After last week’s incredible lipsync performance from Laganja Estranja and Trinity K. Bonet, episode four of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars had a lot to live up to. It did almost instantly with the reveal of the lipsticks. Turns out, A’Kieria Davenport and Silky Nutmeg Ganache were neck-and-neck for the elimination. I was surprised by that honestly! Thankfully, A’Keria didn’t take it personally.

It was a new day in the workroom and Trinity led the queens in with a choir performance. That was cute. RuPaul soon followed with all the info for this week’s challenge. Again, we didn’t get a mini-challenge, but I guess that’s okay. For this week’s challenge, the queens selected a SuperBowl headliner to impersonate while performing a RuPaul song. It’s an interesting concept for sure.

It was fun to hear who each queen selected for the challenge. It went a little something like this: A’Kiera was Prince and Kylie Sonique Love was Steven Tyler, who Trinity did not know. Ra’jah O’Hara was Diana Ross, Trinity was Beyoncé, Pandora Boxx was Carol Channing (of course), Scarlet Envy was Katy Perry, Jan was Lady Gaga, Eureka O’Hara was Madonna, Yara Sofia was Shakira and Ginger Minj was Fergie. That was a mouthful.

Everyone met with Gottmik’s husband Jamal Sims to plan their choreography. Ginger Minj came in and nearly stole her man, though. Everyone has a crush on Jamal. The choreography actually went well for everyone! My favorite part was definitely Yara trying to school Jamal on Shakira. She is certainly an expert.

It was time for the performance and it was surprisingly good! The concept was a little weird at first, but it turned out to be a lot of fun to watch. No one did a noticeably bad job. I think Jan was my favorite but I am definitely Lady Gaga bias.

Ru was joined on the judge’s panel by Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and Jamal Sims on the main stage. The category was the frill of it all and I thought Sonique’s look was absolutely stunning. A’Keria’s look was also a lot of fun. This runway was cute!

It was time for the judges’ critiques. Ra’Jah, Scarlet, Sonique, and Pandora were all safe this week. Trinity and Jan got the highest praise, while A’keria and Yara received the most negative critiques. In the end, Jan FINALLY won a challenge while A’Keria and Yara fell into the bottom two.

Backstage, the two bottom queens took different approaches to their potential elimination. A’Keria pleaded her case and showed the queens she wanted to be there while Yara didn’t feel comfortable putting herself in that position. As a result, we saw a few Yara lipsticks put in the box. It’s interesting to see the politics of the contestants play out.

Back to the mainstage for everyone’s favorite part of the episode, the lipsync against the assassin! This week’s guest was Jessica Wild! It was so fun to see her! Jessica and Jan faced off to Womanizer by Britney Spears. It was a great performance by both queens! In the end, Jessica was victorious. In a sad turn of events, however, she had to eliminate her best friend Yara. It’s sad to see her go! I will definitely miss her antics!

So, what did you all think of the episode this week? Sound off in the comments below!