We said goodbye to no one last week, so we stay with 8 queens. No mirror message, yet the queens gather to discuss their Ru-Peter badge wins. Scarlett Harlett feels a fire has been lit under her butt, all queens have a badge beside Kitty Scott Claus, and Charity Kase. If it was judged individually we all know Kitty would have that badge, alas hopefully this week gives her a win.

Mini Challenge and it’s gone to the dogs, the queens are told to pair up with their best bitch, and it’s awkward for Scarlett who is dismissed by Charity and left with Krystal Versace. Challenge is to be the dog and dog handler, with them acting out their best routine similar to that of Crufts. Every season I act surprised with these odd challenges, they get weirder by the episode. The winners are Scarlet and Krystal. This leads us to the maxi challenge, this week the girls must market the newest drag accessory the Drag-Alexa, in teams the girls must brainstorm an advertising idea for the audience. 

Maxi challenge winners Scarlett and Krystal choose their teams, Scarlett sticks with Kitty, Choriza May and, Ella V’aday. Krystal goes for River Medway, Vanity Milan, and Charity. 

RuPaul does a walkthrough this week, and I know people sometimes find him cringe especially with an inner saboteur moment. But the advice to Charity regarding her insecurities I found quite helpful, we all have those moments, I especially do, and hearing Ru advising to find joy in the moment and enjoy yourself is ringing loud, it is so kumbaya I love it. His interactions with the queens I really loved, as we dont really see enough of it, Choriza once again had me howling with the mention of her Spanish sausage. 

The brainstorming begins, and conflict rises in team Krystal with Charity taking the reigns. No one intervened or came up with any helpful information or ideas, apart from Krystal asking if it was funny…only RuPaul can ask that question during snatch game, and snatch game only. I feel for Charity we’ve been in those situations, lack of energy in teams be it work/school/college/university. The girls seem happy for Charity to take charge, but we know if it goes tits over arse Charity will be thrown in front of that metaphorical bus so quickly. It’s frustrating that in their run through no one took charge it seems almost cowardly, Krystal takes no leadership whatsoever, and I hope it doesn’t land Charity at the bottom.

Watching both rehearsals, it’s hard to say who did better, a clever bit of editing as Michelle seemed over it with both teams. Neither seemed to get any positive feedback, so let’s wait and see patiently how it pans out. This season truly has delivered some emotional mirror chats, and Kitty really is the most compassionate little thing, as Scarlett discusses her relationship with her mum, and in particular her ongoing ill-health. 

We have special guest judge Leigh-Anne Pinnock joining us on the panel, this season has raised the bar with the incredible judges. Ru struts out looking like the most glitzy little Christmas tree decoration (that’s not a read)This week’s runway category is Ex-penny Henny and this brings us some gorgeous looks. First out is Ella V’aday looks so sophisticated and glamorous, Krystal looks quite similar to her Slice Girls number. Of course, she looks amazing as always, it just isn’t something new…and the shoes are questionable. Kitty is truly living out Britney Spears in the toxic video, that jumpsuit is so incredible and looks dazzling! Also, I’ve ONLY just realized the pun on Kitty’s name – Kitty’s Got Claws….sorry. I fall more in love with River each week, her look is sublime and a fantastic nod to her heritage and my favourite look of the week. Where do we start with Charity, it was a camp, sparkly maleficent number, and I loved it. Leigh Anne for a better word looked scared, but what’s not to love it’s something out of the box and what the show needs. 

And it’s the premiere of DragAlexa, ah these green screen challenges are cringe to watch, aren’t they? At this point, I feel in past seasons this Drag Race challenge is a little cringe, I do wonder who puts these together and how they get brainstormed. But it’s a well-welcomed spread of joy throughout the week, first airing is team Scarlett, and that bit of joy I speak off comes from Kitty laughing after their commercial is aired. Comedy gold panning to Ru, we haven’t seen Ru give that look in quite some time, criticizing the girls for not bringing originality to the challenge.

Yet this outdated challenge is recycled every season and even all-stars, maybe it’s just time for a new concept? They are literally trying their best, I get that marketing is important for their brand. But this is marketing a product, not themselves, it’s so awkward to watch. Not sure what Ru was expecting, his disappointment looks stretched back from season 7 during Shakesqueer (just when you thought that was blocked from memory.) I personally don’t think the adverts were that terrible, Ru and Michelle are acting like they saw a live slaughter take place. This is the first time I think the judge’s criticisms and comments were just a little over the top. Saying Charity needs to do something different on the runway, be prettier even though they aren’t saying to change her drag. Krystal looked the same as last week with the same jumpsuit and hair, yet she isn’t criticized to the same standard as Charity.

Just when you think this couldn’t get more awkward to watch it’s that time of the competition where the simple question is asked: “Who deserves to go home and why?” As always this goes down so well with everyone involved. Everyone picks Scarlett besides two votes for Charity, and this week there are no winners, is this the first time it’s happened in Drag Race herstory?

Untucked was well again, awkward, we had storm-outs and tense silences. See below.

This bottom two, we’ve got deja vu from last week, and it’s not that it’s these two particular queens it’s just feeling so produced storyline wise it’s a bit insulting to the audience. So Charity and Scarlett battle it out again, this week’s song is ‘Big Spender’ which is not only random, (why no Little Mix song?) it looks set up for Scarlett- the outfit just goes with this song perfectly. Whilst I am enjoying it, the queens are upholding these episodes with their humor and creativity, I sound so skeptical this week I know, it’s just something that seems to be missing. We say goodbye to the incredible Charity Kase, it’s a shame as they are so talented, and wish we could see more from them. 

And next week we have everyone’s favorite ‘Snatch Game’ in which we have another girl band icon the wonderful Nadine Coyle!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Am I being over analytic do you agree?

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