Are we all recovered after last week’s departed Victoria Scone and Veronica Green? Well, we’re all none the wiser to Victoria returning for season 4, however, the show must go on. We said goodbye to Veronica and her mirror message reads “The party may be over for me here, but I’ll see you at the afterparty! All my love Veronica Green” Just a side note that the chaos of these girls de-dragging brings some much-needed laughter and joy to my week.

No mini-challenge as we delve straight to the maxi challenge- a pop group number, writing and recording to new single ‘BDE’….get your mind out the gutter, it’s all about Big Drag Energy. This challenge has become a DRUK staple. The last two seasons have created the Frock Destroyers and of course, the incredible United Kingdolls – of which U K Hun frequents my brain on the regular. Will the expectations of the audience weigh them down, will they feel they have to produce another hit for the fans to create memes, dance, and scream too?

Scarlet Harlett and Vanity Milan are this week’s captains and get to choose their group members. I could see why Scarlett chose Kitty Scott Claus first, she’s renowned for her girl group knowledge, enthusiasm, and of course Gals Aloud with Cheryl Hole. Gals Aloud are an incredible group of queens who I hope to get to shine on the stage soon, go check them out here. So Choriza May is last to be chosen and the underdog comments have begun. Scarlett gets to choose which number she wants and like most of us goes uptempo. The last two seasons the groups have dominated the clubs with their upbeat numbers for us to recreate after one or two cocktails. I will admit I too wouldn’t want the slow bop leaving ballads for the Vanity, Ella V’aday, Choriza, and River Medway. To be fair they do say they’ll struggle but pull it together and hype each other to prove everyone wrong. 

Right, I’m going to fangirl for just one minute, our special guests arrive one by one…. And it’s STEPS. Steps are an iconic pop group from the ’90s and for many a dance floor filler. For me, they were the first band I fully delved into, learned the dance moves, and experienced my first celeb crush on H. To this day they provide such nostalgia, and yes my sister and I will be seeing them live once again in December. I’m not the only fan girl tonight with River Medway and Kitty feeling my sentiments as well. Us Brits just love a cheesy iconic pop group!

It’s recording time, and we get H and Claire to help guide the queens on vocals, first up is team Slice Girls Kitty makes me want to be her best friend she’s so fun and makes you want to join in. In the words of Cheryl Hole, she’s a bloody star. The others do a great job, once again the narrative is steering them for the win, however, we all know how this can end up! We’ve got the underdogs Pick ‘N’ Mix (great name) and my goodness Choriza for me did it again, I bloody love her and her enthusiasm and ability to get all eyes on her. We’re starting to see the group sizzle and perhaps they might just do better than we thought.

Lee and Faye assist with the choreography, well I say assist they do what we all do, sit and judge what could be done better. They dont really offer much help apart from an opinion here or there. Compared to All-stars and past seasons where they have actual help. This segment was a bit disheartening to watch.

The mirror chat between Ella and River is the most emotional chat I think we’ve seen on drag race for a while. The loss of River’s mum due to covid is so heart-wrenchingly sad, and to see her make her mum proud by competing you just want to give her a little hug.

Okay, for me this is the best category for Drag Race UK…. A night of a thousand Spice Girls! Was it well-executed yes and no. But first, we see the world debut of ‘BDE -Big Drag Energy’ First out Slice Girls, I love the concept of the outfits and energy. My beloved little Scarlett… we all screeched oh no as she missed all the words and looked defeated as it was happening. Bless her I think we all cringed as a collective watching right? Kitty dominated and stole the show looking every inch a pop princess. Another note on Kitty, and this is becoming a stan account for her I know, but seeing her so excited to be in the presence of Steps and Emma Bunton has been all of us at some point in life (very me every time I meet Trixie Mattel)

Next, up Pick N Mix, and I will admit I was expecting it to be a bit meh, but that chorus with the chest thrusting sucked me in. Catch us all in the middle of the dance floor busting that move-out, lighters up, the true power of a ballad. I loved both, but Pick N Mix had the edge over the girls as a whole. Of course, Choriza turned it out and made me want to learn Spanish. I think the song itself overall is a grower, but the shoes it had to step into were HUGE. The positive note is in past seasons there’s always been one clear good version, and with this one, I will listen to both on the regular. 

Our extra special guest is the one and only Emma Bunton, she needs no introduction she is an icon. So first out we have Krystal Versace, and of course, nails her Baby Spice look which was to be expected, River looks so incredible as Geri, however, we have no Posh Spices on the runway? Surprising as she is a true fashion diva. Its frustrating to see Charity Kase being overlooked, it’s almost as if she’s getting a Jan from Ru. My favorite looks for this week are Kitty, River, Charity, and Choriza!

So the bottom two is a heartbreaker for me as I love them both, but Scarlett and Charity are in the lipsync. We have one hell of a lipsync number, Spice GirlsWho Do You Think You Are?’ And to be honest, I was a bit disappointed, it lacked something. They both gave it a great shot, and I didn’t want either to go home. Well, my wish came true and we have a DOUBLE SHANTAY, the Slice Girls stay together another week.

Next week we have a weird challenge but most importantly we have another iconic guest judge, Little Mix’s Leigh Anne Pinnock! Also is there a twist occurring…? 

So there we go, episode 4 is over, what did we all think? Who did we love team #SliceGirls or #TeamPick’N’Mix?

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