Another week, another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars! In case you need a refresher, Kylie Sonique Love got her first-ever challenge win, while A’Keria C. Davenport sashayed away after being in the bottom with her sister, Ra’Jah O’Hara. It was a wild ride!

Listen, if you were not already Team Kylie, you have to be now. As all the queens returned to the workroom after the elimination, she shared that she promised her dog she would win and buy them a house. So, she must win. Anyway, as we expected, everyone voted to eliminate A’Keria. While it was hard to see her go, she had been in the bottom three times this season.

RuPaul entered the workroom and shared that this week’s maxi-challenge was going to be a singing challenge. The queens have to write a drag anthem called Show Up, Queen. They’ll be recording their own verses but working in teams. Kylie and Ra’Jah were team captains. Team Ra’Jah consisted of Jan, Trinity K Bonet, and Pandora Boxx, while Team Kylie drafted Ginger Minj and Eureka O’Hara.

The queens began writing lyrics. Pandora wanted to write lyrics for the kids like her who were afraid to speak because they were ashamed of who they were. Pandora has a lot of experience writing her own lyrics, but so do some of the other queens. As you know, a lot of queens take on a music career post-Drag Race, for some reason.

RuPaul came into the workroom to help the queens figure out their lyrics. He and Kylie had a heartwarming moment together reflecting on self-love. Meanwhile, he asked Team Ra’Jah what the first record they purchased was until he got to Pandora, where he quickly asked her why she hasn’t won a challenge.

It was time for the queens to record their verses. It was certainly something. Some people had stronger verses than others. Jan’s was a bit confusing because it was centered around herself rather than activism. Then came making their own choreography. Trinity took on the role of choreographer, of course. Pandora had a hard time with the choreo, but so did Team Kylie who couldn’t agree on moves.

Finally, it was time for the queens to hit the main stage. Joining Ru on the judges’ panel were Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and Zaldy. First came the performance. It was a cute number!

When it came to critiques, everyone but Pandora and Jan got positive commentary. Of course, those two found themselves in the bottom. Meanwhile, Trinity got her second win of the season! Who else is SO proud of her?

As the queens chatted in the workroom post-critiques, Pandora had a hard time. She felt she held back in the challenge because she has a hard time loving herself. I think the queens were more empathetic to Pandora than Jan, who continued to stumble when it comes to focusing on her peppy attitude above all else. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Jan, but it is her third time in the bottom.

It was time for Trinity to face off against a lip sync assassin! This week, it was Alexis Matteo! I was rooting for Trinity because if she won the money she said she was going to buy a washer and dryer and I felt that. The pair battled to Dance Again by J. Lo. It was a great performance! In the end, it was Alexis who won the lip sync. That means the group got to choose the elimination. As it turns out, there was a tie. In the event of a tie, Trinity had the final say. She chose Jan.

Wow, the drama. However, Trinity and Jan had a heartwarming moment on the stage post-elimination. Jan will be seriously missed. Unless she comes back in whatever this game within a game is. Will we ever find out?

The good news is, next week is Snatch Game of Love! Until then, let us know your thoughts on this week’s episode in the comments below!