Hello friends! I am excited to share with you all some exciting news. Just over a year ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with two of my favorite people, the brilliant singer-songwriter duo from Ohio, “Party Favors.” Fast forward to July 2021, the world is recovering from a tragic pandemic, clubs are reopening, live concerts are happening, and Party Favors has released their long-anticipated full-length debut album titled Who We Are. Nature is healing.

Party Favors Celebrate Queer Identity, Passion, and Romance with Debut Album 'Who We Are' 1

First, I just have to say what a brilliant work of art this album turned out to be. Who We Are is a beautiful celebration of queer identity and living your truths while simultaneously embracing the pure joys and mysteries of love and romance. It’s sexy, passionate, and soulful while remaining fun pop music at its greatest. Phew, I need to get to a club, stat!

“This album is ten tracks of a dark, sexy love story mixed with the romance of truly loving yourself and the life you’re living.”


Tony and Jesse are powerful, gifted vocalists. Each song on the album embraces the vocal talents of this artistic pair – accompanied by transportive beats that make you want to dance your heart out.

After a few listens, I certainly have a few favorites that I’m adding to my DJing playlists, like immediately. Such songs I am obsessed with include “Touch,” “We Were Meant to Be,” and the eighties reminiscent track titled “Just 4 2 Nite”. I love “I’ve Had Enough” as it feels so emotional and real, yet you don’t want it to end. This song is immediately followed by a track titled “By Your Side,” which might just be one of my favorites on the album. The album ends with “Who We Are,” the perfect conclusion to a fantastic debut album. 

Party Favors Celebrate Queer Identity, Passion, and Romance with Debut Album 'Who We Are' 2

As the final song on the album suggests, I can also see the stars for Party Favors. This album is just the beginning, as I see a world of opportunity for these two beautiful souls. Grounded in light, love, passion, and remarkable talent, Party Favors and their debut album Who We Are are ready to take the world on. I need some Party Favors concert tickets like yesterday!

“We are so grateful that we get to do what we love, but our goal with music is not only to live out our wildest dreams of performing on stage. By being authentically ourselves and blazing our own trail, we want to spread light, love, and kindness wherever we go so that other people will hopefully be inspired to unapologetically shine bright and truly believe in themselves.”


You can listen to the debut album Who We Are by Party Favors on your favorite streaming platform or by heading to their website!