After last week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race left us hanging from that cliff, we finally got some answers! The episode opened with Eureka O’Hara and Silky Nutmeg Ganache standing in front of the judges waiting to find out who gets to rejoin the competition. After Silky dominated against every single eliminated contestant, she met her match with Eureka. In the end, Eureka was the winner and joining the other girls in the workroom for a chance to join the Drag Race Hall of Fame.

The queens welcomed Eureka back, though everyone was a bit disappointed a fifth queen was back in the mix. RuPaul entered the workroom after Eureka returned with great news, there is a mini-challenge. The queens were doing a pride photo op with outfits from Levi’s that they got cut up and make their own. It was a cute challenge. The win went to Kylie Sonique Love.

Ru let us all know that the queens would be participating in the smash theatrical hit, The Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent Monologues. They would be working with Alec Mapa and Jermaine Fowler to tell true stories of their lives on the main stage. Eureka was feeling the pressure to win the challenge so she didn’t get eliminated the same day she returned. Trinity K Bonet was also feeling the heat as she thought she would be the one eliminated if she fell short.

The queens all took different approaches to this family. Kylie and Ginger Minj focused on telling stories about finding themselves. Trinity, Eureka, and Ra’Jah O’Hara chose to tell funny stories. Everyone had a good practice run and everyone was feeling the pressure of the top four on the horizon.

While everyone was getting into drag, Trinity and Eureka had a cute moment. They’ve been flirty all season, and while Trinity was bummed to have a fifth queen back in the game, their relationship was still strong.

Finally, it was time for the queens to hit the main stage. Ru was joined on the judges’ panel by Carson Kressley, Michelle Visage, and Justin Simien. First came the monologue performances. Trinity’s tale of being catfished turned into a heartfelt story, Kylie shared about her first time in drag, Ginger talked about growing up gay in a Southern Baptist town, Ra’Jah let us in on the first time she ever tucked, and Eureka opened up about her most embarrassing moment in drag. Everyone did well!

When it came to the runway, the category was fashionable fashion fails. This was a fun category! I loved Kylie’s look inspired by Hot Dog on a Stick. The competition was stiff this week and I was not envious of the judges’. When the critiques came along, Trinity and Ra’Jah got negative critiques for stumbling through their performance at times. Kylie, Ginger, and Eureka got high praise all around. In the end, Eureka won the challenge while everyone else fell in the bottom by default.

This was by far the toughest elimination for the queens to decide. There wasn’t a clear loser during the challenge. But, someone has to go home. Eureka faced off for her legacy against season 12 winner, Jaida Essence Hall! The song was Good Golly Miss Molly by Little Richard. This was definitely a fun song to see queens lip-sync to. Eureka and Jaida BOTH won the lip-sync! A tie means both of the queens on the lipsticks would be eliminated. Both the group and Eureka chose to eliminate Trinity, which was such a bummer! She should be proud of herself. She absolutely killed it this season!

So, whose team are you on? Team Ra’Jah, Ginger, Eureka, or Kylie? Let us know in the comments below!