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Pose: The Trunk (s03 e03)

Another week, another emotional episode of Pose! After last week’s two-episode premiere, our favorite casts of characters were back. When we left off, Pray Tell had checked himself into rehab. Things were looking good but we can never trust these writers!

The show kicked off this week with a flashback to the 70s. We saw Elektra doing sex work in New York City. Her clothes got stolen and she had to return to her mother’s house in full drag. To be expected, her mom had a very rigid view of gender. She didn’t want a “cross-dressing homosexual son”. This is where Elektra came out as trans and was basically assaulted by her own mother. Elektra left the home, but her mom demanded to keep her trunk of women’s clothing and anything else that was in her house. It was a tough scene to watch, but Elektra signed off by putting on lipstick and telling her mom she was proud of who she was, a trans woman.

Flash forward to Elektra at work. She’s greeted by a strange voicemail from Lulu, as well as two detectives. The detectives take her into the station and again we hear about how real-life supervillain Rudy Guliani, is attempting to take her down again. He wants all smut removed from the city. This guy is the worst. She’s eventually arrested and put in a cell with a man. When she says she is a woman, the cop says “prove it”. Transgender prison reform is something we still don’t have much of in our country. It’s a terrifying reality for our trans siblings who end up incarcerated.

Meanwhile, Blanca, Papi, and Ricky have been given the task of finding her bail and moving a trunk out of the closet. If you’ve seen Paris Is Burning (which you certainly should have!), you know where this is going. Elektra had a client who died of an overdose and she couldn’t call the police given the circumstances. So, his body now lies in a trunk in her closet. Sound familiar? Blanca and her crew ended up moving the trunk across town to her place and it somehow ended up in poor Damon‘s room.

You might be wondering why Blanca was so quick to move this dead body for Elektra? We’re taken back to 1983 to find out. Elektra was out working when she met a young Angel, Lemar. and Cubby who were homeless at the time. Elektra sent them to Blanca for some food and shelter. This is where we see the first family dinner. My heart! Somehow family dinner turned into breaking and entering after the power went out because they couldn’t afford the electricity. The house they were breaking into? Elektra’s moms.

This is where the trunk comes into play again. The trunk she was forced to leave when her mom kicked her out was sitting in her closet, worth a small fortune. It was her life’s collection, but she knew she needed to sell it in order to support her family. Her mom wakes up, there’s a confrontation. Of course, she’s still a raging transphobe, but she does say she wants to find some common ground. This sounds nice, but she follows it up by asking her to tone down the way she looks and acts. Elektra is done after hearing that. She ends up getting the family a bigger and better apartment by selling her clothing collection.

Elektra’s unwavering care for her family made Blanca, Papi, and Ricky quick to come to her rescue, even if that means harboring a body. Christopher, Blanca’s boyfriend, comes over and quickly discovers said body. Blanca explained the situation, Chris said to call the cops. Blanca explains how the system is the reason there is a body in the trunk, no one else is to blame. As a cismale, this is a concept that was foreign to Chris, but he was so understanding. He said he wants to be there for the whole family. Again, stanning Chris is mandatory.

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Pose: The Trunk (s03 e03) 3

Elektra’s bail had been set and Chris was ready. He’d be the one to orchestrate heading to the precinct and trying to get rid of that pesky body. They tossed the body into a river, but after the scent of the body made a few of the boys throw up.

Chris was able to get the charges against Elektra dropped, but she wasn’t happy about that. She felt guilty that she couldn’t repay him or Blanca. Blanca made it clear that it was actually an attempt to repay Elektra for all the sacrifices she had made over the years for the family. During Blanca’s heart-to-heart with Elektra, she also announced she got into nursing school! This is the content I watch for! Oh, and we got a flashback ball scene!

It was 3 AM in 1084. Pray was on the mic, dragging ball participants for a pathetic attempt at the happily ever after category. After they got 6s across the board, Pray announced Elektra’s new children would be walking in happily ever after! Their looks were truly iconic. I am so glad they included this scene. Of course, they got 10s across the board.

The episode ended with a toast to family! Finally, an episode that didn’t make me cry. What did you all think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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