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Suicide Squad


Panda Reacts To The Suicide Squad Redband Trailer

Suicide Squad

Happy Whatever day it is because, if you’re like me…in the past year you’ve basically lost all concept of time. I digress!

Today I come to you excited, yes, you heard me. Excited. It’s no secret I am not a DC Comics fan as a whole, and there are only a couple things in that universe that intrigue me at all. One, surprisingly came a few years ago in the form of Suicide Squad. I could have never imagined I’d even watch it, but gave it a shot and really enjoyed it. Admittedly, I knew little about the crew and maybe that helped.

The sequel announcements for casting have been sprinkled and scattered, and with James Gunn writing and directing, it has a lot of things lined up for it in my favor, and probably everyone else’s.

The trailer opens up to a strange bus hauling ass through the city, we see some people arming up and hear Peacemaker (John Cena) essentially bringing us up to speed as he vocalizes his being upset that the mission is being risked to save a “mentally defective court jester“, Bloodsport (Idris Elba) counters with a remark about Peacemaker’s toilet bowl helmet.

The scene quickly shifts to the squad preparing to go rescue what one can only assume is Harley Quinn. As the scene tightens and everyone is ready to play their position, suddenly, Harley appears and reminds us she really doesn’t need to be rescued. However, she does offer to go back in so they can hatch the rescue plan they worked on.

Panda Reacts To The Suicide Squad Redband Trailer 3
Harley’s Fresh New Spring Look

Immediately after Harley is “rescued”, the trailer again tells us what is goin on. We see Savant (Michael Rooker), Blackguard (Pete Davidson), Weasel (Sean Gunn) and others in a quick catch up montage that shows us their plight of rotting in jail, or joining the Suicide Squad where they have an explosive in their head that will go off if they fuck up. Seems like a solid deal.

We see the squad starting to assemble, in all their motley goodness and then out of nowhere I hear “Nom Nom” as King Shark (Sylvester Stallone) suddenly appears and just literally starts eating a dude.

Panda Reacts To The Suicide Squad Redband Trailer 4

The trailer cuts back to the squad in a briefing or classroom type environment and you thoroughly sense that none of them are real confident in their positions as Bloodsport announces they are all going to die.

Panda Reacts To The Suicide Squad Redband Trailer 5

Once they’ve made peace with their new roles, we see Thinker (Peter Capaldi) getting good cop/bad cop/weird cop kinda treatment as they are laying the ground rules before they seek information from him in this weird interrogation.

Boom, another jump cut as our squad is trudging through the jungles of who knows where, and Peacemaker is reading Bloodsport the riot act on leadership. Bloodsport tells Peacemaker he should eat a bag of dicks, and then Peacemaker goes on a tirade about how many dicks he would gladly eat in the name of liberty…and that is when I knew I would be buying a ticket to this movie.

Panda Reacts To The Suicide Squad Redband Trailer 6
Peacemaker running the numbers on how long it would take to eat a beach of dicks

The trailer winds down in spectacular style as we get glimpses of some epic and large shots in battle and other places. We then get to see King Shark take a whole ass man and rip him into two halves.

It feels massive and expansive. It doesn’t seem to give away too much, but one thing it does give us…COLOR! its so bright, not all dark and DC gloom. This August 6th, I am really hoping Gunn and crew knock it out of the park.

Going back to my earlier statement about not having familiarity. I still don’t, these characters are new and I get what is served to me.

I had to get on IMDB just to figure out who was who and I’m still not full sure on some of the cast! If you would have ever told me I’d live in a time where I get to see a King Shark rip a man in half in a movie, I would just be confused. Yet here I am…excited.

The trailer also shows heart and some emotion, hopefully Gunn continues to put all the pieces together in ways he seems to do perfectly, but time will tell. I’ll quit rambling! Watch for yourself and let me know what you think!

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Panda Reacts To The Suicide Squad Redband Trailer 7
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