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The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.5 9


The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.5

Lucky Chapter 13 of our saga!

The scene opens to this dark and abysmal setting, we see people running in various directions, some troops grabbing their gats and running out towards the gates and even out the gate. A big ass gong is being gong’d to sound an alarm.

We start seeing blaster fire emit from those troops in this barren forrest, then suddenly two brilliant white sabers appear and holy shit, it doesn’t take long for us to discover it’s Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) who is just wrecking shop seconds into this episode.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.5 10
Those ain’t halogen lamps

Troops scramble because they also sense that business has just picked up. They basically look like me after leaving any all you can eat place while trying to hide behind a toothpick as they seek cover behind these dead trees.

Maaaaan, next thing you know Ahsoka is cutting firewood and haters down. One by one these infantry types are dispatched with relative ease as she steps through the fog and creeps through the smog.

She draws the attention of Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto, Fun Fact: She’s actually Bruce Lee’s goddaughter!) well she had her attention tbh, but she starts basically jaw jacking and trying to run things, spoiler, she’s basically enslaved Corvus. Ahsoka is like, nah bitch, you need to get your mind right, I want answers and you got 24 hours and she vamps out back into the night.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.5 11
”I didn’t send for this heifer” -Morgan (probably)

Alright back to our true heroes. Baby Yoda and Mando head towards Corvus. Baby Yoda is asked to go back to his seat for landing but he’s re-obsessed with the ball on the shifter, eventually complies to an extend but being the lil shit he can be and why we love him, he uses his magic hands and unscrews the shifter knob.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.5 12
”I didn’t take it I foundeded it for you”

Razor Crest lands and Mando heads towards the battle scene from earlier which is like a temple kinda fortress I guess. Lang (Sci-fi icon Michael Biehn), who’s is Morgan’s bottom bitch sizes Mando up and asks some questions, Mando gains access and heads to meet Morgan. 

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.5 13
Lang disappointed that Mando wasn’t the door dash guy

Mando tries to ask locals for info and they shun him, one man steps up and says “look homie, you can’t be talking to us”, a troop interrupts and says the magistrate wants to see him. 

Immediately after, he meets Morgan. She’s got this dope ass spear and basically tells Mando she will give him this pure, uncut, 100% Beskar spear if he goes and kills Ahsoka. He doesn’t agree or disagree but goes about the mission because he needs to find her and this is his best lead.

Mando and Baby Yoda go tip-toe’ng through the dead ass forrest. Baby Yoda kinda shook, by the noises. Mando sets him down and says “chill lil homie”, he scopes the scenery and OMFGGG Ahsoka comes out both blades extended and Mando instantly reacts and crosses his arms in front of him. Beskar deflects the ever loving hell out of the sabers!

They kinda scrap for a minute and Mando is like “Yo, Ahsoka! Chill! Bo Katan told me to holla” and she chills, she looks at Baby Yoda and says “I hope it’s about him” while her face says “am I trippin’ or is that a Baby Yoda???”

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.5 14
Ahsoka explains that the petrified forest doesn’t have cookies

Next thing we know, Ahsoka and Baby Yoda are chopping it up, Baby Yoda seems to be telling her that Mando is a real ass dude. Mando asks if she understands him and she eludes to being able to communicate. Then she says his name is Grogu. I’ll say it a-damn-gain. Grogu.

So Baby Yoda was hidden away for a while for his protection, Ahsoka says the only other being like him she’s known is Yoda. Then she asks the bombshell “can he use the Force”. Mando relates to her that he’s seen some shit. He tells her he needs a Jedi to help, and Ahsoka seems like she’s tripping. She said it’s nite nite time and she will see what he’s about in the morning.

The next morning and seemingly without breakfast, Ahsoka uses the force to send a rock through the air, Baby Yoda catches it like Earl Campbell in his prime.

She wants him to send it back, and he seems afraid to show her. She explains how he’s hidden his power, she asks Mando to help. She realizes Mando has been playing more of a George Michael role as he’s been Baby Yoda’s father figure (put your tiny magic hand in mine).

Mando asks him to lift the stone, calls him Grogu again and Baby Yoda shuns it. Mando says he’s being stubborn.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.5 15
Look kid, I didn’t name you Grogu

We see Baby Yoda giving Mando looks and I’m not sure if he communicated with him or if Mando just thought of it, but Mando pulls out the shifter knob from earlier, Baby Yoda perks up and retrieves the knob like a Nolan Ryan pitch in reverse.

Ahsoka says she can’t train him because he’s too attached to Mando. She then says she’s seen what fear can to do the best Jedi and say it’s best to just let his force powers fade away.

Mando pulls his best card and says “oh btw, Morgan sent me to kill you, so we can go kill this trifling magistrate together or maybe I kill you, just train Baby Yoda in return” Ahsoka gives us a Morgan history lesson and let’s us know she’s a bad bitch. 

Mando tells Ahsoka that Morgan and Lang and all them ain’t gonna see those two teaming up. We see out into the woods again, and I gotta add…this is such a beautiful episode. The scenery and everything is just a whole ass mood. I don’t digress, but let me get back to it.

Ahsoka appears, Gong is Gong’ng, she’s slashing these haters like Cyber Monday prices, and cuts the gong in half because, ugh, I mean everyone knows she’s there by now shut up with the gong. Morgan and Lang are there as Ahsoka steps up. The whole ass mood increases again.

As Ahsoka approaches Morgan and Lang, we see prisoners tied up. She throws a piece of Beskar armor down and says Morgan’s bounty Hunter failed. Morgan gives the nod to take out Ahsoka.

In a scene that reminded me of Iron Monkey (though the Yojimbo parallels via homage were perfect), Ahsoka bounds from rooftops, taking out haters and evading capture. As the prisoners we saw earlier are about to meet their doom upon Morgan’s direction, we see the man who told Mando not to talk to them look panicked as he begins to run to try and save the prisoners.

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The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.5 16

Mando suddenly appears and saves the prisoners and gives a nod to Mr. STFU.

Ahsoka continues to slice, dice, and julienne these haters as she makes her advance. Lang soon finds Ahsoka, they have a brief back and forth but she eludes him, but, bad luck for Lang…he stumbles into Mando.

Lang gives a little speech about picking sides and stuff and they both just have a friendly conversation.

Ahsoka finds Morgan and they have a brief chat too, mostly with their eyes. The scenery again is stunning for this battle that’s about to take place. It’s like if Mortal Kombat had a poorly lit brunch background.

They soon start trading attacks, the spear holds off the saber. They both clearly are done with each other and keep throwing heavy shots.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.5 17
*adds Beskar spear to wishlist*

Lang is shown slowly coming toward Mando as he tells him he ain’t got no need with him. Mando knows Lang is getting dangerously close to the effective range of his shotgun type blaster and tells him to step off. Morgan and Ahsoka can be heard in the background as we then cut back to their fight.

Ahsoka disarms Morgan, we then see Lang declare Mando as victor, he goes to lay his weapon down but then reaches for a sidearm, Mando makes short work of Lang.

The guy that told Mando to stfu earlier emerges again and warns Mando of a hater behind him, Mando drops it with ease.

Jump back to Ahsoka and she’s like “aight Morgan, where is Grand Admiral Thrawn”. So, yeah, OMG. But then it just kinda stops there for a second and we see Mando and Ahsoka walking out the gates of the town temple or whatever (no clue the outcome of Morgan).  

STFU Man is Mayor I guess from what else we see, they never really properly address him, or I missed the hell out of it.

Ahsoka presents Mando with the Beskar Spear, he balks at it at first but she tells him it deserves to be with a Mandalorian. She asks where Baby Yoda is and he says he’s going back to the ship to get him.

We see Mando go to say his goodbye but Baby Yoda is in dreamland, so he lets him sleep it out. It’s all precious and sweet. As Baby Yoda wakes up, Mando takes him outside to find Ahsoka. She says Mando is like a father to him and she can’t train him.

The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.5 18
“You cute and all but I can’t train you”

Mando calls bullshit, she says his best bet is to go to Tython, put Baby Yoda on a seeing stone at the top of the mountain and he’s basically gotta pick a side.

Hopefully it’s the Jedi way and hopefully some Jedi steps up to train him. She has a look on her face that doesn’t seem concerned as the Razor Crest embarks on another mission. 

What an episode. Just perfect. It flies by too. Look, I don’t know a ton about the universe but the dots I’m connecting are fantastic and I love seeing what everyone thinks is next, so hey, what do YOU think?

Until next time, The Pandalorian and Baby Yoda are going to go find some cookies!

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The Pandalorian Recaps: The Mandalorian Episode 2.5 16

ps Rosario crushed it

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