We’ve reached our final four, this season has been a mixed bag of iconic moments and equally shocking moments to sit nicely side by side. Last week we said goodbye to Scarlett Harlett, who leaves us with the mirror message of “My one single talent got me to the top five, Maybe now you’ll get a word in edgeways! Love you all, Scarlett” she did well this competition and I can only imagine the wonderful things she’ll do in the future. The queens gather to discuss the episode, and Kitty Scott Claus might mention once or twice or even thrice that she’s won a badge, to match that she even has a glorious pink sash to match, so if anything the wait was worth it. 

The girls might be giggling at the mere numerous mentions Kitty talks about her Rupeter badge, but her happiness gives us the viewers so much joy. With that said the queens de-drag and this season we’ve seen some hilarious moments of them baring all and meme-worthy images to haunt the rest of their careers. 

It’s a new day and there’s no mini-challenge, we have a video in which RuPaul gives multiple space hints of the challenge this week which Ella V’day turns into a cringe dad. We have to talk about it, do the producers nudge them to be that awkward and uncool, or is it of their own backs? I love the cringe, but some of these confessionals are certainly interesting. Ru arrives to tell this week’s maxi challenge, it’s a group-acting challenge, let’s hope it doesn’t reflect the disaster of the last one. Launching into space for Bra Wars The Fempire Claps back, honestly, these titles get more cringe by the episode. Miss Fugly winner 2021 Kitty is given the task of assigning the roles to the girls. In true Kitty fashion she does it with subtly and no fuss, of course not. Welcome to Kitty’s talent agency additions, with Krystal Versace wanting to break out of her predictability stereotype and wanting to be baby Yolo the battle between her and Vanity Milan begins. 

Accents are attempted, and the auditions are now closed. The roles are assigned which sees Vanity get the part of Baby Yola, Krystal as… Ella as Darth Vader and Kitty as Booberella. This does seem reminiscent of drag race season 3’s production of drag queens in outer space just a bit more modern. We see Vanity and Krystal discuss their roles, and Vanity is worried about being a talking head. Hate to be that person, but in season six we saw the horror challenge in which Ben De LaCreme shone as the talking head in a box and won. It can be done but then the other hand saw Vivacious spout the somewhat iconic ‘Your mother scrubs docks in hell’ two directions for two iconic moments. 

Krystal expresses concerns for rehearing lines as she has dyslexia, so has to work that little harder. I think acting challenges are always a struggle for those not in the field or with no experience whatsoever, as it can resemble a GCSE drama school production. The filming for Bra Wars begins, and the outfits for this are so stunning and just fit each character perfectly. Kitty looks like a 1970’s version of Barabra Windsor in the Carry On Films, Ella’s look is a bit suspicious, I love hearing her say bugger multiple times it’s such a British way of not wanting to swear but coming off so posh. Everyone struggles a bit with the lines so we have no idea who is being directed for the fail or the win. 

The mirror chat topic this week is safe spaces for the LGBT+ community with Ella talking about her neighborhood safety, the threat of being beaten up whilst out with her boyfriend. Vanity talks about her struggles on the streets of Brixton being gay and Black. It’s a stark reminder that the UK still has these issues and it’s so easy to forget this when you’re surrounded by friends and in a safe space such as an LGBT bar. This leads to the topic of consent, now I cant tell you how many times whilst at shows or conventions I’ve seen people grab a drag queen, be it complimenting their outfits, makeup and hair. So many fans feel it’s okay to touch a drag queen’s hair, in the words of Alaska Thunderfuck…. Don’t touch our wigs. I’m glad it’s being discussed on this scale of the platform, especially to fans who are new to drag race and particularly those who will attend meet and greets! Compliment them, be respectful, and don’t touch them without consent, and on the matter, if you see a queen out of drag and they don’t want to take photos….respect it! Drag is fun and there to be enjoyed for everyone, remember the people behind the character.

It’s runway time out struts Ru looking futuristic in her silver get up, we’re joined by this week’s guest judge actor Russell Tovey. This week’s theme is Scene Stealer, and I love this runway its so creative and we get some fantastic looks. First out walks Krystal in a Cruella De Vil number, I adore this it’s so sophisticated, and say what you will about her she knows how to serve a look. Oompa Loompa it’s Ella in a saucy number, once again she’s nailed it, you instantly know what film is being referenced. Vanity struts out in her signature color of orange, again a great look although she and we know they are going to mention wearing orange again looking similar to last week. Kitty walks out in her finest Titanic wear, the hat is huge the gown is recognizable and she sells the garment to us all. Another great runway theme and well-executed looks!

Okay it’s time for Bra Wars, will we get an angry Ru, will we all cringe, will it be a car crash or might we just enjoy it? Let’s find out, a long long long time ago in a gaylaxy bra away… okay you know the monologue and how it goes and it’s full of puns. Well, it’s a camp sketch, and Ella looks so sexy in her PVC number, although that wig is a choice. Everyone is all smiles it’s safe to say this was a success. 

Now, we the audience are somewhat plucked at what happens next. Ru got me gal, the safe queens are Vanity Milan and Krystal Versace. Personally, this was my bottom two, so it was very much oh no again. Ella V’day and Kitty Scott Claus are my two for the crown, so when the roles reversed and they were the TOP two I breathed a sigh of relief. So looping back round to episode one they both must lip sync for the win. This week’s song is Girls Aloud ‘Something New’ I’m so happy we have another Girls Aloud lipsync. Not only that but Kitty getting to lipsync on the main stage after performing in Gals Aloud for years, a nice full-circle moment for her. Both did a great job and it’s too close to call who will snatch the win, RuPaul, thought alike and BOTH win a rupeter badge. 

So we’re left with a top-four, and next week looks set to be a very interesting episode. The queens are challenged to a roast, and this time the eliminated queens are in the audience, all of them looking stunning! I love a roast episode for the pure cringe of it all, so what did we all think of this week’s episode?

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