After Suki Doll‘s elimination, the queens returned to the workroom devastated. It seems like Suki had a way of bringing the group together and they were sad to see her go. However, they took time to celebrate Synthia Kiss‘ impressive Snatch Game victory.

It was a new day in the workroom and the top eight queens gathered around to learn what the competition had in store for them. Traci Melchor entered the room with the mini-challenge for the episode. The queens were in pairs and had to get in sex educator quick drag and teach the children safe sex. Gia Metric‘s portrayal of a banana, while Synthia was teaching about condoms, was by far the best. Of course, they won the challenge!

For the maxi-challenge, the queens would be performing as country-pop girl groups. They would be writing original lyrics to the song Bye Flop in two groups, with Synthia and Gia as team leaders. Team Synthia, called the Dosey Hoes, consisted of Kendall Gender, Kimora Amour, and Eve. Team Gia, otherwise known as The Giddy Girls, was made up of Pythia, Icesis Couture, and Adriana.

The queens began recording their verses with Bif Naked. Eve struggled a bit, Kendall had a hard time keeping her verse on the beat. Adriana had a hard time with her verse for the other group because she was trying to rap in English, Spanish, and French!

For this week’s challenge, the queens were their own choreographers. Kendall and Synthia did a good job of leading their team with the moves, but Kimora thought there might have been too many cooks in the kitchen. The Giddy Girls worked well together to put together their choreography, too.

As the queens were getting in drag, Kimora educated the queens about the influence Black artists had on country music, which was important. On the other hand, Icesis was telling a story about how her little brother is her drag daughter! Also, Synthia shared that her dad is gay, and they came out around the same time. There were a lot of interesting conversations this week!

It was time for the groups to hit the main stage in front of Brooke Lynn Hytes, Brad Goreski, Traci, and Bif. Both groups did well, but the Giddy Girls seemed more in sync. The Dosey Hoes had some choreo issues.

For the runway, the queens were serving monochromatica, futuristic pop princess. I loved this category. There were a lot of strong looks, but I really liked Icesis and Gia’s looks.

It was time for the judges’ critiques. The Giddy Girls were the winning team, but it was Gia who won the challenge! Brooke Lynn really tried it by fooling her into thinking she was just safe. Gia then gave some sort of acceptance speech before she could even hear what she won. It was great.

The rest of the Giddy Girls were safe, leaving the Dosey Hoes on stage for critiques. The judges felt the group was not cohesive. It was clear from the critiques that Eve would find herself in the bottom again.

In the end, Eve and Synthia fell into the bottom two. They faced off to I Love Myself Today by Bif Naked. It was clear that Synthia was going to win this battle.

Next week, the queens will be walking in a ball with GiGi Gorgeous on the judges panel! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us then!