Oh rats! That’s what we left last week on, social media gave the episode an A+ we had votes, comedy, musical masterpieces and a surprise suprise runway consisting of reveals galore! We can all agree this season is giving us a little bit of happiness each week. 

So we begin another glorious week, we unfortunately said goodbye to our favorite Valentine – Cherry Valentine who sashayed away in a close lip sync with assassin Tayce. Leaving on a positive mirror message “Always remember, Love yourself first. Can’t wait to pop your cherries again, love Cherry.”A bittersweet goodbye showing potential to go a long way. But alas Tayce shantays another week declaring “I will never ever do that again ” the girls all agree that seeing strong competition go i.e. not only Cherry but Joe Black the week before has thrown them.

An interesting take is the girls are releasing quickly there is no tried and tested formula to winning this kind of competition. The pressure can elevate some and make others question their talent. With big names going first it’s thrown not only the audience but the cast themselves.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Who Wore It Best (S02 E03) 1

With that said ‘How low will she go?’ A question imposed by Ru as we hit the mini challenge. The queens scramble into quick Notting Hill carnival drag to get low in a limbo challenge. We’re joined by DJ icon Jodie Harsh, and some of these girls are bendy bitches. Tayce and Veronica Green are left to battle it out demoness style with their bending skills… alas it was a tie!

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Who Wore It Best (S02 E03) 2

So we have two winners and what does this lead to? Why a maxi challenge of course ‘Who Wore It Best’, the somewhat challenging challenge – sewing. Asking to pair up with their best Judy’s, it happens very quickly and is organised. Is there some editing at play or decision making beforehand? Well, how lovely they get to be in teams and be best friends…. *record scratch* oh, their best Judy is now their fashion rival, whoever wore it best goes through, the least fashionable is up for elimination. Each duo has a coloured box and are told to turn a look!

Past seasons have shown one of two things can happen. We can have some iconic looks created due to this challenge and some of the worst ie Shangela‘s Corn look season 2…yikes. A lot of this season seems to be well adapted in all areas of their drag, whereas last season of DRUK gave us the infamous ‘Hodge Podge’ brought to us by Vinegar Strokes

Now a tiny story about sewing challenges, the first time I ever watched Drag Race was season two, which was ‘Gone With the Window’ and seeing what the girls could do with just curtains had me hooked. Not only was it the outfit they put together but the hair and make up made the outfit come to life, so for me seeing everything come together is what I love most about the sewing challenges, and of course seeing what iconic disasters are born.

We have two prominent storylines this episode, Lawrence Chaney attempts to heighten the romantic sexual tension story between Tayce and Awhora who were both quick to put that fire out on that one. The second story we see is probably the most important we’ve had in all seasons.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Who Wore It Best (S02 E03) 3

Ginny Lemon has got such a fantastic demeanour and known as a comedy queen, who is very well loved. From the jump Ru challenges Ginny to channel her inner sexiness, who reacted in disgust at herself being sexy, which to me was so sad. We the audience saw another side, and I hate saying that as these types of stories shouldn’t come at a traumatising price for them to bare all. 

It’s cliche to say seeing an emotional story with well loved queens is allowing the audience in, but for fans who struggle and look up to them can see they aren’t alone in their thoughts and feelings. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Who Wore It Best (S02 E03) 4

I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know that the colour yellow represents Non- Binary, educating the audience of all sexual and gender orientations is a fantastic thing. Ginny talks in depth with Bimini- who also identifies as Non-Binary about what gender means to them and you can tell they were relieved to share their stories with each other, Bimini in particular gives an impassioned speech at why they shouldn’t have to explain themselves to others. I won’t lie, a few tears were shed watching. Even Ginny reclaims there tears after exclaiming “I’m supposed to be the funny one”

We see all the queens sketching and making their outfits, I can’t imagine how intimidating it must be if you have no idea what you’re doing to look around the room to some really good outfits being made. Which leads me to Tia who is planning to play it safe, and deciding to take a risk as it’ll be great… final last words?

Our Judges this week is Jourdan Dunn and returning regular Graham Norton, also sidebar I’m obsessed with how RuPaul pronounces Graham’s name… it’s the little things right now, and national lockdown has clearly got to me. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Who Wore It Best (S02 E03) 5

Bring it to the runway, and we are welcomed by Rupaul, before we start I don’t think I’ve ever seen her showing off this much leg, is that possible? 

So our duos begin, I could write in depth analysis about how well everyone did but once again you’ve all endured this for long enough. For me my standouts were: Awhora, Bimini and Lawrence.  Although Tia’s outfit was for the better term… ‘eek’, her description of that outfit and interaction with Michelle sold the whole thing for me, she was under no qualms of what she was serving up, her personality and humour shone out!

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Who Wore It Best (S02 E03) 6

I think everyone at home could tell who would be the winner from each duo, the only one I think was the closest was Ellie and Lawrence who both shone in their gold gowns! 

This leading to Lawrence Chaney being the winner of this weeks challenge, not only do we get a fantastic one liner ‘F**k me sideways’ she gets her first rupeter badge. I can’t get over  the rupeter badge, they spend hours of hard work creating gorgeous outfits only to be awarded a badge! After hearing Ellie and Lawrence discuss with Ru how Scottish drag gigs are poorly paid with a gig usually paying £15, I can’t help but think if this was the USA version she would have won a lavish holiday or big cash tip! 

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Who Wore It Best (S02 E03) 7

It’s lip sync time and I think it was the right duo this week, Tia in her green garish number and Asttina in her cheerleader/ice skater/anime fantasy number. We’re promised a show by Asttina, and well it was a great lip sync from both queens.This week’s song being Dua Lipa’s Dont Start Now if anything it made me miss shows and being in a club so badly! Tia went in as the underdog but gave one hell of a performance; gave us comedy and was really fun to watch! 

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Who Wore It Best (S02 E03) 8

We say goodbye to Asttina Mandela, I feel like another shock elimination. But as I’ve said before this cast is so strong! And with that another week is done and dusted! The takeaway from tonight’s episode is how much I really miss being at a good drag show! Let’s hope 2021 is kinder to us and we get to see these girls in action! So let us know, who was YOUR fave duo?

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