vehicle. I hope they use it!

Cara is scene choking on some dude on a command deck, they snatch a key off the guy and Mando finds directions to the core where they need to go in an attempt to blow the place to hell.They gain entry without much of any resistance, we see a large lava pit and Mythrol is tasked to go to the control panel to drain the coolant and start a sequence to make it all go boom.

Finally after a few delays Mythrol initiates the sequence. Our squad starts trying to flee since the clock is ticking. We see a couple guys like a bunch of Trump Lawyers trying to destroy drives and evidence. Once the lawyers are dropped we realize this isn’t an abandoned base.

The Pandalorian Recaps: the Mandalorian Episode 2.4 4
That ain’t Abe Sapien, but bitch it might be

There are several big ass pods that have what seem to be living creatures in them. Mythrol gets a hologram message going and we see the doctor with progressive lenses saying he needs the child again because they need more blood, they realize in the transmission that Moff is alive, and on cue Storm Troopers start showing up, down, left, right, b, a, b, a, start and all that.

Mando realizes he needs to get to Baby Yoda, Cara tells him to jet pack his ass home and the now trio makes their way out. They are pinned down and there seems no real hope. Simple numbers game and they have nowhere to go.


Cara powers it up, they jump on bored and she drives it like she stole it. Troopers come out on their space Kawasakis and just start running into each other until they kill about half their own ranks. Chubbs gets on the turret and drops one the Rough Ryders. Cara smashes another on a wall, and then right when another was about to drop a Grenada’s down the hatch and take out our trio, Chubbs says the price is wrong and blasts him into pieces.

The Pandalorian Recaps: the Mandalorian Episode 2.4 5
Find the jeans and t-shirt!

They all take a breath and the shit, shit damn hell, four fighters on their ass and closing in. Chubbs can’t hit shit. These ain’t no middle of the mall pilots either. Cara driving like Ricky Bobby with a bag of lucky charms tapes to the bottom of the APC, Chubbs finally gets a target lock on one and sends it to whatever space heaven is.

With three fighters closing in, out of nowhere the middle fighter is blown out of the sky, we see a new and improved Nevarro Coast Customs version of the Razor Crest. Baby Yoda enjoys some delicious cookies while Mando tells Baby Yoda to hold on and takes off to the third fighter in the previous formation.

Mando out here like Maverick, Iceman, Will Smith in Independence Day and others all in one. Baby Yoda getting drunk as the negative Gs and sugar kick in, plus that adrenaline rush from watching someone die who just tried to kill you (C3P0’s cousin can’t teach that).

Mando goes inverted, stalls, then just does in a full on attack run, Baby Yoda is loving it. It turns into a game of chicken, Mando takes out that first fighter and now all the fighters are down. What isn’t down are those cookies as Baby Yoda gives those back up with some blue urp.

Mando got his ship fixed for free in the deal, Imperial Cops come asking and looking around and Chubbs just plays dumb. Cara is playing with her space ferret and the cops try to recruit her, it’s left rather open ended what may happen next for Cara.

Big ass imperial cruiser shown, Mallory Keaton’s clone receives a Holo-message and we find what I thought, that trifling blue eyed bitch placed a tracker on Mando’s ship. So, Mallory Keaton’s clone tells Moff and now Moff going after Mando. Shits about to get real. 
I think and hope we find Ahsoka soon because I don’t think Mando’s luck is going to keep on much longer. Another very solid episode, but kids don’t use your magic hands to steal. Not cool.

The Pandalorian Recaps: the Mandalorian Episode 2.4 6
Moff judges a Star Wars costume cosplay contest

Hope you and yours have a fantastic Thanksgiving or whatever you may celebrate. We will see you next week!

The Pandalorian Recaps: the Mandalorian Episode 2.4 7
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