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As part of our 7th anniversary, we’re debuting a brand new recurring feature here on the site, The WERRRK.com Podcast Party! In 2021, it seems like almost everyone has a podcast and the queer community is no exception! Two of our most popular features have been The Weekly Instadrag where we feature the Instagram posts of drag artists around the world and the Bop of the Week, where we spotlight a new songs from a queer or queer-friendly musical artists. In the same vein, we are very excited for the Podcast Party where we will be celebrating queer and queer-friendly podcasts on a regular basis! So please let your podcasting friends know about this new opportunity for them to expose their work to a whole new audience! (Hashtag #podcastparty)

For our first Podcast Party feature, we’re head across the pond to the United Kingdom! Co-hosted by Ben Goodwin, who grew up in York, before moving to Birmingham and Ben ‘Benja’ Porcel, who was born in the Argentine city of Rosario, located 185 miles northwest of Buenos Aires, the real life couple debuted their comedy podcast, which explores the cultural quirks of their respective homelands – the UK and Argentina, in March. As two larger gay males – known as bears – both looking back on their life experiences to date, the podcast’s title, Bear Back, seems apt. 

Goodwin said, “Although we haven’t argued much during lockdown, we found that we quarrelled a lot about silly little things. It became clear that our opinions on everything from cuisine to politics were formed from the two diverse cultures we come from and which have shaped us as individuals.”

Porcel added, “With a lot of spare time on our hands during lockdown, we decided to bottle our lively debates into a podcast to share with others and determine which culture is better! It’s all very light-hearted and, as well as giving people an insight into what it’s like to live as a transnational couple, we really just want to make people laugh.”

Podcast Party

If you enjoy Bear Back, be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform and continue to support queer podcasters and artists!

So for all you podcasters out there, send us the links to your podcast to be considered for the Podcast Party, either via email (contact@werrrk.com; Be sure to title the email “Podcast Party”) or by sliding into our DMs on Twitter or Instagram (@WERRRRKdotcom on both)!

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