This week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race felt a bit like deja vu. Last week, we saw the “winning” queens from episode one compete in the first challenge of the season. No one was eliminated. This week, the same thing happened but with the “losing” queens from the first episode. It was a lot!

The losing queens pranced into the workroom as if they had been there the whole time. It should be noted that it was only the losing queens participating in this challenge. The rest of the queens got to enjoy a day off? Sure. This week’s group featured Denali, Kahmora Hall, Rosé, Joey Jay, Tamisha Iman, and Utica Queen.

Like last week, the first part of the challenge was the fashion show. As the queens got into drag, they shared that Kahmora takes up to six hours to get into drag. This was the first time she painted her face in an hour. Incredible, honestly. She wasn’t ready when it was time to hit the runway!

Category is: LADY! ?? Whose ladylike lewk was your fave? #DragRace

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The theme of the runway was lady and the vamp and the first category was lady. It was a bit underwhelming, I thought. I thought Utica’s look was fun and that Tanisha looked gorgeous. The second category was vamp. This category was a lot stronger. Denali and Rosé’s looks really stood out to me, but I was a fan of them all. Who else was living for the judges’ commentary throughout the challenge? Their puns were top-notch this episode.

Back in the workroom, the queens got to know each other. Tamisha shared that she has been in over 200 pageants and that she has three biological children. She does it all! RuPaul came in and broke up the moment of sisterhood to share that the queens would be writing their own verses to her song Phenomenon.

The queens gathered at the big tables and began to work on their lyrics. Utica shared she would be rapping, which seemed like a choice. Joey Jay can’t sing or write lyrics but is gay and therefore can make music. If you’ve been following Drag Race alumni on the internet at any capacity you know they believe this to be true.

Consider this our official petition for @TamishaIman1 to narrate everything from now on ??‍♀️ #DragRace

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It turns out nearly every queen is a professional choreographer. While trying to put a performance together, Denali, Rosé, and Joey were all trying to take control. Meanwhile, the other queens were confused where to look or what to do. It was a lot! However, it was Tamisha who kept it all together. Such a legend!

It was a new day in the workroom and the queens were getting ready to hit the main stage. Kahmora opened up about the fact that she hides a lot of her drag life from her boyfriend of 8 years. She hasn’t pursued drag full time because she wasn’t sure he would approve. Tamisha stepped in to boost her spirits. Aside from being a parent in real life, she is also the mother of the Iman dynasty. Yes, she is the drag mother of the legendary Tandi Iman Dupree who jumped from the ceiling in that iconic video I know you’ve seen!

The queens took the main state in front of Ru, Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews, and guest judge Nicole Byer. For the losing group, I thought this bunch of queens had a stronger performance than the winning group! Their performance was so strong. Somehow, the choreography came together in the end. Everyone did a great job! Well, maybe not everyone.

Category is: We’re Here, We’re SHEER, Get Used To It ?

Whose lewk was sheer perfection on the runway tonight?! #DragRace

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The runway this week was also strong! The category was we’re here, we’re sheer, get over it, which is incredible. I thought everyone looked gorgeous but Tamisha was definitely the standout. This was her episode! As for the critiques, they were mostly positive as we knew there would be no elimination again this week.

C’mon splits! @denalifox @omgheyrose ?? #DragRace

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In the end, Denali and Rosé were the top two queens of the week. Like last week, the two competed against each other in a lip sync for a cash tip and to walk away as a winner. The song was the iconic If You Seek Amy by Britney Spears. Free from the restraint of her ice skates, Denali won the lip sync!

This episode was a lot of fun. Next week, the queens come together as one group! They’ll be starring in their own cheesy holiday movies. I can’t wait to see how that turns out! What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!