After the tragic elimination of national treasure Océane Aqua-Black, the queens were back in the workroom and ready for another episode of Canada’s Drag Race. Was anyone else a little less excited for this week’s episode because of the lack of Océane antics? I can’t be the only one.

Anyway, the queens returned to the workroom and Océane left them a whole essay on the mirror for Icesis Couture. Icesis was struggling with eliminating one of her only friends she knew prior to filming. However, the show goes on.

A new day in the workroom finally arrived and the queens were treated by Pythia‘s second head staring at them, which was fun. RuPaul broke up the fear with the ooooh girl and Amanda Brugel entered the room to share the queens would be overacting in their own slasher film, Screech!

Since Pythia won last week’s challenge, she got to assign the roles. Eve 6000 and Stephanie Prince wanted the same role, and Synthia Kiss and Icesis were interested in the same part as well. Thanks to a game of rock, paper, scissors, Icesis and Eve got the roles they wanted. The rest of the roles were assigned by Pythia.

While the queens were getting ready to film their horror film, Kendall Gender opened up about how Halloween is her sobriety date. She is approaching six years sober. As we celebrate Halloween this weekend, we can also celebrate Kendall’s sobriety. Six years is an impressive feat!

When it came time to film their parts, Stephanie and Synthia got in their heads a bit, but Eve, who hasn’t found her groove in the competition, had a great time. Kendall and Adriana also struggled, while Icesis, Kimora Amour, Gia Metric, and Suki Doll did a decent job.

On the main stage, Brooke Lynn Hytes was joined by Brad Goreski, Amanda, and Fefe. On the runway, the category was good girl gone bad. I thought Gia’s concept of being covered in mold was hilarious and creative. There was a major theme of religious leaders gone bad. Out of all of them, I thought Pythia and Kendall’s were the best.

When it came to the performance in Screech, no one was truly horrible. Synthia seemed a bit off, and Stephanie’s performance was a bit over the top, but it was a lot better than the run-through made it seem it would be. The best part of the movie was Jimbo‘s return as the murderer. Can we have her back in the competition, please?

As for the judges’ critiques, Isis, Kamora, Suki, and Pythia were safe. Eve, Gia, and Adriana were in the top, while Stephanie, Synthia, and Kendall fell into the bottom. In the end, Adriana won the challenge while Synthia and Stephanie fell in the bottom two.

The pair faced off to Ghost by Fefe Dobson. Much like her performance in the challenge, Stephanie went a little too hard for the song, while Synthia did a better job of portraying the energy of the music. Synthia stayed while Stephanie sashayed away.

I can’t wait to see you all next week as we see the queens of the north participate in SNATCH GAME!