Well, here we are, the final episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK season two! I’m so sad to see this season end! I wish it was as long as the current USA reign on season 13. But alas here we are to crown our new reigning UK supreme. This season has been one for the herstory books for sure, with shock eliminations, an iconic Rusical, a UK chart hit U K Hun, Covid-halted filming, Veronica Green being unable to return after testing positive for Covid, the H&M scandal, and then finishing up with a double elimination last week! We’ve been spoilt this season and I for one cannot wait for season three to come around! So if you’re nervous as I am about the finale, then do the British thing! Go pour yourself a stiff drink to get through the episode! I say you stick to the Drag Race theme and go make yourself a ‘Ginny Lemon’ martini. (Recipe courtesy our friends at Discount Cream). Made yourself a drink? Tastes good right? Right! So let’s delve into the last ever RuCap of the season, I’m going to be fine I promise! 

So throwback to last week where we saw Tayce and Ellie have the first UK Drag Race double save, with a final four we begin the countdown to the crown. Back in the werkroom, greeted with shock and excitement, we get a bing bang bong moment as they celebrate their final day. This week the queens’ final challenge is to create lyrics and choreography for the single A Little Bit of Love U after the last bit of musical genius that was U K Hun, I cant wait to see what iconic number arises!

In between writing lyrics, we see the girls get their one on ones with RuPaul and a return to the infamous Tic Tac lunches. Each queen has a brief chat with Michelle Visage and Mother Ru reflecting on their time in the competition. Bimini opens up about their past and about putting in the work to achieve their dreams. With Ellie being the youngest, she grew up watching the show, which is crazy when you think about how many young people are growing up with Drag Race as it is speeding towards its 14th season. Tayce looked gorge and talked about his parents being supportive of his creative spirit from a young age. His dad was in Wham! Whilst the group alone is iconic, we all know the impact Wham! had on UK audiences particularly. Lawrence as ever was charming, tackling his fears and the obstacles he’s overcome. Each queen had such a varied story, but the outcome is all the same: work hard, believe in yourself and you can achieve anything you put your mind to! 

Rehearsals are reminiscent of All-Stars 2, Bimini doing a Katya with an acrobatic floor show, seeing little titbits of what the queens plan to do during the routine has me hyped knowing we are rounding off this finale with a bang! 

The final runway and category are the final four eleganza extravaganza, but first its the debut of A Little Bit of l Love UK! All clad out in their finest pop star outfits, the queens put on a show! Complete with fluorescent lights to kickstart, Bimini performs her little arse off and the others all shine while Tayce once again dancing one hell of a routine. The song itself was questionable as was the audio, but wait who was that in the background? Yes the eliminated queens all pour out one by one as backup dancers, looking stunning in their returns. This for me rounded everything spectacularly as you didn’t see it coming! They all were having so much fun, and ending on a literal bang of confetti closed the show nicely. This season, as I have said throughout all these bloody recaps, has revived the love of Drag Race for me and a lot of others.

Hitting the runway in their final looks, everyone served it up, I have no critiques, no real things to say as they all looked gorgeous. Ellie did however look like a pure princess in her final outfit which oozed glamour as everyone interpreted their final outfits in their unique way. 

Familiar faces reappear in Untucked this week. The cast is back to say their congratulations to our top four. It’s so nice to see everyone back in their finale outfits, chatting about the season, discussing the highs and lows of their time on the show. This cast is going to have one hell of a ride once restrictions lift. The majority have already scheduled sold-out tours in the UK this summer, appeared on fashion runways, the cover of Vogue, and released new music. The fanbase is cemented and invested in this season heavily and rightly so! 

We return to the mainstage where Ellie Diamond finishes in fourth place, our final three congratulate themselves, before a final lipsync for the crown begins. 

The final lipsync for the crown is Elton John’s iconic (and maybe best) song I’m Still Standing. I love this song, it’s so much fun. The final three showcase just why they are in the finale, demonstrating how incredibly talented they are in their own ways. Each queen has the complete package and I think we can all agree that any one of them is more than deserving of the crown! The thing for me is I don’t like multi-lip-syncs. It’s too much scrambling to see who is killing it. 

I’m intrigued to know if they were aware of a final lipsync, Tayce and Bimini are kitted up for a lipsync of all lipsyncs. The memes that are popping up from this scene alone are going to dominate social media in the coming days, I was watching Ginny live their best life in the background whenever the camera panned to that end of the stage, seeing the queens cheer them on is just such a celebratory full-circle moment. Our final lip sync of the season is done, and it’s time to find out who is our newly crowned queen…. 

And the winner is *Drum Roll*….. 

LAWRENCE CHANEY *Confetti Pop* a very well-deserved win, from the start he had cemented his charm, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to the judges and the viewers. His warmth, endless sewing talents, and his confessionals alone have made for such fun viewing. I hope he’s ready for the endless amount of people shouting “Lawrence Chaney!” in thick Scottish accents at all his shows from now! 

So there we have it our winner is crowned, and season two is over and done with, that was a record-breaking rollercoaster we all enjoyed week in and week out. It provided many with some stability in a routine knowing that Thursdays would bring them some much-needed laughter. Season 3 is being filmed, and they will have some high expectations walking into the werkrooom after this season. I for one can’t wait… (Bimini for all stars!)

Episodes of Drag Race UK are available on the BBC Three iPlayer in the United Kingdom and exclusively on WOW Presents Plus in the US and select territories worldwide.