For those just joining, I am’s resident Ghostbuster, and also an all around fan of a lot of things that surround the franchise.

The last iteration brought a lot of chatter, some good…most bad. I won’t get back or dwell on any of that, but, I enjoyed the film quite a bit. Since that film, many thought perhaps the film versions would fade into the Abyss of Hollywood. Then, a couple years ago, word began spreading that Jason Reitman (son of original director Ivan Reitman) would be behind the wheels of this ride.

Panda Reacts to the Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer! 1
Can you imagine emissions testing this one?

Slowly info and teasers began to come out, I began to get excited just seeing they used practical effects for the quick teaser that just basically said the name. I’ll quit rambling, but probably not. The cast info started dropping. Paul Rudd, Finn Wolfhard, and rumors and hopes of originals attached to the film.

Finally, we get treated to this trailer and it was worth the wait.

The tone is initially very somber and kind of has that 80’s film vibe where you can kinda sense the family is heading to a new town and isn’t really feeling it, and has a hard time fitting in. I always think of The Goonies when you kind of learn their plight early on, you realize they are probably all going to have to part ways and start over.

Visually, I am enjoying how it’s all being shot. The lighting and everything just feels so right.

We quickly get an introduction to Phoebe. She’s basically a young Egon when you look at her, and yeah, not fitting in well. We hear her mother (Carrie Coon) and Paul Rudd (Mr. Grooberson, a school teacher who also remembers the Ghostbusters) discuss how Phoebe doesn’t fit in and is a bit awkward. Her mother even states she wishes young Phoebe would get into some trouble.

During this discussion we see Phoebe literally unlocking secrets while discovering parts and pieces of things most of us will recall. Finn’s character is Phoebe’s brother Trevor. He quickly fills us in that they are in this town because they are broke and their grandfather left them the house. By all and every indication, Egon is their grandfather.

Panda Reacts to the Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer! 2
They get every channel on TV

We get a quick glimpse of a few images from many years past, and then we see a black and white image of the original four Ghostbusters. The trailer then shows Phoebe questioning why her brother is fixing up the station wagon. The car is quickly revealed to be Ecto-1, as the engine roars to life, you see a shot of the iconic ghost chaser just ripping hell through some fields.

The pace begins to quicken, as does the tone of the music. Mr. Grooberson is seen explaining that there are no fault lines near but there has been constant seismic activity. Suddenly, we see Trevor where we first saw him in the trailer; with a group of friends and near what looks like a well as a screaming light shoots out!

Panda Reacts to the Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer! 3
Shit just got real

Cut back to Phoebe who realizes Egon came out there for a reason. She can be seen watching the old 1984 commercial from the movie via YouTube, just a few quick shots of things to make the fans a little excited, and then…shit hits the fan entirely.

Looks like someone has literally unleashed hell. The way they show it, you do have that real sense of concern. Suddenly, Trevor is piloting the Ecto, as Phoebe screams at him to go! She deploys out of a damn jump seat from the side door with a neutrino wand in hand! As a whole ass mobile remote control ghost trap car starts hauling ass from the car, we see a ghost entangled in a stream from Phoebe, and the trap car is still whipping it around corners like Ricky Bobby in Talladega. While we have seen a bit of the chase scene before, it’s just cool every time.

Panda Reacts to the Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer! 4
Ghost ride the whip

Then comes the logo, as I’m waiting to see the reminder to see it in theaters this Thanksgiving, it cuts back to the YouTube and we see that familiar phone number on the screen. The final part shows a phone ringing from a familiar occult bookstore, a man answers and immediately says “We’re closed“.

We’re closed

Holy shit. Absolute chills and shivers. I absolutely cried. The franchise means so much to me for so many reasons, and to see what they appear to be doing and how much love is being given, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving…..and not just for the food this time!

I am absolutely thrilled with what I’m seeing. I like how it’s focusing on the younger ones, giving me those old school Goonies type feels. I’ve also always wanted to see a bit of a handoff from the old guys to the new Ghostbusters, wherever they came from. This is a changing of the guard, and I really hope this means we will see continued and future generations of Ghostbusters. There are still a lot of calls to be answered, and tons of answered calls most don’t have a clue about that need to be told!