Last week we said goodbye to our little monster Charity Kase, her mirror message reads “See you in your nightmares skanks, I love you all. Charity Kase”

This leads to another heated discussion amongst the girls on the couches, Scarlett Harlett defends her walkout during untucked. Which in my eyes is a good thing, she took herself out of a situation she didn’t want to be a part of and gave herself a moment to calm and take a breather we shouldn’t see that as stomping out. Alas, the girls are shady as usual, and barely into the episode and they hype Scarlett on her lip sync performances, some are sad Charity left…..awkward.

If that wasn’t awkward enough the next day the shade continues as Rupaul announces the mini-challenge because reading is what…fundamental. As Kitty Scott Claus exclaims… this is going to be interesting, tensions are already rife and the claws don’t really need to come out they were never put away! Well, the girls read one another….. Phew, they all had their moments of playful shade and comedy. This week’s winner is everyone’s fave Choriza May!

And it’s that time of the season already….. It’s snatch game. Now, this is normally the point of the season I cringe at the most. It’s hard to watch, and since season 6 nothing can top it for me. However I actually really enjoyed this season, I think it’s been the best one of the UK bunch…shocker I know (although nothing can top Bimini’s Bon Boulash’s Pricey impression)

Ru joins the girls in the werkroom to give some motherly words of wisdom and help/hindrance. First up Choriza tells us she’ll be doing Margarita Pracatan a Spanish entertainer and singer. For me I don’t really care if I know who they are, without sounding like Ru as long as it’s funny, he tries to sway her to do Cher which I’m screeching to not hinder my beloved. Ru pretty much makes everyone he speaks to change their character, Scarlett changes from Danny Dyer – who I think would have been perfect for he’s an east end character of soap and crime documentary fame. Scarlett listens to Ru and goes down the Macauley Culkin route, be interesting to see how that plays out.

Ella V’aday comes over and tells us she’s being Mystic Meg, for me, I would have been interested to see how that would have played out, she’s a glamorous figure who we all grew up thinking really was mystic. However, after her Nigella Lawson answer, I was hooked she nailed it. Over here Nigella’s cooking programs are jokingly referred to as erotic fiction for men, her adverts you have no idea what she’s on about but you’re buying whatever she’s selling. To sum up that walkthrough, Ru wanted everyone to change their ideas into his.

The guest judges joining the snatch game are Girls Aloud icon Nadine Coyle and Loose Woman’s Judi Love. The girls all pan to Kitty once Nadine is announced, I love that all these girl band icons are being booked for Kitty! Her reactions are priceless, she’s truly living her best life. 

Snatch game time and I loved it, Ella really was the dark horse and made me laugh with her clever Nigella enthusiasm. Kitty was another who portrayed the OG GC Gemma Collins, of course, people will compare to her sister Cheryl Hole’s season one performance. River Medway seemed to struggle and muddle her way through as Amy Childs, another one who didn’t really shine was Krystal Versace as Charity Shop Sue – a hilarious comedy actress who will actually feature in an upcoming episode as a guest judge. It lacked any real funny moments, the look was kind of there. 

The girls this week talk about their coming-out stories, and it was really lovely to hear their backstories. Mainly due to it highlighting why we never really know what’s going on in people’s lives particularly Ella and Scarlett who are opposing ends of loud and quiet due to their teenage personas. Even Krystal showed I don’t want to say humane side, but we really haven’t gotten to know her at all, we’ve not seen a lot about her, so talking about her dad and his struggle with her wearing makeup as a boy gave us a chance to get to know her behind he pretty – im sounding like Michelle and Ru! 

Are you ready to get fruity? This week’s runway is ‘Feeling Fruity’. I really liked this theme, we haven’t seen it before so it feels fresh. This week’s episode really has redeemed itself from last week, and we have the one and only Lula as guest judge, a 60’s icon in music and fashion. First out is Choriza and I’m in love with this, it reminds me of during the 90’s we had a tropical fruit drink, and the advert looked exactly like this outfit. So the perfect combo for me is childhood nostalgia and Choriza. Krystal….once again a sequined jumpsuit, I don’t want to sound mean as that’s not fair. But her outfits are just meshing into one, we’ve not seen a lot from her at all, she’s lovely but at this point in the competition, you don’t have any real stand-out moments from her. Luckily Michelle Visage and Graham Norton agree, whereas Ru exclaims she was born to do drag, so clearly she’s a big fan.

Ella V’day comes out “Alexa play Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles” She looked absolutely stunning, her gown was glamorous and fit the assignment perfectly. My top looks this week are Choriza, Ella, and Kitty…. As you can see there is a theme with who my faves are, but this week they really did shine didn’t they? It’s tricky to see who will be at the bottom, everyone got good critiques, some comments were a bit huh, particularly Kitty’s outfit regarding what is clearly the stems of a cherry, the others found it didn’t make sense. But again this is a TV show, and I am a mere fan watching my favorites.

The winner of this week’s challenge is Ella, they truly are giving Kitty the Jan edit, she’s yet to win a bloody deserved badge.

The bottom two make no sense with my fantasy, River, and Choriza were part of my top two for the final dream team. I’m scared to see how social media is going to erupt over this one, but here we go and they lip-sync to Lula’s Shout. Ironic when this has made me want to scream and actually shout, this is when the double save should be. That was a….um lip sync. Ru he hasn’t seen enough from either of them and has asked BOTH to sashay away. Well, it’s over. Part of me is in denial, and think’s the judging and decisions of Ru have been questionable. There must be a twist coming as my jaw is on the floor. 

Now we all know this season was on a strict filming deadline, the sad thing is this cast of queens are fantastic, it just feels like a rushed season. The drama and storylines have taken away from the rawness that makes Drag Race U.K. work. As you can tell I’m shocked, so there we go, my two girls, have left us. It’s going to be so quiet and less funny with them gone. 

What did you think of this week’s episode? Who’s snatch did you love the most? And what did we think of THAT elimination?

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