Well, we’re closer to the crown, and last week we saw Sister Sister say farewell to the competition. Sisters mirror message reads “Love your hair hope you lose, love you camp cow’s.” Now the numbers are getting smaller, the claws are coming out for Ellie Diamond, with the girls highlighting her lack of wins. This episode is centering on Ellie standing up for herself, being ruthless, and shaking up the girls in a big way. 

Mini challenge time and Rupaul enters in a questionable wig once again, the queens are to get in their best butch drag for a game of karaoke ‘masc for masc’ to sing hit song ‘Kitty Girl’, they all took different approaches. Tayce made one gorge butch rockstar, asking if he could stick his sausage roll in your chicken steak bake, this for me is the standout line of the episode, Tayces confessionals are hilarious she admits she doesn’t know what she’s saying half the time or where it comes from…..much like my rucaps the last two seasons. 

Ellie Diamond wins the mini-challenge, slight shade from Awhora saying noting a win, let the storyline begin! With mini-challenges it can be a double-edged sword when it comes to making line ups, this weeks maxi challenge the queens must perform a stand-up comedy routine focusing on love, relationships, and sex. Ellie being the winner assigns the line-up order, and fires up chaos, this is the first time we’ve seen feathers riled so openly amongst the girls. Opening the show is Awhora which she took really well…..not! Leading to her declaring Ellie’s setting her up, Lawrence annoyed he’s going after Bimini, both coming in hard for Ellie for playing the game and setting them up for failure. Also, can we just highlight that they’re all playing a game, they’re all in a competition which has been running for weeks? I see where they’re coming from like Tayce says it’s a competition and they’re drag queens, Bimini says “I’ll smash it whatever place I’m in” this is the correct attitude. Yet Ellie stands by her guns saying if she’s to look evil then so be it. 

The queens get to rehearse their routine with Alan Carr, who tours the UK frequently with his show ‘Spexy beast’ which is incredibly funny. They all get wise words, tweaks, and turns with how to enhance their performance, they all get well-constructed feedback. Yet in the werkroom, Lawrence and Awhora are STILL talking about Ellie being shady. By this point, you want Lawrence to get out of his head and just prove everyone wrong by focusing on himself, the top four is in reaching grasp and this competition is a boiling pot of heightened emotions. 

Tayce and Lawrence’s heart to heart is one I think a lot of people can relate to, finding love and feeling insecure. Tayce admits to being self-conscious, which is mindblowing, declaring finding love is tricky, and not being able to have it all. Again people with ambition and creativity focus on that more than relationships, so other areas may be lacking. 

The comedy show ‘Make ‘em gag’ has arrived, we have guest judge Dawn French who I adore, I’m sure everyone’s familiar with her groundbreaking French and Saunders act who paved the way for woman comedians being taken as seriously as their male counterparts. Kickstarting the show is Awhora decked out looking gorgeous, and even though her routine was filthy, I found it hilarious the filthy minx…. I mean the nan joke…. Filthy and funny! The show, on the whole, was fantastic, there was no dead weight, which can happen with past comedy challenges. Ellie showcased that she had a strong concept with her routine, yet Bimini stole the show, that’s not a joke it’s just a fact. Lawrence provided laughs with his long-winded tales and I think these two will be at the end battling for the crown. Tayce ‘s routine I loved, it was funny, and remember if you can’t love yourself write it out in alphabet soup. 

The category is: Stoned, dripping in diamonds and this runway is so stunning there are no weak links with these outfits. Tayce once again showcased her beauty, grace, and poise, Bimini took it another level with her bold choice- diamond pimples. Honestly who else could make acne look chic? Dawn French gave good constructed and of course funny feedback, I’d love for a return as a guest judge next season, she’s so warm and you can see her as the fun aunt type. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Make 'Em Gag (s02 e08) 1

The queens take to untuck where it’s fair to say this has been the tensest, awkward and argumentative of the season. Awhora and Lawernce once again go in on Ellie, by this point you just want them to accept what’s happened and not be so bitter and entitled. But this competition is so close, and they all want to be in the final four. 

The bottom three are Ellie, Awhora, and Tayce, with Awhora and Tayce up for elimination, which I’m really shocked about as I saw both in the top four. Alongside the shock, we know how close both are and of course, live together so this one is a tough one to watch, they both say their I love you’s and we’re off to a fantastic lipsync, performing to icon Dusty Springfields’ You don’t have to say you love me’ an emotional routine from both, each take center stage dominating from each side, and I’ve never wanted a double save more than this one, but alas…..a big jaw drop as we say goodbye to Awhora! A contender for the top, if there was ever a good reason to look forward to an all-stars U.K. we know who will be competing! 

So we’re done for another week, with just two episodes left to go… boo! Next week’s episode looks set to be another cracker! Let us know your thoughts, do you think the elimination should have been a double save?

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