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Pose: Series Finale (s03 e07)

Who had their tissues ready? I know I did. It’s so hard to bid farewell to these incredible characters as FX’s Pose comes to a close. It’s hard to put into words the impact this show has had. It will be sincerely missed. Let’s jump into the series finale.

The show opened up with Blanca working with an AIDS patient in the hospital. Moments later, she and Nurse Jackie rushed to the bedside of Pray Tell who was dealing with pneumonia and certain he was dying. Blanca asked about his will and how she could help him while he was dealing with his symptoms. He just asked her to lay with him. Anyway, it was in this moment my tears started.

The next time we saw Blanca she was working with the same patient who came in earlier. He was feeling much better. His symptoms were almost gone. Why? He got into a clinical trial for a new AIDS drug. As it turns out, it was only white people getting into these studies. Shocking. Blanca, Nurse Jackie, and King Christopher were ready to fight for people of color to get in on these trails, with Pray a priority on their list. They made it happen. Pray and Blanca was getting in on the trail!

In the next scene, Pray looks INCREDIBLE! The drugs he is on worked magic for him. He’s feeling well and inspired to live life to its fullest. That started with repairing his relationship with Ricky! Oh, my heart. This is exactly what I wanted to see in this finale. Oh, and he’s going to start performing again! He and Ricky began singing with the Gay Men’s Choir, where the show paid homage to the real-life Gay Men’s Choir, showing those who survived AIDS in white, and those who were lost to the virus in black. it was powerful. While they thrived in the choir, Ricky shared he was no longer going to tour. He was now struggling with his HIV symptoms, showing Pray a lesion on his chest.

Everyone was celebrating the light at the end of the tunnel as Pray’s symptoms diminished. However, it seemed like the hope was lost when it was revealed that they were not going to let any more people of color into the study. So, the crew took to the street to protest the injustice. They were met with police brutality and arrests. Even though it’s nothing new, it’s so hard to watch. Even on a fictional tv show. It just hits so close to home.

After watching such a difficult scene, it was a relief to see a ball scene! As they were getting ready, Pray and Blanca had the sweetest moment together. I love these characters so much. The pair walked in the category in Candy‘s honor, which made it that much more special. Of course, they got 10s across the board. Christopher came to his first ball performance and he said it reminded him of going to church. It certainly is a type of church, isn’t it?

After such an exciting night for Pray, he tragically passed away. They don’t know if it was a placebo and he wasn’t actually getting better, or if his organs had just suffered too much. This was such a devastating blow. As it turns out, Pray was also giving the medication to Ricky. Now we know that he was giving his doses to Ricky to save him. Selfless until the end.

Blanca was grieving when she got a knock at the door. It was Pray’s mom and she wanted to speak to Blanca mother to mother. She said that Blanca was his real mother in the end. She had regrets, but Blanca tried to ease them. Blanca was going to help his mom fulfill his final wish, filling the heart-shaped lockets with his ashes and giving them out to the family. He had a special one made for Blanca. Again, I was crying.

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Pose: Series Finale (s03 e07) 5

Back at Pray’s apartment, the family was given their lockets. Blanca read a piece Pray wrote about each of them. It was beautiful. My favorite part was when he said Judy made him believe in the goodness of white people. What was left of Pray’s ashes was used in protest. Ashes of those lost to AIDS were poured out to get the attention of those in power who were not providing help to those suffering. It was a powerful display of protest.

Flash forward to 1998. Blanca was blowing out a candle on a cupcake to celebrate the fact that she had become a nurse! Christopher was there, of course, and they were going to celebrate their anniversary soon. Blanca was gone from the hospital for awhile while in school and when making her return, she was reunited with Judy, who was now working with babies. In 1998, the hospital had totally changed. The new drugs for HIV/AIDS meant less queer people dying in the hospital. They were able to revamp the place and most importantly, people were living instead of dying from the virus.

Blanca gushed about Pray and how she feels him with her all the time. She’s now volunteering with patients who were recently diagnosed with the virus. She met a young trans woman struggling with her diagnosis. She helped provide support and aid for paying for their medication and health care. She was giving back to the community in both Pray’s honor, and her own.

As the episode came to a close, we saw Elektra, Lulu, Angel, and Blanca have a lady’s lunch. They looked beautiful. The girls were talking about Sex in The City and Elektra shared that though she is wealthy, she does not have a television because it rots her brain. Elektra was richer than ever, Lulu was working in taxes for some reason, and Angel had fully taken on the role as a mother. Finally, a happy scene! I loved it so much.

Blanca was trying to rally the girls for the ball. Lulu was busy, it was tax season. Angel had to be a mom. Elektra just simply didn’t want to go, which was on brand. Mother Blanca was now bringing up a new generation in the ball, as a grandmother! Ricky was father of the house now and the youngsters were ready to hit the floor. The got 10s across the board on their first go as the new House of Evangelista!

Turns out, there was a surprise in store for the final ball scene of the show. None other than Elektra was there to present a surprise category. The crowd went wild, as they should. She crowned her daughter, Blanca, with legendary mother status. A true legend she is. The whole family was there! Even Papi! Oh, and she took in a new sister. The girl who was struggling at the clinic the other day, Safari! She made her walk in her first ball instantly.

As Blanca was leaving the ball, a frustrated house asked her how they could take home trophies. She gave them advice with the help of Pray, who appeared to her behind the sad house. Blanca provided encouragement and warmth to the new children of the ball It was a powerful ending to such an impactful series.

I can’t believe Pose is over. I am going to miss these characters so much! Let us know what you thought of the series finale in the comments below!

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Pose: Series Finale (s03 e07) 5
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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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