Last week’s elimination of Tamisha Iman was a hard one to swallow. After all their beef, Kandy Muse shared that she did feel bad about sending her home. All the drama has finally come to an end, but I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling Tamisha’s absence. It felt so strange without her!

It was a new day in the workroom and RuPaul entered in a really wonderful outfit. She also came bringing good news, this week’s mini challenge was the reading challenge! These queens were great at reading each other. Everyone got a joke in there, except for maybe Elliott With 2 T’s. Gottmik was my favorite and she got the win!

This week’s challenge is a reboot from previous seasons. The queens would be guests on the Bossy Rossy show with Ross Matthews. This was an improv challenge, which is always fun. Ru put the groups together in order of who was standing next to who. Group one was Rosé, LaLa Ri, and Denali. Group two consisted of Gottmik, Uitca, and Olivia Lux. There were two pairs, Symone and Kandy and Tina Burner and Elliott.

Kandy and Symone ran through their concept and decided to play their characters as bimbos. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea. Kandy wanted to show the judges she has more to offer than her usual character, but this may have not been the right challenge to try to branch out in. On the opposite side of the coin, Utica was in improv troops. According to Olivia, she went to improv university. While Olivia and Utica were fighting for the same character, Olivia was victorious due the group’s faith in Utica’s improv credentials.

The queens partnered with Ross to perform their improv sketches. First up was the mother and daughter duo who were pregnant from the same invisible man. Rosé and Denali were strong in their mother-daughter roles, while LaLa Ri was a bit small in her role as the therapist. At least compared to those two.

Up next were Utica, Olivia, and Gottmik playing survivors of the cult of mimeology. Olivia as a recent mime escapee while Gottmik played interpreter was so good. Olivia really sold it even though she was not speaking a single word. However, Utica’s character was a bit confusing. She was playing Olivia’s mom, but it didn’t really translate well. Maybe she should have fought for the mime role a little harder.

Finally, the pairs were up. First came Kandy and Symone who were playing famous ex-best friends. Symone’s jokes were great, but Kandy wasn’t even trying to land jokes. Tina and Elliott came last, playing best friends. Tina had the 600-pound ass and Elliott was unhappy about it. However, they ended up making out in the end? Tina had high energy, while Elliott didn’t match it.

After all of this, however, the funniest moment came in the workroom as the queens were prepping to hit the main stage. While talking about their favorite trashy shows, they decided to fully act out a scene from The Maury Show. Kandy was Maury, LaLa was the mom just finding out Tina wasn’t the father of her four nine-year-old kids while Gottmik and Elliott chased her as the cameraman and boom mic person respectively. This should have been the challenge.

Aside from pure workroom chaos, there were a few heartfelt moments. Symone shared the impact her brother’s incarceration had on her family growing up, while Elliott revealed her battle with mental illness. These are both important conversations to have and it is always powerful to see deep subject matter being discussed on our favorite tv show.

It was time for the queens to hit the main stage in front of Ru, Ross, Michelle Visage, and Ts Madison. The category for the runway this week was bead it. Beads are fun. Symone’s look was by far my favorite. Her name beaded into her wig? Thank you, I love it. Denali and Oliva also had really strong looks.

It was time for the judges’ critiques. Denali, Rosé, Gottmik, and Tina were safe. The critiques were to be expected. LaLa Ri was told she played too small, Utica made Ross try to make a baseball reference, and Elliott failed to convey her character. Somehow the judges thought Kandy hit it out the park (that’s another baseball reference, Ross). They also gave some high praise to Olivia and Symone, which was expected and well deserved.

Olivia Lux got a back-to-back victory, while LaLa and Elliott fell into the bottom two. They faced off to Whole Lotta Woman by Kelly Clarkson. It was a fun lipsync to watch, but it seemed like LaLa didn’t know the words, while Elliott did. As a result, Elliott got to stay while LaLa sashayed away.

Next week, the queens will be participating in a social media rusical. I’m interested to see how that turns out! As always, let us know your thoughts on this week’s episode or your predictions for next week in the comments below!