Last week’s episode featured a heartbreaking diagnosis for Pray Tell that ended with a heartwarming visit to his hometown. After that emotional whirlwind, I was excited to see this week’s episode opened with a montage of Elektra being her most fabulous self. The outfits, the money, the luxury; we were living! Then suddenly, she was meeting with members of the mafia, and they were interested in her phone sex business.

Elektra went into business with the mob and in her own words, became the McDonalds of the phone sex industry. She was rolling in cash. She had everything she could possibly want: a new apartment, iconic outfits, fine jewels. She even completely refurnished Blanca‘s place. She got new couches, a new table, the whole nine yards. Everything seemed too good to be true. If I know anything about Pose, it had to come crumbling down at some point, right?

Elektra kept the gifts coming. She offered to pay for Angel and Papi‘s wedding, which was originally going to be a small and intimate wedding. Papi felt bad because he wanted to provide the wedding for Angel and didn’t want to go through with the big wedding. He even went into Elektra’s office and denied her help. Elektra pleaded her case, saying Angel is the first from the community to walk down the aisle and she deserves the same big wedding cis, straight people get to experience. He was convinced and the big celebration was on.

Since the big ceremony was on, Angel began shopping for her wedding dress. I never knew I needed a montage of Angel trying on wedding dresses until I saw it. Between how great she looked in the dresses and the reactions from Blanca, Elektra, and Lulu, it was perfection. It got even better once all the girls started trying on dresses. Angel found the perfect dress until the owner of the dress shop started spewing transphobia. He wouldn’t accept money from Elektra, citing principle as the reasoning. So, Elektra dragged him to filth and everything felt better after that.

While at work, Papi was visited by someone from his past. It was the sister of his ex-girlfriend. He found out Marisol, his ex, had passed away after struggling with addiction. Then came the big news, she left behind a five-year old son, Papi’s son to be exact. He goes to Jimena, Marisol’s sister’s, apartment to meet him. It was an emotional moment for Papi.

On the flip side of emotions, Elektra held a meeting with her mafia friends. She wanted to seek revenge on the dress shop. Violence, they ask? No, Elektra has bigger and better plans. She wants every dress from the shop stollen. Her plan is so ambitious her mob friends claim she would make a great boss.

Elektra threw the girls a spa day for Angel’s bachelorette weekend. They got massages, facials, their nails done, and even their legs waxed. Elektra rented the whole spa out, so only the best for them. They followed the spa day up with a fancy dinner surrounded by their closes friends from the ballroom. That ended with every girl in attendance getting their very own wedding gowns. I wonder where those came from? Anyway, then came the strippers.

Angel returned from her iconic bachelorette party to see Papi on the couch. This was when Papi decided to tell her he had a son. Obviously, Angel was shocked. She assumed that she was lying because of Papi’s new success. He told Angel that he wanted his son to move into their place and be raised by them. Angel was not having it, struggling with sobriety and not ready to be a parent. Angel left, leaving us wondering if the wedding was still on.

What a turn of events, right? This episode was so much fun until Papi found out he had a kid. What were your thoughts on the episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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