Our favorite day of the week has arrived and can you believe we’re on episode four already? After last week’s lip-sync we said goodbye to Asttina Mandela, although some saw it as a shock, I’m excited to see what Tia Kofi brings for the rest of the competition. Asttina’s mirror message reads “Rude. Always remember to have rat-bite fever. Love you all forever and ever, Asttina”

The queens reflect on last week’s challenge, and the cracks are starting to show between the queens. Some shocked that Asttina went and that Tia is still here and the others relieved she went due to competition.

We move swiftly to this week’s Mini Challenge The Great British Fake Off, a nod to the iconic and my personal fave tv show The Great British Bake Off, a show full of innuendos and saucy phrases, and that’s just the actual show, not this sketch! The aim of the game, to be the best presenters. It didn’t really make sense to me, to be honest. But as per usual Lawrence Chaney stormed the room with laughs, as did Bimini which saw them snatch the cake as this week’s winner. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Morning Glory (S02 E04) 1

We’re presented with this week’s maxi challenge, the queens will film for morning show Morning Glory. So we have four segments, in which the girls are partnered up by this week’s mini-challenge winner Bimini. The roles are divided into duos and to be an improvised script, the first segment is Main Host ‘Gen-Z listers’ goes to Bimini and Tayce, the role of Hippy Weather Reporter goes to Ginny Lemon, Draggedy nieces see the Scottish girls Ellie Diamond and Lawrence working together again. 

Camden Goth Party Planner goes to a reluctant Veronica Green and Sister Sister. Finally, we have Money saving expert Essex Girls, and just who could it go to? Ah yes the two girls who have seemed to dislike each other from the start, well Awhora wanted this role, as did Tia and the role is for a duo… perfect pairing! How could this storyline play out?

I will say that we need more Veronica Green’s out there, she’s in a role she doesn’t want, and yet she spins it into a positive aiming to challenge herself and be a risk-taker. Well, this can go one of two ways… we shall see! Veronica is such a positive little beacon of light, she’s championing everyone on as per usual!

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Morning Glory (S02 E04) 2

Welcome to Morning Glory the UK show bringing you a whole host of must-know tips and tricks, which were well….interesting. This week’s judge Lorraine Kelly directs the queens on their morning show. Lorraine Kelly is a morning TV show expert, deemed as a national treasure due to her motherly kindness and wonderful warm Scottish accent which has graced British screens for more than 28 years. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Morning Glory (S02 E04) 3

The main hosts Tayce and Bimini do a great job setting the tone and keeping the energy flowing for the girls. Lawrence and Ellie  once again the Scottish duo working side by side again I absolutely loved Ellie’s look, it was super kawaii, fresh, and young-looking! Lawrence however looked like the cool aunt, Ellie was slightly overshadowed by Lawrence but they are a good duo!

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Morning Glory (S02 E04) 4

Then come two complete contrasts, the Camden Goth party planners are here to help plan the perfect party. It was awkward to watch, it was bland and Veronica seemed in her head, I know it was supposed to be dark and monotone. It just didn’t work, did it?

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Morning Glory (S02 E04) 5

Yet we flip to the Money-saving Essex girls – the girl’s accents were perfect, they are the epitome of the popular TV show TOWIE, a reality tv show following girls and guys who love to party, go out, get beauty treatments at the sugar hut. They introduced the world to the Vajazzle….Google it. Tia and Awhora worked amazing together and bounced off each other fantastic, it was a great comedy piece between them both!

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Morning Glory (S02 E04) 6

Ginny as a hippy weather reporter confused me, I don’t really understand the Australian accent route, she created a character that was the epitome of a hippy. It was fun, she endured getting drenched and being a trouper. I’m not sure what I saw but I loved it, I mean it wasn’t great and made no sense! 

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Morning Glory (S02 E04) 7

What has been great regarding Ginny is the social media buzz around this season, Twitter lights up on DRUK day, and in particular the outpouring of love towards Bimini and Ginny after their Non-Binary discussion. Numerous articles have been written by viewers about their positive experiences watching with parents and having an open discussion about their own self-identity journeys and coming out stories. 

This show has gone to once again show how important it is to have these discussions, especially with DRUK being aired on the BBC, a very mainstream institution over here where these sorts of discussions simply don’t take place, a big step in the right discussion. 

Mirror talk sees Awhora admiting to Tia how she thought she should have been eliminated by now, whilst this should have been high drama, the UK show doesn’t need to thrive off the explosive drama. I personally like that there isn’t a lot of drama, it takes away from the competition and isn’t fun to watch. It led to a positive spin and highlighted all our own insecurities, and we saw a softer side to Awhora. Talking about her struggles with herself and working in the drag scene, the U.K. version is constantly educating and enjoyable to watch.

Whilst the RPDR US cousin saw one of the most explosive Untucked we’ve seen in a long time, we’re the family member who just wants a camp ole time, with a few shady comments here and there, however, the season is still young who knows what will be thrown our way. 

For me this was one of my favorite runways of the show so far, considering it’s only week four, and all runways have been my favorite this one really is a standout. Getting ooky spooky, the category is ‘Monster Mashup’ two looks in one.

First out Veronica Green who is literally unrecognizable disguised as a monstrous pig yet in her signature green outfit. Whilst watching each queen out on the runway, all I could think is this cast really came to play. They have really elevated the standard and success for this show, season one was so well received. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Morning Glory (S02 E04) 8

But in comparison to this season, another level has climbed up, all outfits have a concept and are well executed. The only downside is of course everyone is so good if one tiny thing on an outfit isn’t so well received that lands you in the bottom two.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Morning Glory (S02 E04) 9

Tia Kofi comes out in an absolute stunning fantasy nightmare, no baroness basic here * also side note, I literally only got the pun of Tia’s name in the last few days… Tea or Coffee!*

Bimini serves us as a playboy devil bunny. Still, on-brand for them yet with a twist, I can’t choose a favorite, but the tops are most definitely, Veronica Green, Awhora, Tia Kofi, and Bimini.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Morning Glory (S02 E04) 10

Once again the tops and bottoms are pretty accurate, Lawrence Chaney adds another Rupeter badge to her collection, a strong contender and proving one to watch for the final, although the thought of this season-ending is something I don’t want to happen. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Morning Glory (S02 E04) 11

Ginny and Sister Sister’s outfits in comparison to the others were the weakest even though they looked fab. As I said this season is a tough one, everyone is so strong! Untucked does see some of the queens running on high tensions, with the safe queens theorizing who will go home. Veronica Green fights her corner when she hears they think she’s lip syncing, the interesting thing being Ginny really does look checked out now, they even admit to being switched off.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Morning Glory (S02 E04) 12

At this point, I can imagine it’s been one hell of a rollercoaster during the 2020 pandemic as well as being on the biggest TV show. What I do admire about Ginny is they’re doing the competition their way, you get the feeling they won’t succumb to being deflated, picking themselves up and exclaiming before the lipsynch’ I’m going to do it my way, make it punk and fuck it up” to me this was great, but I felt it led to something building up. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Morning Glory (S02 E04) 13

The bottom two sees good friends Sister Sister and Ginny battle it out to You Keep Me Hangin’ On by Kim Wilde. From the start it seemed a bit off, that we were about to witness something fiery on the stage, and well we got it another notch on this season’s belt well we bloody well got it didn’t we?! Cue the music, Ginny starts her arms to move about…blows big kisses to everyone, and in the words of Tayce , “BenDelaCreme’d themself out the competition.” 

The way they walked toward the runway and waved goodbye was so fierce. Explaining they just wanted to go home, and didn’t want to lipsync against Sister Sister. I have nothing but huge respect for that, taking themselves out a situation that doesn’t make them happy is a very admirable thing.

So pick your jaws up and get ready for the next episode, sneak peek shows us filming halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Another gripping episode graces our screens next week, we can’t wait! 

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