So we said goodbye to Elektra Fence last week, she set social media ablaze with memes after that lip-sync performance, her mirror message reads ‘ I couldn’t reach, only joking. Love Vanity’ (shady girlie)The queens bid her a farewell whilst talking on the couch to Victoria Scone about her knee injury. Social media last week was full of memes exclaiming their nerves for this week’s episode. The wait commences on what the doctor advises *fingers crossed.* 

A brand new day in the werkroom and RuPaul enters to tell us some bad news… and what we didn’t want to happen has…Victoria Scone is gone, why has RuPaul not elaborated if she’ll return next season? Eureka O’Hara got her chance to return as did Veronica Green, and on top of that will an eliminated queen be brought back? I have so many questions and so few unanswered, even the queens dont acknowledge it during their sewing challenge. Perhaps it’s the disappointment that Victoria had so much to show, the representation everyone wanted and finally got, has now gone.

As the news is brushed aside the mini-challenge begins, as usual, it’s weird and makes no sense. The queens butch up and become straight men for dating app Finder, most opt for the builder type, you know the ones, the gross guys who catcall from scaffolding. Kitty Scott Claus and Scarlett Harlett get plenty of laughs with Scarlett snatching the win. 

It’s the maxi challenge and it’s that time, grab your sewing machines, it’s time to whip up a camping couture outfit. But wait…for those of us who are battling the international seasons together and I mean battling, then for us Drag Race Holland fans we’re getting a little bit of deja vu, episode 2 also saw a Glamping couture challenge where the queens had to whip up an outfit entirely made up of you guessed it camping equipment. Are the producers running out of ideas or a battle of who can camp out the best, as you can see this week I’m on my deep analyzing dive, it’s not that serious I know? But you have to think and wonder right?

Every season has its sewing challenge, the challenge amongst the non-sewers emerges, yet no one admits to never of sewn which is a first. We have those who design and sew their outfits so this is an interesting path of events. Choriza May declares she’s going to win in her confessionals by saying she designs and sews her outfits…. Choriza nooo dont do this to me. We all know where that storyline can travel, has she never seen the show?

Veronica ends up being the camp counselor helping Scarlett and Krystal Versace with their concepts and ideas, teaching them how to execute their ideas. Whilst it’s so pure to see someone help others, you have to nudge and guide her back to her station and shake her gently to focus on herself. We’ve all seen Veronica as a kind and lovely queen, we just don’t want that to be detrimental to herself. 

We cut to Kitty Scott Claus and Charity Kase showing their outfits, Kitty asks how Charity came to life. Talking about moving to London from a young age and enjoying himself which led to contracting HIV at 17, this is such an important topic and I’m so happy to see it being discussed so openly, honestly, and raw. This year we’ve seen the series Its A Sin skyrocket in the UK for its portrayal of friends in the ’80s navigating their way through the AIDS pandemic, this show not only educated the younger generation but raised so much more awareness, winning awards and raising money for the TGHOT charity. If you haven’t watched it please do, it’s so fantastic, educational, and heartwarming. Charity will become an advocate to the younger viewers after this, and even to the audience who perhaps aren’t familiar with the LGBTQ+ world and the stigma they still face today. 

The first category is Happy Campers in The Great Outdoors – quite the mouthful. Krystal and Kitty come out in Brownie’s realness, River shakes it up in a questionable look… It looked more like a detective. I think everyone should have helpful critiques but Vanity Milan I have no words for that outfit. The first batch of looks was interesting, to say the least, but my fave was Charity and Kitty. Round two Campfire Couture, out first is high fashion diva Krystal and she pulls off a high concept look out of unconventional material that suits her. River’s outfit is so incredibly gorgeous I’m in love with her, some of these looks I don’t know if it’s supposed to link back to campfire or just couture. Am I confused, or are they? Once again Charity pulls it out of the bag quite literally, Choriza for me can do no wrong, and her villain look is fab. 

On the second runway the queen’s looks are much more cohesive and conceptual, they redeemed their looks and there were no real duds amongst them. Everyone gets quite a mixed bag of feedback from the judges, Choriza’s villain origin story cracked me up, I’m in love with her. who else wanted to jump on stage and cocoon Veronica into the tightest biggest hug as she talked about her depression last summer? This season may only be three episodes in but has already tackled and openly discussed some pretty dark topics which is a great conversation opener for people at home. Do we think the girls should have mentioned that Veronica gave them a helping hand?

The winner of this week is our little Scarlett Harlett! 

This leaves Vanity and Veronica in the bottom two, I don’t like to see Veronica upset, this will be the first time we see her lip sync so in a way a great way to show us what she can do. Unless of course, you managed to catch her at shows in the last few months! This week’s number is I’ve Got The Music In Me. I’m going, to be honest, I’ve never heard this song, it was a slow burner number. But it grew into a fun routine, my fave moment was watching Kitty doge all of Veronica’s garments in the background. It was everything. It was however a close call, but Veronica is given the boot. I was hoping she could stay after Victoria leaving due to injury, I just hope she knows how loved she is!

We have to talk about next week’s preview… it looks AMAZING. A pop group challenge which is right up my alley, not only that but my favorite childhood band Steps are judges alongside icon Emma Button… is it Thursday yet?!

So what did we all think of this week’s episode?

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