“Nipples are the eyes of the face.”

Bimini again dominated social media, with her iconic one-liner from last week’s snatch game. We’ve reached our final six, said a sad farewell to fan-favorite Tia Kofi and a new week has begun. Lawrence Chaney wipes away Tia’s mirror message “You’re all camp cows, be proud, be kind, be Give it 100% #Tiawasrobbed”. Tia’s humor is going to be sorely missed and the message of being kind is so important right now. This week Sister Sister highlighted how trolls are affecting her mental health. Her recent article for The Guardian highlights fans who DM her hate without realizing the actions behind their words as she tried to remind fans that there is a real person behind who you see on the show. 

The tension is rising once again. The knives are out for Ellie Diamond and Sister for Sister whose stats aren’t tallying. The others deem them both weakest of the bunch. The queens are laying in, being a bit brutal as we get closer to the final. With both queens having no wins or badges, I hope the story arc positively redeems them! 

A new day in the werkroom and the library is officially open! The famous reading challenge is back, as to be expected our comedy queen Lawerence Chaney dishes out some hilarious reads. Whereas others are a damp squib…however, the winner is… Sister Sister! The queens are tasked this week to design a Lockdown Super She-Roes out of unconventional material, a first for the drag world creating a covid themed outfit, very 2020! 

Bagging her first win, Sister Sister is allowed 15 seconds to grab materials to create her outfit, and when they said grab what you want she may as well of taken the tables and chairs, she took everything leaving minuscule items for everyone to work with. 

A second design challenge underway, the odds are in Awhora’s favor after excelling in the first one, she’s setting the pressure to grab herself a win. We’ve got story arcs in place for Ellie and Sister with both being set up for either a win or bottom two, who will come out on top? 

We’re greeted by a familiar face in the werkroom with Ru, season 2, and All-Star legend Raven. It’s nice to see queens from past seasons, especially original seasons, here to offer top-notch make-up advice for the queens, personal touches for enhancing their features. Watching the queens interact with Raven is like observing a meet and greet, a small fangirl hello followed by a compliment. The days of the meet and greets seem like a distant memory, my beloved Bimini showcases what she’s making thus far, and well its….suspicious-looking. Cut to Tayce with her scouring pad ideas, and a cut to the hand. Exclaiming beauty is pain, the pain might be a step too far, watching the construction of these outfits is stressful, the mess of this room is insane. It’s reminiscent of a Primark sale it’s pure chaos. I’m in awe of seeing outfits made, I wish I could do it, I just have zero patience. Seeing the outfits take shape from on the floor and slowly taking life into a creative piece. 

Lawrence and Sister Sister discuss their love of sewing along with their inspirations, as kids they felt outcasted for being gay, being different led them to live their best authentic lives, living their dream on a huge platform. It shouldn’t need to be said but viewers watching you really need to be kind, it’s a TV show, and the toxicity of some fans sending death threats is insane to me. If you have an opinion and its negative, talk to friends via a group chat and think would I say this to a friend? Maybe just don’t be gross? It’s a TV show which is there to provide us entertainment during a tough time! 

It’s time for lockdown glamour, covid couture- will this coin a new term? The category is Lockdown Super She-roe’s, each queen presents their lockdown self and flashes to emerging superhero mode! Tayce has the most beautiful face and body, the outfit, however, is so hodgepodge, she does make the scouring pads look glamorous though! 

Drag Race

The standout for me though was Awhora, the way she went from Dressing Gown dowdiness to full shoulder pad goddess, strutting with confidence and selling the hell of that garment! The before are replicating us at home watching this waiting to get glammed and in the clubs! Bimini as usual can do no wrong in my eyes, their cheekbones and face alone are so attention-grabbing they could wear anything and make it work. Ellie bursts out as a candy floss princess attracting the limelight, but say what you want about Sister Sisters outfit I liked it, it was creative, cute, a little busy but it’s drag race we love to see it! 

The critiques overall are positive for everyone, with Awhora and Ellie the tops, and Awhora achieving her goal of winning a design challenge! This leads to Tayce and Sister in the bottom, both of whom are entering their second lip synch. This week’s song is Jess Glynne’s Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself. All I can say is I could watch Tayce lipsynch all day, bending, poised, and serving face. Sister gives a more reserved emotional performance and unfortunately, it’s over for her. Sister Sister had a great run, leaving on a comedy note and declaring it a truly life changing experience! 

We’re nearing the end with only three episodes left, concluding on the 18th March. Who’s your favorite? Let us know your positive thoughts below! 

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