Canada’s Drag Race was back again this week! After the elimination of Beth, the queens returned to the workroom to talk about how the first challenge went down. The queens praised Gia Metric for her dancing during the lipsync and gave the props to Icesis Couture that she deserved for knocking the design challenge out of the park (sorry for the sports reference).

Thankfully, the queens called out Eve 6000 for her outrageous cry after she was declared safe. When she said she was convinced she was going to be in the bottom and that’s why she reacted the way she did, Kendall Gender commented on how she still got to perform since that cry was certainly… something. 

Before things could get too heated, they were saved by the “oooh girl.” Brad Goreski and Traci Melchor entered the workroom to share that the queens would be getting into a quick drag that represents their neighborhood in partnership with DoorDash. It was a cute little challenge and none other than Océane Aqua-Black! She won a $1,000 DoorDash gift card and $5,000 to donate to a queer space in her community! 

Then came the bombshell, it is the Rusical episode! The queens would be performing live, which is always fun and only a little bit painful for our ears. The Rusical was called “Under the Big Top,” which is all about clowns. Sorry to everyone who is afraid of clowns. Unlike some other seasons, queens were helping each other find the perfect role. It was great until Icesis,  Suki Doll, and Stephanie Prince had to have a dance-off to pick the last spots. Suki got stuck with a role she didn’t want. Someone is always disappointed! 

The queens practiced their singing with Thom Allison. Synthia Kiss nailed the assignment, while others, like Bing Bang Bong, played by Océane, Suki, and Adriana were not as musically gifted. Meanwhile, Eve 6000 claimed to be a singer, while her talent wasn’t as great as she thought it was. 

Next came the choreography with Hollywood Jade. Icesis and Stephanie struggled with the complicated moves, while Kimora Amour nailed her performance as Bianca Del Rio. For the most part, the queens were struggling, which is never a good sign!

The queens were back in the workroom getting ready to hit the main stage and while doing so, they had a heartwarming conversation about immigration. Suki, Stephanie, and Adriana shared stories about moving to Canada from other countries and dealing with racism. Océane shared the heartbreaking story of how she was abandoned as a baby in the forest by her biological parents. She was adopted by an incredible family and lived her life happily in Canada. She has a great outlook on what could be a traumatizing story.

On the main stage, Brooke Lynn Hytes looked absolutely gorgeous in a green outfit. She was joined on the judges’ panel by Traci, Brad, and Hollywood Jade. The live performance came first and started out strong with Synthia’s performance! From there, it went a bit downhill. The performance of Bing, Bang, and Bong was a bit painful. It didn’t get much better with Icesis, Stephanie, and Eve’s performances. This might have been the most painful Rusical yet. It wasn’t all bad, though. Synthia was wonderful, and Kendall, Kimora, and Gia did a good job as well.

On the runway, the theme was the circus, of course. There were a lot of great looks this week, but my favorites were Eve, Pythia, and Gia. 

After that performance, I was interested to hear the judges’ critiques. Adriana, Synthia, Kimora, and Stephanie were safe. I was a bit surprised to see that Synthia was just safe after her performance. The top queens were clearly Pythia, Gia, and Kendall, while the bottoms were Suki, Eve, Océane, and Icesis. 

Back in the workroom, Eve was stirring the pot a bit with Kendall. It seemed like an attempt to pick herself up after getting read on the main stage. However, a highlight of the break in the workroom was Plythia giving her second head a sip of her sparkling water.

The queens returned to the main stage for the results of the challenge. Plythia took home the win, while Icesis and Océane fell into the bottom two. The pair faced off to Stupid Shit by Girlicious. It was a fun performance, but in the end, Océane sashayed away. Who else is going to miss her? 

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