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Bubly Partners with GLAAD and NYC Drag Stars for #dragforallflavors Campaign

Bubly Partners with GLAAD and NYC Drag Stars for #dragforallflavors Campaign 124

This past Halloween, bubly sparkling water continued its partnership with New York City drag artists for the latest phase of the bubly #dragforallflavors campaign. The campaign has an ongoing effort by the sparkling water powerhouse to spotlight the variety of drag talent of the Big Apple, while uplifting a diverse range of LGBTQ+ voices and providing a fun platform for artists in the community at a time when performers have been particularly challenged by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of that effort to continue supporting the LGBTQ+ community, bubly will also donate another $25K to GLAAD as part of this phase of the campaign.

John McCourt, Senior Director at GLAAD, said of the partnership, “GLAAD is honored to continue working with bubly through its #dragforallflavors campaign to help spotlight local drag talent and celebrate the resiliency of the drag community. As it recreates the campaign in a fresh and exciting way for Halloween, bubly continues to showcase its dedication to uplifting LGBTQ voices and supporting the LGBTQ community all year-round.”

I got to talk with some of the NYC drag stars involved in this project, Pixie Aventura, Merrie Cherrie, TIna Burner and Rosé, who teamed up with cinematographer, editor and director Austin Nunes on a fabulous Halloween cover of Kim Petras’ iconic Close Your Eyes! Check out the music video from GLAAD’s Instagram page below and then see what the divas had to say about their bubly experiences!

Hello ladies! It goes without saying that this year has been a challenge for all of us. How are you all handling everything that 2020 has thrown our way?

Pixie Aventura: A week at a time, one day at a time, or just a moment at a time. 2020 has definitely pushed me on being extra creative with work but it also has allowed me to do self-work and pursue things I’ve put off.

Merrie Cherrie: I’ve been trying to stay positive as much as possible but at times, I have found myself going in and out of being creative and active.

Rosé: 2020 has indeed been an extremely challenging year, but I’ve found that generally, mixing my delicious bubly sparkling water with hard liquor has proven to be a FABULOUS coping mechanism! Additionally, looking in the mirror is, as always, a stunning stress reliever.

Tina Burner: 2020 has been a year to say the least. It has been a true test of the human spirit. I would like to think I’ve become a stronger, more compassionate person because of it. There’s no struggle without strength.

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Bubly Partners with GLAAD and NYC Drag Stars for #dragforallflavors Campaign 125
Bubly Partners with GLAAD and NYC Drag Stars for #dragforallflavors Campaign 126
Pixie Aventura

What does it mean to you to be involved in bubly’s #dragforallflavors campaign?

MC: Like I had mentioned before, I found myself going in and out of being creative. This is why I am so appreciative of the team at bubly and Pride Media for having me be involved in this project. It has been a fabulous distraction from our current position.

R: I am extremely proud and humbled to have been a part of this campaign, both for the opportunity AND for the fact that I’ve been forced to drink more water.

TB: To be part of a campaign that celebrates drag, not only in my hometown area, but drag in all forms, is an honor. We are a strong community and there is strength in numbers. It’s amazing to think young people growing up have such a wide diversity of people to look up to. 

PA: It definitely has been a relief, not only financially, to be able to work through bubly, but most importantly, it has brought positive attention towards our community during a very tumultuous time. By spreading a positive and inclusive message beyond Pride month, bubly has now set a standard for businesses to be a part of the fight for equal rights more than one month a year.

Bubly Partners with GLAAD and NYC Drag Stars for #dragforallflavors Campaign 127
Tina Burner

If you could create your own custom bubly flavor, what would it be?

MC: I have thought about this a lot! Not to be weird, but I dream of bubly nowadays. My drink would be a blend of cherry, mint, and lemon.

TB: My own custom bubbly would be called Fire. That’s because it’s beautiful to look at but also can burn if you get too close. 

PA: I love combining flavors, so I’d definitely go with something refreshing and a little sweet. Please welcome MELON MINT to the stage!

R: Rosé-flavored! Duh! Alcohol sold separately.

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Bubly Partners with GLAAD and NYC Drag Stars for #dragforallflavors Campaign 125
Bubly Partners with GLAAD and NYC Drag Stars for #dragforallflavors Campaign 129
Merrie Cherrie

Given the unusual circumstances, how are you planning to celebrate the holidays? What is your best bubly holiday drink recipe?

R: Mama I’m planning to get in drag and spread holiday cheer as best I can, under ANY circumstances! And of course, I’ll be cocktail-in-hand, but honestly my favorite bubly holiday drink recipe is waking up hungover and chugging three cans to get me right the f%*# together.

MC: I will be heading home to spend time with my grandmother who had been by herself for the last eight months. I’m pretty simple. A glass of bubly and vodka is all I need.

TB: I’m celebrating the holidays in pajamas and a keg on a nightstand. It’s been that kind of year. 

PA: Throughout the latter half of the pandemic I’ve had a knit group of friends I’ve been able to spend time with. That will probably continue into the holidays for sure. However, Christmas is the only time I’ll be able to visit my parents. Keeping with the holiday spirit, I’ll switch my flavor (Watermelon) for Cherry and mix it with Tequila and Lime Juice.

Bubly Partners with GLAAD and NYC Drag Stars for #dragforallflavors Campaign 130

Thank you all so much for your time ladies and thank you to bubly for creating this wonderful campaign. Where is the best place for people to keep up with all of your exploits on the interwebs?

PA: All social media handles are @pixieaventura.

MC: Find me in Instagram at @merrie_cherry.

TB: Check me out on insta @thetinaburner. Why the “the” you ask? ‘Cause there’s only one, thank God for that!

R: Why, thank YOU! You can find my across all social media (@omgheyrose), and at my newly launched website,! Happy Holidays, girl!

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Bubly Partners with GLAAD and NYC Drag Stars for #dragforallflavors Campaign 125

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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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