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RuPaul's Drag Race

Canada’s Drag Race: Snatch Game (S02 E04)

We’re only on the 4th episode of Drag Race Canada and we are already getting Snatch Game! Are we dreaming? No, this is reality. Anyway, let’s jump into the episode.

The queens returned to the workroom after Stephanie Prince was eliminated. Synthia Kiss talked about her experience lip-syncing and all anyone could talk about was the fact that she threw one of her accessories and it nearly hit Stephanie in the head. That could have been bad!

It was a new day in the workroom and Brooke Lynn Hytes revealed that for the mini-challenge, the queens would be participating in everyone’s favorite exercise: the reading challenge! These queens were shady, but it was very funny. Icesis Couture was the winner, which wasn’t surprising, as she was even reading the queens when it wasn’t her turn!

Brooke Lynn went around the room to find out who everyone was doing. Pythia shared she was going to do Grimes, who Brooke Lynn thought may have been out of her wheelhouse (which is a term she didn’t know, by the way), Kimora Amour was planning on doing Drag Race superfan Leslie Jones, and Gia Metric was stuck between doing Anna Faris and… Jim Carrey. She did a great impression of both!

For Snatch Game, the contestants were Brad Goreski and Boman Martinez-Reid. The queens were strong for the most part, but Suki Doll‘s Yoko Ono, Adriana’s Sofia Vergara, and Eve 6000‘s Bernie Sanders fell short. However, Synthia’s Rachel Zoe and Gia’s Jim Carrey had the judges cracking up.

While the queens were preparing to hit the runway, Pythia and Suki had a heartfelt conversation about representation in their cultures. Suki shared that she never saw celebrities who looked like her or were queer like her, while Pythia shared that it feels like LGBTQ+ people do not exist in Greece because of a lack of representation. The conversation was both insightful and heartbreaking.

On the main stage, Brooke was joined by Brad, Traci Melchor, and Connor Jessup. The category for the runway this week was ‘made in Canada.’ I loved Kimora’s ode to Deborah Cox as Josephine Baker, Gia’s Mike Meyers-inspired look, and Pythia’s tribute to Catherine O’Hara.

It was time for the critiques. Gia, Icesis, and Kendall Gender safe. Kimora, Synthia, and Pythia got the most praise, while Suki, Adriana, and Eve were the bottom three. In the end, Synthia won the challenge while Suki and Eve fell into the bottom two.

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Canada's Drag Race: Snatch Game (S02 E04) 3

Eve and Suki faced off to Happiness by Kapri. For some reason, Eve stayed over Suki. I’m not sure I agree with this call, but here we are!

Next week, the queens participate in a country-pop girl group challenge!

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