The moment has come, the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season six is here! After this episode, a new queen was added to the Drag Race Hall of Fame. More on that later. Let’s unpack the episode as it went down, shall we?

The episode opened with the queens revealing how they voted during last week’s elimination. Trinity K Bonet‘s sad elimination came unanimously from the queens left in the competition. Trinity’s vote went to Ra’Jah O’Hara. Ra’Jah was understanding of the situation.

Kylie Sonique Love, Ginger Minj, Eureka O’Hara, and Ra’Jah hit the workroom for the last time this season. RuPaul entered quickly to let them all know that they would be making their own verses to Ru’s new song, “This Is Our Country. For some inspiration, Tanya Tucker called in. She shared that she’ll even be adding her voice to the song the queens were making.

The queens will be rehearsing with Jamal Sims, as well as meeting with Ru and Michelle Visage to talk about their time on the show. As they began writing their lyrics, the queens celebrated the fact that they are all from the south and have a great appreciation for country music. Now, they get to make lyrics to their own country song with RuPaul!

Of course, Jamal brought the heat with his final choreography for the queens. Ra’Jah struggled a bit with the complicated moves, while Eureka and Kylie picked up the moves quickly. Ginger struggled with feeling sexy while dancing since she is usually doing a comedic character.

When it came to the interviews with Ru and Michelle, all the queens shared heartfelt moments. Eureka spoke about making her mom proud before she passed away, Ginger shared a heartwarming moment she had with Ru on the set of Aj And The Queen, Kylie opened up about her transition and Ra’Jah gushed about creating her own costumes.

On the runway, Ru and Michelle were joined by Ross Matthews and Carson Kressley. First, the queens performed their country song. It was a cute performance and everyone did a great job! On the main stage, the queens were to showcase their best drag. Kylie came prepared, wearing a dress with the American flag on it. Everyone looked great, but I thought Ra’Jah really looked beautiful!

Before the newest member of the Drag Race Hall of Fame was crowned, reigning queen Shea CouleΓ© called in with a message. She looked incredible in her robot look. After that, the queens were told they would need to lipsync individually!

The song the queens performed to was Stupid Love by Lady Gaga, for which I was grateful. In the end, it was Kylie Sonique Love who was the champion. We are SO happy for her!

Until next season, Drag Race fans!