Social media has slightly cooled off after last week’s storm of sending the two fan favorites River Medway and Choriza May. The queens gather around the mirror which is crammed with two messages.

The queens are shocked as to what’s down but realize Rupaul isn’t playing around this season, they also discussed the lipsync and Krystal Versace apologizes on behalf of River and Choriza for what we had to watch….shady!

Talking of shade the queens gather on the sofas and talk about the ever-nearing final, Scarlett Harlett being very open and not holding back as to being shocked Ella V’Day won. Scarlett doesn’t hold back and even says the winner should be void of personality, a bit harsh if you ask me. Once again Kitty Scott Claus is once again left empty-handed with no badges, once again who knows what storyline she’s being led down but I hope this week is the week!

A new day and a new challenge are bestowed upon the queens, Ru enters the werkroom and no mini-challenge is issued. Instead, it’s a brand new maxi challenge which I dont believe we’ve seen on any of the franchises. The queens must compete in the F.U.G.L.Y pageant ‘For You Gotta Love Yourself (I know it’s just so cringe) Each category will be assigned to them in which they have a grand total of 60 mins to get ready for the runway. This I love its fresh, it’s fun and we get to see some (hopefully) creative looks pulled in a short space of time. The first category is ‘Fugly Swimwear’ and the countdown begins and a blind panic commences.

 During the get-ready, we get a brief mirror chat on how they’ve all felt with their confidence and beauty, in which Krystal exclaims how she isn’t confident as a boy. She uses her drag character to be her best self and has focused on building her career, leading her to tell how she’s a virgin. This is a shock amongst the queens, and I will say to myself we shouldn’t judge but good for her, she put her career first and doesn’t feel the need to hold back. I’m seeing the layers peel away from her and I think we’re all seeing more behind the makeup from Krystal…finally. 

This week’s guest judge is Alesha Dixon, from girl group fame Mis-teeq. Her judging I really enjoyed she looked like she had no idea what she had stumbled into, and was just having a good ole time vibing and having a laugh with Alan Carr. Runway one of three is ‘Fugly Swimwear’ First out is Vanity in a lovely yellow number,…… out of these looks I liked Krystals concept, 

And just like that boom, it’s time for round two, this time it’s a trip to the charity shop for our girls, and look who’s there to help them its only manageress Charity Shop Sue. For those who aren’t familiar it’s a web series, with which Krystal played on Snatch game only last week. So if you want to judge and compare nows the time, Sue is on hand for all their shopping needs, of which they have to complete a fugly charity shop look consisting of at least five items for the look.

Krystal has to pretty much start their makeup from scratch after being covered in starfish from the previous look. Her 60 mins pretty much is dedicated to her face, which of course the queens hype up on the clock. Now I loved seeing what could be concocted up, especially Ella and Kitty’s looks, Ella did remind a little bit of the 70’s Elton Johns signatory feather boa era though. We’re back on the main stage, and I feel everyone did a really good job with the time allotted, they all looked good for me the weakest was Vanity Milan. Her signature color is orange and that’s great, however, only last week did see her in pretty much the same look.  


Now is time for the final and last round ‘Fugly but fashionable’ the queens have just 30 minutes, that’s right THIRTY minutes to complete a look. Now for those of us who have been to plenty of drag shows, we know that most queens/shows start on time. In fact, if you hear 30 mins that aren’t in drag queen mins, so this is the most interesting round to me. I particular the over dramatics from the girl’s cue flailing arms, gurning, and over the top facial expressions. As Kitty nears the end of getting ready, all I can think when she’s in that blouse and blue skirt is Mrs. Doubtife meets English teacher. I mean I love it and I think only she can pull it off.

First out on the third and final runway is Ella and I really love this look, her face and hair look so stunning, and the plaid really suits her. Vanity comes out as a gothic bride, Krystal comes out in a different silhouette hallelujah, the colors, hair and that coat just cement the look for me. This week I’ve really enjoyed watching Krystal blossom, Scarlett is the epitome of Bianca Butcher from Eastenders, chav realness, and every inch east end. Kitty comes out and I adore this look it’s every inch cat chic, it says fugly (…) top looks for me this look is Krystal and Kitty. With a total of 15 looks, the judges get stuck in and give feedback, and I think this runway theme worked well, it was nice to see the girls do a solo challenge. This season it’s felt more group orientated.

Uncutkec sees a shady side edit of Krystal’s runway to Anubis Finch’s entrance outfit, when Krystal appeared I did think to myself haven’t we seen that. However I brushed it off, I dont think that should go against her, even though this top five have produced good looks it’s getting down to nitty-gritty details.

And the time has come to crown Miss F.U.G.L.Y pageant 2021. The winner is… Kitty Scott Claus, her first rupeter badge has finally been won, she’s very demure and humble about it… her reaction matched the fans reaction. It was long awaited and deserved, her shrieks and excitement was everything.

Which leads us to the bottom two this week which is Vanity Milan and Scarlett Harlett. I agree with the bottom two, they both did well but we all know so close to the final every little thing is now nit picked.

This weeks song is Mis-Teeq’s ‘Scandalous’ which is the perfect song, it’s such a good club number. It takes me back to my teenage years, as does it for Alesha too her reactions this episode have been spot on. It’s really refreshing to see a Judge having such a good time and bringing energy to the panel.

Vanity gives us one hell of a show, she was there to show us what she can do and that is perform! With that said Scarlett is told to sashay away, she’s done great this season and it’s sad to say bye to anyone this close to the end!

So there we go the top four already, who do you love? What did we think of this weeks challenge? Let us know below.

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